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Chapter 1: Prison

Edrich was falling, tumbling through the air, racing towards the ground. Watching in horror as the ground grew closer, knowing there was no way he would survive this. Nearing the ground he shut his eyes and waited for the impact, it never came.

Edrich shot straight up, sweating. After a few seconds, he realized that it was just a dream, and that he hadn’t fallen to certain death. Looking around he waited for his eyes to adjust to the dim light seeping in through a small barred window, nine or ten feet off the floor.

Sliding out of bed, Edrich stood up and yawned. He looked around and realized that he had no idea where he was. Studying the gloomy area he caught sight of something he wished wasn’t there. Bones, disgusting cracked skulls and a rib cage with bits of cloth hanging off of it.

Scrambling backwards, he tried to get as far away from the remnants of some poor soul. He turned around and tripped over a small stool, hitting his head on the hard floor. The cell grew dark, and soon gave way to nothing.

Edrich slowly opened his eyes, it was dark, no light came in through the window, and the only light was coming from a small candle burning on a table nearby. Standing up slowly, he doubled over as sharp bursts of pain raced through his head. Finally it dawned on him, he was in prison.

“Oh, look, an Imperial in the Imperial Prison,” said a voice, causing Edrich to jump. “Over here Imperial!” Walking over to the large barred door at the end of his cell, he saw that across the hall in another cell was a Dunmer, a Dark Elf. “I guess they don't play favorites, huh? Your own kinsmen think you're a piece of human trash. How sad. I bet the guards give you "special" treatment before the end,” he said taunting Edrich. “Oh, that's right. You're going to die in here, Imperial! You're going to die! Imperial criminal scum like you give the Empire a bad name, you see. You’re an embarrassment. Best if you just... disappeared.”

End of Chapter One