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Welcome to all the users! This is Fin Dova Feyn here. Welcome to my fanfiction entitled "The Warlord" this is my first attempt at making a fanfiction so please bear with me. I have drawn inspiration for this story from many sources, too name a few: The Elder Scrolls, Game of Thrones and Braveheart. I hope you will enjoy my fanfiction cause I know it will bring me joy to know that users are happy with the content of this wiki, not just info on games but also fanfiction. On a side note, I will be trying to update this as much as possible. Hope you enjoy!


The Oblivion Crisis is over! The heir to the throne sacrificed himself to save Tamriel. But an empire without an emperor would surely crumble under its own weight. This is the moment generals and kings have been waiting for, this is the time to strike and take over lands that they once sought. Now they no longer swear fealty to an emperor and they will do as they please without the fear of the Legion. The Lord of the Rift: Havilstein returns home from Cyrodill. His close allies attempts to persuade Havilstein to conquer the lands their lord once desperately sought for in his youth, but is it his destiny to rule? His two sons fight by his side and his daughter will turn out to be more instrumental in their plans then originally thought.

Chapter 1: The Arrival[edit]

It is the year 4E 0 the start of the fourth era, the Oblivion crisis is over and Havilstein of the Rift returns to his fortress in Riften, after answering the call of the legion for aid in the crisis. As he enters the city gates a large crowd gathers on the city streets to welcome him and his men back. They make their walk through the city square and finally to his keep. He is greeted by his wife Eyja of Haafinheim, his eldest Jared, his youngest Hod and finally he is greeted by his beautiful daughter Sonja who some call "the Diamond of the Rift'. During the family banquet Havilstein tells tales of his adventure to the heart of the empire, he tells a story of how he and his 5,000 troops breached the Daedric blockade and was able to enter the Imperial City just when Dagon was defeated by Akatosh. Of course, this is not the first time the Lord of the Rift fought in war. When he was a young man he participated in the 'War of the Bend'r-mahk', which saw the destruction of the combined forces of Hammerfell and High Rock at the hands of the Nords. After the banquet, Havilstein had a meeting with his most trusted advisors, The Commander of Rift: Malik, The Keeper of the Coin: Sven, And his close friend and Chief Advisor: Bromm. As Havilstein explained the current conditions in the rat's nest known as The Imperial City, Malik urges Havilstein to make a move to conquer the lands he once sought as now that the Empire is crumbling their influence fades out like the light during dusk. But Bromm complains that the timing would be horrible the other Holds would rebel against the Rift and they would be wiped out. Havilstein then contemplates on what he should do...

Chapter 2: Old Friends, New Enemies[edit]

The new day dawns on the horizon. Jared wakes up early and decides to practice his swordsmanship with Hod, as the two practice their skill in the courtyard Sonja and her mother Eyja ponder on what they will be doing for the day. As for the Lord of the Rift, a night of bickering inside the council chambers didn't do well for him. he meets with Sven his Keeper of the Coin. It turns out that while Havilstein was off fighting the Daedra, Riften experienced a sudden growth in economy. Their famous Maize sold at such a fast rate that the famers had to work all day. With this much Septims Havilstein takes into consideration outfitting his army. After this Havilstein decides to consult with Bromm, Bromm sides with him that the standing army of the rift was weakened by the crisis and so far they have not returned to their former glory. Just as they are about to part ways Malik informs them that an unexpected guest has arrived to seek audience, Havilstein turns and sees Thorek of Greenwood. One of his bannermen and his close friend Thorek fought alongside Havilstein in Bend'r-mahk. Thorek informs the Lord of the Rift that the bandit lord Tharg wishes to usurp the power in the Rift. Tharg's camp is situated on the border of the Rift and the Tale. Thorek urges Havilstein to act as this is not a matter to ignore. Tharg is the son of Derak the man who united the bandits of Skyrim and tried to seize the province. Havilstein quickly calls for Malik and his sons Jared and Hod, Malik quickly gathers some men and heads for the city gate. As Havilstein and sons talk, the Lord of the Rift decides that they have to follow tradition. Hod is to stay behind and care for the city while Jared is to ride by his father's side. Furious Hod has to follow the instructions of his father and sends out his personal guard to find his mother and sister. Sonja and Eyja went out on the town today for a little "mother and daughter bonding' something they haven't done in a long time. Eyja visits a shop she frequents often and show Sonja some dresses, all of a sudden the personal guards of Hod enters the store and explains to Sonja and Eyja the situation, the two comply and head back to the keep escorted by men clad in plate armor. As the family say their goodbyes to Havilstein and Jared, Malik and Thorek organize their small contingent of men and Thorek sends his messengers to the other nobles who are loyal to the Rift they estimate that by the time they reach Tharg's camp they would have amassed an army of 10,000. But Thorek claims that Tharg commands a horde of not only Nord Bandits but Orc and Redguard Mercenaries as well. The two can only hope that the forces of the Rift will be enough....

Chapter 3: Into the Wolf's Lair[edit]

Tharg son of Derak was able to unite the horde of bandits scattered around Skyrim, but why he did this remains unknown. The local nobles believe he plans to usurp the Holds of Skyrim. But Havilstein believes there is more that meets the eye. When Havilstein answered the call of the Legion, Tharg was said to be a mere blacksmith in Riverwood, how he gathered a force this large is still uknown. As the army marches for Tharg's camp, more of Havilstein's bannermen come to their lords aid. As expected an army of roughly 10,000 men have gathered and made camp east of Tharg's camp. At the Lord's tent he decides to split his army into three, Thorek is to take 3,000 men to the western side of Tharg's camp, Jared accompanied by Malik is to take 3,000 and position them in the north while the bulk is to stay with Havilstein. They will be trapped, going south is complete suicide nobody would be able to climb mountains in one day,as for Thorek and his men they complain that the Lord of the Tale might not let them pass, Havilstein said he will take care of it. Meanwhile Tharg has fortified his camp, his scouts have seen the men of the Rift encircling them. Back in Riften Hod and Bromm shares stories with each other while drinking some of Skyrim's fine mead. Bromm recalls Havilstein before he became Lord of the Rift. He was from a line of simple farmers and blacksmiths who hailed from Windhelm in the Eastmarch. They were not originally from the Rift but had to move to Riften because of the pending attacks from Winterhold. Skyrim was a very violent place back then not that it's not violent now but before the Holds of Skyrim would invade one another at least now there is peace between the holds. Bromm goes on to say how Hod's father seize the lordship of the Rift from Tharmir the Terrible. Havilstein didn't want to be a blacksmith but instead joined the standing army of the Rift, after 3 years of service as a mere city guard who's toughest opponent was a mere bandit was reassigned to the army proper. The Holds of Skyrim united and sent men to battle the invading forces of Hammerfell and High Rock in the "War of the Bend'r-mahk', Tharmir was forced to comply so he to sent some men Havilstein was among them. After fighting in this bloody war Havilstein traveled to the city of Solitude also called Haafingar. It was here he met Eyja. She was the Daughter of one of the noble houses there. After spending a few months there he and Eyja knew that they were meant to be, Eyja decided to accompany Havilstein to Riften against the wishes of his father, who was the Chief Advisor to the Lord of Haafinheim. But could do nothing to stop Eyja. Once Havilstein and Eyja made it back to Riften, Havilstein was promoted to the Tharmir's personal guard. Tharmir was a very ruthless man, he was not loved by the people and only stayed in power because the people feared him. One night Tharmir was furious that his wife escaped the city, because of this fury he ordered every man in Riften to be executed and his wife hunted down. But Havilstein and most of the men decided not to follow the order. Havilstein tried to arrest Tharmir but he resisted, the ensuing fight saw Tharmir being slain by Havilstein. So in a way Havilstein is as much as a usurper as Tharg is trying to be. Bromm then concluded with a toast Hod did the same, they toasted to more fruitful years and wealth to the Rift. The following morning Havilstein marched to Tharg's camp, he is close now and can see the tents of the bandits. He is confident that this will be over soon.

Chapter 4: Snakes in the Bushes[edit]

The men charge at one another, crashing together like a tree hits the ground when it has been cut. Neither side backs down, Tharg's men are ferocious but Havilstein's men have the training and equipment. Back in Riften, Hod assigns the family's personal guard to patrol the city. With most of the men of to fight alongside Havilstein, Hod must improvise as he cannot let the city go unguarded. Meanwhile Sonja and her mother Eyja start weaving dresses for an upcoming feast, the feast will commmorate the anniversary of when Havilstein overthrew Tharmir the Terrible all those years back. The feast will be in a week and the pair hope that their father and brother be back by then. After some time in the battlefield Havilstein spots a man clad in iron armor, it's Tharg! Havilstein attempts to slash him with his sword but Tharg quickly blocks. Their duel rages on as both sides take heavy casualties, Most of Tharg's mercenaries from Hammerfell and High Rock have either fled or were slaughtered. But those who fled had to get pass Thorek and Jared's men it is safe to say that none of them made it out. Tharg finds himself on the wrong end of the sword, his men have surrendered to the men of the Rift and Havilstein decides to spare Tharg and bring him back as his prisoner. In Riften the guard sees on the horizon banners, banners of Northshire. Ymir: Lord of Northshire and his so Agnar approaches Riften. Hod together with Sven and Bromm greets them and informs Ymir that his father has gone to battle.But nonetheless Ymir has come to talk to Havilstein, Ymir who has not always been on good terms with the Rift plans on joining forces with Havilstein, because as the Empire fades alliances between the holds grow ever important. Sonja who always had a thing for Agnar approaches the young lord and welcomes him to Riften, the young lord who always had an eye for Sonja advances on to her. Sonja accepts the advances and the two enjoy a bottle of mead. As Havilstein approaches Riften he spots the Northshire's bannermen, intrigued he quickly makes his way to the castle after ordering his men to lock up the prisoners. Havilstein is not surprised at the sight of Ymir, Havilstein knows that Ymir is always up to his tricks and is taking advantage of the state of the Empire to only benefit himself. Ymir offers a deal to Havilstein, Ymir is planning on unifying the holds of Skyrim and succeed the crumbling Empire. He offers him an opportunity to join his cause, but Havilstein knows that the Legion is still a powerful entity and will look at this as an act of rebellion.Ymir then argues that the Legion will not stand a chance against the combined armies of Skyrim, Havilstein then informs Ymir to return if he ever gets a single Lord to swear fealty to him. Ymir furious at this finds Agnar and forces him away much to the dismay of Sonja. Ymir and his party then ride of to Windhelm where they will try to persuade the Lord of Eastmarch. Havilstein then seeks council with Jared, Hod, Sven, Malik and Bromm. They discuss on what they should do, Havilstein then orders Sven to get the necessary funds to outfit his army in case of an attack by Ymir. Malik once again tries to open Havilstein's eyes, Malik urges to call the bannermen and attempt to form alliances with the other holds just as Ymir. Bromm finally sides with Malik, Jared and Hod will side with their father no matter what his decision may be. Havilstein then decides to call for a council of the holds, Haafinheim, Northshire, Winterhold, Eastmarch, The Tale, Falkreath, The Reach and Whiterun. They are to convene in Riften and Ymir must reveal all his intentions. The messengers ride to the holds and Havilstein then consults with Bromm on their future plans, if Ymir is to start a war then he must be replaced as soon as possible. By any means necessary, peacefully or by force....

Chapter 5: The Coming Storm[edit]

As the stewards prepare for the arrival of the Lords of the Holds, Havilstein is preparing his men. Sven has put the gold to good use, he was able to purchase weapons and armor. The blacksmiths and miners work twice as hard and Malik tries to recruit more men. Havilstein decides to go to the dungeons and pay Tharg a visit, Havilstein begins to question Tharg's intentions. Havilstein asks why he gathered an army to which Tharg simply answers because he needed to. Havilstein then asks why he needed to to which Tharg replied that though the Oblivion crisis is over a new crisis is about to begin though not at a large scale as the Oblivion crisis. Tharg goes on with a conspiracy, that a certain lord is planning on conquering Skyrim for himself, Havilstein suddenly remembers Ymir. Havilstein asks if it is Ymir of which he speaks of, Tharg say yes. Tharg says his allegiance is with Skyrim and that he did not mean to usurp the Rift. Havilstein seeing the sincerity in his eyes offers a deal to Tharg, if Tharg is to swear his loyalty to the Rift then he will be pardoned. Tharg accepts and Havilstein then orders him to gather men and be back in 10 days. After swearing fealty to The Lord of the Rift, Tharg rides West to gather men. Jared rides his horse to the farmlands near Riften, he contemplates on what happened in the battle against Tharg's men. Thorek of Greenwood sees him and comforts him, he says his father was the same. Hod suspects that Sonja and Agnar are having a relationship, knowing that their fathers are bitter rivals he confronts her about this. Sonja defends herself by saying that Agnar is not like his father, to which Hod replies that she doesn't know a thing about Agnar. Sonja just rushes off, Hod reports this to his father, though is father is not surprised he is worried. But Havilstein also sees this as an opportunity, if Ymir is to be replaced, Agnar could take the title and then be betrothed to Sonja thus forming a powerful alliance between the Rift and Northshire which would rival Whiterun and Eastmarch. Eyja learns that her father, who is now the Lord of Haafinheim will be arriving at the council. She sees this as an opportunity to better her relationship with her father. Havilstein has a meeting with his council concerning the coming Council of the Holds , Bromm advices Havilstein to not only to use this opportunity to stop Ymir but also to forge alliances. If Eyja is successful with her father. Haafinheim and the Rift are going to be a powerful entity. 2 days have passed and the Council of the Holds is drawing near. The Rift's army is ready and the Lord's bannermen have arrived. Havilstein puts Thorek in command of the bannermen. They are given an area of the Barrack District of Riften that is reserved for occasions like this, usually when a Lord goes to war.While Sonja was passing time in the castle gardens, a messenger saying he serves Lord Agnar gives her a letter from him. It says that Ymir will not be attending the council, and that he is with his father riding east into Hammerfell then they will proceed to High Rock. Sonja informs Havilstein of this, Havilstein is left dazzled. He wonders what Ymir is up too, Bromm and Malik speculate that he will try and gather men. Havilstein dispatches spies to track Ymir. With the Council of the Holds on the horizon, Havilstein sits on his throne, wondering what he should do during the Counci. He feels that the next few days will test his strategic and persuasive skill, but he fears that these skills will be put to the test.......