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HEY GUYS, It'sa me the Daedra from Nirn!

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Well I dunno what to write. Maybe a short bio...

I've played TES since morrowind (Around late 3rd grade)I have played every game and own every game. I have beaten morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. My Favorite race is Imperial, But only because of speechcraft bonuses. I'm a Thief/Assassin, because I hate heavy armor, and because I can easily tap into my "darker side". My favorite Daedric Prince is Sheogorath and Hircine. Least favorite is actually I don't have one... maybe Malacath? Vampire or Werewolf? Vamwolf at least In morrowind, but in Skyrim Werewolf. My favorite ES is Morrowind. Least favorite is Skyrim only because the story was a bit bland and Alduin was to easy. I liked the Dark Brotherhood Questline and the ending (I wont spoil it don't worry.) And hated the Circle/Companions. I like Morrowind best because of the content and dungeon delving was fullfilling, the game was hard, and the story was amazing! :D


My Youtube is Darklink2468 I have a Morrowind Monk Let's Play on it. SUBSCRIBE

Game Time[edit]

Morrowind: 1000 some hours

Oblivion: 165 hours

Skyrim: 213 hours

Arena: between 2 hours to 4 hours

Daggerfall: 6 hours

My works...[edit]

1. Small lore edits

2. I've writen 5 sum what short crappy fan fics at least my 2nd one was crappy


Addicted to editing[edit]

I'm addicted to editing I just gave someone a vandalism warning, it felt amazing I fixed spelling errors and added pics to some pages.

I've been stalking the recent changes for like 5 hours now WOOOOOOOO

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I'm ADDICTED I currently have 5 tabs open this one,user boxes page, recent changes, lore, and my userpage! :D