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Chapter 1: Vicente

Vicente Valtieri stood by the huge doors that marked Ocheeva's room, wondering who he would send to Sithis today.After awhile he heard Ocheeva's tired voice telling him to come in.The doors opened and Ocheeva sat at her desk, reading a note of some sort. When Vicente came in she hastily put the note away. Vicente gave her a questioning look but did not ask about the note. "Vicente, the Night Mother has a rather..'special' contract for you." Ocheeva looked nervously at Vicente, "It concerns the Altmer sorceress Rosanne who has recently returned from the Shivering Isles. The client has taken an interest in hedr enchante amulet. You are to kill her quickly and bring her amulet to the client." Vicente clutched the desk so hard he was sure he felt blood dripping off his hands. He ignored the delicious smell of blood and focused on Ocheeva, his eyes shooting lasers into her skull. Ocheeva paid no attention to him. "If she even has the slightest idea of what you intend to do with her she will kill you in an instant.The Night Mother chose you for this task because she knows of your-" Ocheeva paused as if she did not know what to say "....close relationship with Rosanne and so it will look less suspicious." Vicente scowled at Ocheeva. Rosanne was his friend! Who was Ocheeva to say what to do with her! Vicente unconsciously fingered Rosanne's silver ring. She was special. Vicente had turned her into a vampire, a dark gift he did not give freely. But he had to obey the Night Mother's wishes so he headed back to his quarters to prepare for the long trip to Anvil.

Chapter 2: Rosanne

Rosanne collapsed on her bed, exhausted.Her Mazken guard, Iylorah, stationed herself at her mistress's bedroom door while Rosanne's Nord servant Cora was putting the sorceress' clothing away, “Cora, bring me the letter” Rosanne commanded. Cora brought forth the black envelope from her pocket and handed it to her. Rosanne read the letter over and over again while fingering her diamod amulet. The sorceress frowned, so Vicente was coming to see her was he? She could find no notion of some evil intent. Vicente claimed he was coming as “only a man coming to see his dearest friend.” as the letter said. “Why come now, 150 years later? Why had he not come, say, 20 years ago? Or 140 years ago? ” she muttered. “Well mistress you have been in the Shivering Isles for 150 wasn't possible to come. The gateway is open again, but there is no way he could have an audience with someone of your social standing” Cora replied. “So-” she was cut of by Rosanne throwing her twisted dagger at her, barely missing her ear. “SHUT UP!” Rosanne screeched, and with a sigh, she laid back in her bed and had Iylorah escort Cora from her chambers. "I'd guess I'd better prepare then."she thought to herself.

Chapter 3: Vicente

Vicente slowly and silently crept into Rosanne's room. The room was black and crimson with candles illuminating the walls. Rosanne slept in the huge black 4-poster bed. Vicente lightly touched her cheek, knowing she was awake “Vicente!” Rosanne gasped and threw her arms around him. Vicente awkwardly hugged her back, knowing this was the last time he'd ever see her again. “Oh! Your thirsty!” Rosanne noticed how he stared at her neck and moved her her hair away from her neck. “No. I couldn't.” Vicente tried to back away. Feeding from her would be cannibalism. “I'm not a vampire anymore. It's okay to feed.” Rosanne stepped towards him again. Vicente noticed her eyes were not red anymore, but back their normal green. Sighing, Vicente set her down on her bed and brought his fangs to her neck. Rosanne gasped at the pain but didn't move away. Vicente knew this would be how he would kill her. He drank faster, her blood was so sweet, so... “Vicente! Vicente stop! Your hurting me!” Rosanne's panicked voice seemed to get weaker and weaker. Then suddenly Rosanne's nails turned to claws, burying themselves deeper into Vicente's back. But he didn't stop. Her hands hit him, she kicked and screamed, her incisors turned to fangs and bit him but he only drank faster until Rosanne gave one last weak yelp and Vicente was holding her limp form in his arms. Her appearance was going back to normal, claws turning back into fingernails, fangs shrinking. But her amulet had somehow fallen to her neck and had attached itself to the puncture marks Vicente's fangs had made. The crystal clear diamond was turning dark red as it sucked up all the remaining blood in Rosanne's body. “You traitorous bastard! I trusted you!” Rosanne's ghostly voice screamed and then it laughed, "But oh so clever of you." He quickly grabbed the amulet and left Rosanne's home.

Epilogue: Vicente

Vicente had been traveling for days to get to the client's home in Leyawiin. The amulet was ice cold and Vicente longed to be gone with it. The night air was still as Vicente placed his book away and readied himself to go to bed. But a sudden movement caught his eye. A spirit of a woman stood at the balcony of Vicente's room. She wore black finery and her flaming red hair flowed to her mid-back adorned with a crown black roses. She watched the full moon with great impatience, as if she was waiting for someone and had nothing else to do. The woman turned and he saw it was Rosanne. He tried to run but he was paralyzed and the whole room felt as cold as the amulet Vicente wore. Rosanne's ghost smiled at Vicente and gently took the amulet from his neck and put it on. Then ever so gently, the ghost leaned in and gave Vicente a soft kiss. “Vicente” the ghost whispered, a slight breeze came in through the open balcony and Rosanne was gone.