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31st First seed 3E 338

I’m about about a day away from Cheydinhal at the moment, I’m writing from behind a rock just off the road. Nothing to worry about, no one sinister travelling, although it is dusk. The supplies I brought from Morrowind are almost gone, a hunk of bread, some flin and matze, a small bowl of moon sugar. My “supper” is some raw rabbit meat I got from one of those little pests coming down from the Valus Mountains. I’ll write again from Cheydinhal, although I have come to enjoy sleeping under the stars. I am not yet ready to put my reasons for leaving Morrowind to paper yet, but I will in the near future.

1st Rain’s hand 3E 338

I’ve settled in a modest inn in Cheydinhal, nice enough place. I’ve always dreamt of writing a multi volume journal, becoming famous and having it published when I’ve died. I’ve left Helseth and the rest of that nightmare behind. I’ll carry on tomorrow for the imperial city, it’ll take three days at best. Met a strange fellow on the road yesterday. It was the early morning, still dark. His name was Vicente i think, nice enough fellow,a Breton, but still nice enough. But when an Imperial patrol passed by with his torch, it lit Vicente’s face. He was ghastly pale, with strangely pronounced cheekbones. His eyes were bloodshot and wild, but they contained a certain, hunger. He had a face like a starved wilderness dweller, but was quite well dressed. He just disappeared about ten minutes from Cheydinhal, I turned and he was just, gone. Very strange.

5th Rain’s hand 3E 338

I’m on the opposite shore of lake rumare, the imperial city is within sight! I am awfully excited, My days in Morrowind are behind me, Today my new life begins, I think I’ll celebrate with some flin and moon sugar…[The writing from here on is illegible, just mindless scribbles]

6th Rain’s hand 3E 338

I’m in the Imperial City! The Captital of Uriel Septim’s Empire! This place is amazing! Every district has its new surprises. Much better than Mournhold, that filthy cespool only had one decent building, Llethan manor. Even that had its darker corners. I’ve decided to write about my life in Morrowind, and why I’m here, but firstly I’d like to note that I’m staying in a place called the King and Queen tavern, lovely establishment in the elven gardens district. Now, about myself. My name is Hlonval Dreth, I am a Dunmer. I was born and raised in Ebonheart ninety years ago, so I’m still young by Dunmer standards. I worked in the royal palace in Mournhold for, at first, King Llethan and later King Helseth. I am an Assassin. When I worked for Llethan, all I had to do was gather information on certain people, Llethan rarely sentenced people to die. For Helseth on the other hand, I killed someone almost every day. I used my skills in illusion and alteration magic and my skills with a sword to complete missions quickly and easily. I never had any connection to the Morag Tong. Helseth sent many assassins on suicide missions, several I barely survived myself. But when he ordered me to kill some other assassins, my friends, I decided it was over. I had looked into some of the people I was ordered to kill, they had done no ill, merely had spoken their mind. I fled. Helseth may yet be following me, I go south for skingrad in a few days, but I’ll wait awhile in the city. My work made me a wealthy man, I have plenty of money to spend. On a final note, I came here looking for my great uncle Valen, but it turns out he has been in prison for six years. He is scheduled to come out in 433, another 5 years! I will sleep tonight in the warm comforts of the tavern. And so to bed.