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Yes, I know this page is messy. No, I'm not going to do anything about it.

Anyway, in a nutshell, I'm Darth NANAME, I'm 17 at the moment, and I first came to UESP when someone at GameFAQs directed me here some time ago.

So far, the only Elder Scrolls game I've played was Oblivion. I first played it on the 360 until mine broke, in which case I switched to the GOTY PS3 edition. If I can be bothered to renew my Xbox Live subscription, I might switch back to the 360.

I very recently bought Oblivion for the PC, thus bringing my collection to all three systems and my need for an actual hobby up a few points.

If there's anything you need from me, leave a message on my talk page so that I can respond/ignore you.


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