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The burger[edit]

Once there was a magical burger in Tamriel that was evil it liked to eat every ones tomatos.But it was said to taste better then every thing in Tamriel.There was two adventurers whose names has been lost in history who found the magical burger. when they found it they each wanted to eat it themselves but a random person who had a sword came and cut the burger in two so they could both have some. The End.

The taco[edit]

Once there was a magical taco in Tamriel that was good it ate bad people. But it was also very drunk so it stumbled around everywhere it went. one day when it was going to eat some bad people it fell in a pond and drowned. The End.

The waffle and the strawberry[edit]

Once there was a waffle in Tamriel that was evil and powerful it made everyone feed it. There was also a strawberry that hated the waffle so the strawberry snuck into the waffles palace and broke into the waffles chambers and said "you ate my family so I’ll eat you!” and magically grew to one hundred times the size of a normal strawberry and ate the waffle. The End.