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This will host several small fan fics in one :D (The Razzl-Thull story was a filler for the more interesting story of Andrea his wife)

Razzl-Thull 4E 1-76 A Dunmer who lived in Cyrodil then met and married a Dunmer named Andrea in 4E 17. 4E 19 Went to Skyrim to become a Bard, then moved to Vvardenfell. He and his wife had a child named Sam.Sam and Andrea both died during the eruption of Red Mountain, mourned by Razzl's loss he escaped to necrom. He died when arriving at Necrom 30 years later, he died by a group of rouge mages killing him the only poem that could be found is his poem, "Vvardenfell Gone" (

Andrea Thull 4E 3-4? A Imperial born in Cyrodil She was a Alchemist's daughter.When she turned 14 She became a Alchemist, but had no chance to gather any Reagents in Cyrodil since she married Razzl-Thull and 2 years later moved to Skyrim with him so Razzl could become a Bard, Andrea hated it there whilst there all she did was stay inside and knit but from time to time made ale for Razzl to drink while doing homework. From time to time studied ancient literature on dragons one day a knock was at the door she thought to herself,"No one ever visits since were in the middle of the forest". on the ground was a box when she oppened it a bloody tome was inside. The tome adorned 3 locks and along with the tome 3 keys she unlock the tome and inside there was. All knowledge she knew everything, a day later went blind along with here eyes changing there color to blood red. In 4E 25 She and Razzl moved to Vvardenfell and moved into a small village. During the day Razzl is in the tavern singing and playing his lute, and Andrea made potions and sold them at her store, "The Broken Pestle". In 4E 26 Andrea had a child named Sam who later was offered to the machine keeping the Ministry of Truth up, but soon later the machine failed and fell. Then when Red Mountain exploded Andrea was found dead.

The Necromancer's Apprentice[edit]

I've always wondered why the Embalming tools were on the bottom shelf.

Well, Sheldon if they weren't I wouldn't be able to reach them.

Well Sir why don't you just use your foot stool.

So you, my Apprentice such idiotic questions such as that...

Well that was harsh.


  • Hands the master Twine*

NO *Hits Sheldon with hook* THE POISON TWINE


Ohhhh were going to need to amputate :3


  • Covers Sheldon's mouth* SHHHHHH I dunno if we can curse on these forums.

Now Sheldon I'm going to cut it off so i can use it on this "Specimen" Just watch and learn...

  • With one swift motion cuts the arm off and stops the bleeding before it even starts*

Sheldon now watch (Sows it onto Sheldon's forehead)


My Life...[edit]

I wandered outside, I've never seen snow before. The door behind me was really old, various cracks lining it from shouts past. The hinges holding the old stone door frozen there, the wall was coated in dead vines and snow. I thought about how old this place must be, I lived with my master at the time it was only us 2,well and his master who I've never seen. That meant only 3 Greybeards left, I wandered outside looking at the stone bricks and broken rocks. I also stumbled upon what seemed to be cut in half recently. I picked it up and it was nothing just non-sensible words lining another broken tablet, and then I heard a shout and blood flowed out the door.

"Another bandit". I muttered as I peered in the door, But what I saw was my master dead a man adorned in pure darkness so thick like the morning mist hitting the world. His blade glowed with blood,death, and despair. He turned and looked at me, it was a patient stare one I haven't seen before. I stared back he walked towards me, and whispered in my ear


That's all he said as I proceeded to run but I felt a blade twist into my chest I the world went dark...

"I can't be dead, I can't be dead, I can't BE DEAD!". I woke up screaming Bandages wrapped around my chest, linen pants on.


"Honourhall, a orphanage". A kid murmured, a old women standing over me screamed

"Helllooo Greybeard, your young to take upon yourself to study the way of the voice! Look at you, your like 10, oh did your master die?"

"Shutup" I murmured as tears came into my eyes, my world had ended I was no longer a Greybeard. At least now I may see the world, my first step into what people are like rather than my master, who disallowed going down to the world below the temple. So far I've met many cruel people who only come to the orphanage to scoff at me, and the others. The next day I examined the orphanage cracked wooden floors, and walls there was a hatch above my bed, there was book shelf with books for adults. The children were sad I never met there names although they seemingly lost hope...

I woke up on the 18th of last seed (In the temple, High Hrothgar I never learned nor cared much for the months.) My hope for the world lost, and my anxiety rising I new I must escape. The caretaker of the orphanage, Grelod never let us out, therefore I want to see it.

I became excited and whispered to my friend next to me,

"I know how were going to escape."


"Just watch!" >:D


"I'm going to kill you!" Grelod screamed as she entered the room.

"GAAN LAH HAAS" Grelod froze as the children jumped toward me as I uttered another shout. (Now I relize you may not no what Gaan Lah Haas does, its a dragon shout (Thu'um) now what that means is stamina, magicka, health it makes whoever it hits slower and weaker)

"EVRYONE NOW JUMP" I screamed then proceeded to shout,"BEX" The hatch above my bed swung open, and once again I saw the beautiful sky. All the children climbed through the hatch including me, the air of the outside hit me hard it was crazy the 1st time I smelt the sweat honey air.