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A tale of Umaril, in verse

by Goblin lair

Once upon a time in the land of Cyrodiil

it lived a mer whose name was Umaril.

His heart was cold as winter ice

but his kingdom grew to larger size.

Just By being a little cruel

he could get a head- size jewel.

That’s just a taste of what he could get

if he were really mad, they could give him Summerset.

But hope may be found in time of yore

since Umaril have been defeated before.

That might explain why he is dead

his soul wanders oblivion, were the sky is red.

Umaril was first killed by Pelinal Whitestrake.

Now Umaril had to take a little break

from ruling his empire, it would now disappear.

But an unknown truth, Umaril would reappear.

Reborn as strong, no, even stronger

he could not wait any longer.

Back to Cyrodiil he went

now the Imperials should pay the “rent”,

for borrowing Cyrodiil for a while

when Umaril was away on a lava- surrounded isle.

The first thing he did when he came back

was making the Anvil chapel attack.

Then he posted out his forces of darkness

hiding them in Cyrodiil’s empty recesses.

All was planned how to take the land

soon it would be in his reanimated hand.

His headquarters lied in the west, in a ruin,

he though that any battle fought there, he could win.

One day a band of Knights approached the old buildings,

killing and destroying all of Umaril’s followers and things.

This was a battle of gods, fought by mortals

one knight managed to get through all of Umaril’s defence portals.

This Knight’s name is unknown yet today,

but yet, this time it was Umaril’s turn to “pay”.

Now he is stuck in that oblivion place,

Let’s hope he stays there for the rest of our days.