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The Vampire's Tale. The story of a Redguard who lost his wife and daughter to a vampire attack outside of Cheydinhal, and then joined forces with a Breton vampire, who sympathized with his cause, in order to kill the one responsible.

I came up with the idea in September 2011 during a creative streak where I wanted to write something, and Part One was the product. It wasn't always meant to be a set of sequels though. The story was about the Breton vampire, Jean-Pierre, and Gallen was just a side product of it, and someone that "The Vampire's Tale" could be told to.

Thanks to prodding from the many users of UESP, I decided to expand on Gallen's quest, rather than leave it unfinished like I originally intended. While I was skeptical about doing this, forcing a story into a direction I didn't intend it to go, I must say I am very satisfied with the ending, and I hope it's one that can be enjoyed.

I know this isn't a big "Best Selling" novel, just a fanfiction for a video game, but I really feel like an introduction with a set of "Thank yous" is is order, because I had a bit of help writing the whole story.

Thanks to:

  • Jak Atackka for being my grammar Nazi and helping me to proof read each part of Tale. It was much appreciated.
  • Kitkat for giving me the encouragement to begin writing writing Part Two.
  • All the IRC people who liked it and provided continual encouragement (and nagging at times) to keep up to date with sequels, and lastly, thanks to everyone who even bothers to read the story.:P
Chapter Title Release Date Summary
Part One The Vampire's Tale Sept. 25, 2011 A middle aged Redguard sets out on a quest to avenge his family's deaths at the hands of a vampire.
Part Two Crimson-Tail May 22, 2012 Who is this "Crimson-Tail" guy, again?
Part Three Into the Vampire's Lair May 24, 2012 Looks like Crimson is causing trouble again!
Part Four Oiolatta Oct. 3, 2012 Gallen seeks Jean's assistance in the mission.
Part Five Stories Jan 17th, 2013 The journey to the Drunken Dragon.
Part Six Fire and Steel Jan 18th, 2013 The duo begin the attack on Crimson.
Part Seven Eternal Light Jan 18th, 2013 The end!