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Cean Gail (or Ceangail in some older books), is a wanderer, devoted to knowledge of the world. He reincarnated multiple times since the creation of men, mer and other living forms during the dawn era.

He was known as Cean Gail in 2E 583, born in 2E 564, during the war between the three great factions, but it's unknown he's full story.

He was known as Cean Gail II, a Breton born at Skingrad in 3E 417 ad died 4E 57 at age 73, in his home at Nortpoint. He was known as "The Hero of Kvatch" as he rescued Martin Septim, durnig an Oblivion invasion through a gate. His deeds let Martin Septim close the gates of Oblivion forever. After theese events, he settled in High Rock and continued to live as jurneyman. He had a child named after his Blades mentor, Jauffre. Very little is known about his father, Kas Gail, who died early on the way to Daggerfall on 3E 405. The only thing known is that he was sent there by order of the Emperor. Probably Cean II tryied to find his father in High Rock, believing he was still alive somewhere. He's uncle died misteriously too. He was a prisoner in Imperial City, but he was carried to Morrowind without explanation. He was last seen at Balmora. His spirit reincanated once again in Cean Gail III, a Breton born in 4E 183 at Solitude. He was known as the "Dragonborn". His deeds are legends and songs for bards, but he eliminated the menance of Alduin, The World Eater with a Shout. He helped the Imperial Alliance to regain control of Skyrim, and eliminated the Thalmor, and so the White-Gold Concordat. He was killed by a unknown Mer, probably a Thalmor, durning a ceremony in Imperial City. His remains were given to the Iliac Bay.

Home City Daggerfall; High Rock
House Wayrest
Race Breton Gender Male
Class Custom Spellsword
Other Information
Skills Restoration, Destruction, One-Handed, Heavy Armor, Alchemy, Acrobatics, Athletics
Moral. No Daedra Aggress. Aggressive
Follower Yes Steward No
Essential No Protected Yes
Marry Married with a Khajiit
Factions Mages Guild Faction; Player Faction; Imperial Faction; High Rock Faction; Breton Faction; Friends Faction


I'm a gamer, but mainly I'm a nerd, and a nerd's life is about knowledge.

I like to learn everything, and I don't just like it, I want it. And yes, I'm ambitious.

So in games like the Elder Scrolls Series, I love to explore, read the books, talk to NPCs and read the wikis on UESP to learn.

In real life I enjoy films, driving, hanging out with my very friends (and do things like exploring the mountains or playing DnD), listening and composing music, reading, science, steampunk things, medieval things and history (expetially the Langobardian), weapons (swords and firearms) and other many things.

I studied Biochemistry Engeneering.

I work as laboratory technician, i prepare samples to be analyzed. Nothing much to say about anything else, maybe i'll update this content.

Home City Milano, Italy
House Milano, Italy
Race Human Gender Male
Class I'd like to have magical powers to be a Spellsword...
Other Information
Skills Athletics, Music, Driving, Playing, Using PCs, Fighting
Moral. No Crimes Aggress. Aggressive
Follower Yes Steward No
Essential No Protected No
Relationship In a relationship
Factions Internet Faction; Science Faction


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SI-npc-Sheogorath.jpg Many people who know this user find him to be absolutely insane.