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The Journal of Raminus Polus

Log One


The personal thoughts and memoirs of Raminus Polus recovered from the Mystic Archives fire

Last Seed 2, 3E433

Things have been difficult lately to say the least. Although, I agree with many of the reforms brought on by Hannibal Traven as Arch-Magister of the guild, many of the results have been quite disheartening. There has been more opposition to the ban on Necromancy than many of us thought. At least one third of all members in the guild have resigned in response to it. Bothiel tells me that there are a few reports of even more but with so many leaving at once, the difficulty of keeping track of those doing independent research, and those of us out in the field, there is no way for us to be exactly sure how many have left.

She also tells me that a few reports have come in of people disappearing. I asked her to double check but every one of her sources have claimed that these are people who had no intention of leaving the guild and yet have simply vanished. If it's true then this is disturbing to say the least. We have people searching but with everything in such a grim state these days none of us are feeling very optimistic.

The sad thing is that not everyone who left was a practitioner of Necromancy. A good number felt that it is wrong to forbid any type of magic and have left on principle. Their arguments are only deepened by the legality of Necromancy in Cyrodiil law.

Despite the opposition Traven held fast to his decision and in the following weeks guild members of all ranks began leaving in mass. It was not a quite departure for some. Quite a few fights broke out and it was only after that we discovered the Mystic Archives had been robbed by those leaving. Nearly every book on the subject is gone! Tar-Meena is still searching but the value of information lost to us is incalculable.

The biggest blow however is when Cynthia Jellen and Saren Deermoar left the Mages Council and the guild entirely. Another great loss was Corbin Adamanti, Commander of the Imperial Battlemages and his second in command Falten Shelesh. Corbin was both a great leader and well respected by his men, the guild, and the Elder Council.

Now with half our council gone and a very new Arch-Magister we are slowly beginning to rebuild. Although things are improving, a dark shadow always seems to be in the back of our minds. Not all of us feel that our former guildmates are going to take this departure quietly. We shall see in the days to come.