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As the main storyline of The Gaersmith Legacy is being written, it may be necessary from time-to-time for me to write short stories along the way. These short stories may help me to clarify in my own mind a particular direction that the main tale is headed. They may provide a distraction for me, a way to get away from the main storyline for a while. They may provide some background information about a main plot line or sub-plot of The Gaersmith Legacy. They may have no useful purpose at all. Whatever the reason I write them, I leave them here for you to enjoy alongside the main storyline of The Gaersmith Legacy. They're all short stories, so I'll keep them all here on a single page, so as not to overburden the hosting site.

A Pact Between Two Daedra[edit]

The two tall Lurkers were partially enveloped in a hazy murk that seemed to completely swallow their captive, who remained a stately step or two ahead of them, head bowed, hands clasped together as if in prayer. The captive showed no fear at all of her captors. As they walked together in silence, the trio appeared to be lead by the captive, rather than pushed ahead from behind by the Lurkers. She was here according to her own Machiavellian plans, which had included being captured by these brutes. She showed no fear because she knew they held no power over her.

"Night Mistress, how good to see you again", thundered a deep, gravelly voice that echoed inside one's head as much as it echoed inside the chamber the trio had just entered. "What brings you to my realm?"

Without lifting her cowled head toward the writhing mass of tentacles from which the voice had emanated, the captive replied in a still, solemn voice that was hardly perceptible despite the acoustics of the grand chamber. "Lord of Secrets, do you not already know my purpose here?" she chided. "Is your tentacled grasp on knowledge and fate slipping?"

"You always were shrouded in mystery and suspicion, my dear", replied Hermaeus Mora, thoughtfully. "You have a proposition for me, no doubt." With the flick of a slender protuberance, the Daedra dismissed his two minions, who slipped back into the acidic green-black waters on either side of the dais above which their master hovered.

When the waters had stilled again, Nocturnal lifted her face to her brother. "You never could resist meddling in the affairs of mortals. Indeed I do have a proposal that would benefit us both greatly."

The mass of green tentacles quivered and undulated excitedly. "What prank do you suggest we play on the souls of men and mer this time? It has been too long since I last enjoyed interfering in their petty plans and squabbles."

"Patience", the shrouded Daughter of Twilight whispered, knowing that it so irked the Prince of Fate to be told to wait. She was savouring the moment when her devious plan would finally be given words. Although it had been building inside her for some time, she did not want to just blurt it out. She enjoyed the thrill of the sense of occasion, allowing it to tingle its way up her spine.

"Does this have to do with your recent misfortune?" asked Herma Mora boldly, trading subtle insults freely with his sibling. "Do you come to me for aid in seeking your revenge?"

"As always, you are well informed, brother", she replied calmly, not giving away the hint of disdain she held towards a particular mortal in her service who had offended her recently. This negotiation must appear to be beneficial to both parties, otherwise Mora would reject her proposal outright. "It is, and it isn't. That a mere mortal could steal from a Daedra is of no great concern to me. I allowed it. The theft of my Cowl was part of a greater plan."

"Why then involve me? I have better things to do than finding your lost garments!" thundered the tentacled one.

She had to wait for the echoes to subside in the great chamber before she could reply. "Finding is not the problem, brother. My Cowl will return to me in due time. While it is in the hands of mortals, however, I suggest we have a little fun with it."

"I'm listening", replied Mora, curtly.