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Todays date is...[edit]

OB-npc-Varel Morvayn.jpg Today is Sundas, 20th of Frostfall.


That's my username. It comes from a middle school nickname which I embraced. I discovered this wiki accidentally, though I don't exactly remember how. Probably looking for some quest guide.

My Elder Scrolls Experience[edit]

I started playing Morrowind GOTY for the PC a few years ago, but I only got serious a couple summers ago. Since then, I have dabbled in the construction set and modding, and installed Tamriel Rebuilt. I've often considered playing Oblivion (I even have access to it), but I have heard it's not as good as Morrowind. I've also considered going back to Arena, or Daggerfall, but I've heard they're ridiculously difficult. I have played Skyrim for hundreds of hours since it came out, and have played through Dawnguard 1.5 times (I haven't finished Dawnguard side).

Recommended Books[edit]

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Morrowind Characters[edit]

I have created dozens of characters, but only two actually saw extended use.


Named after the brief appearence of Tiber Septim in Morrowind. He is a nearly maxed out Nord who is over level 50. He follows the general proffesion of a warrior, and is proud in his full set of enchanted Daedric armor. He has finished the main quests in Tribunal and Bloodmoon, he is also the head of the Fighters Guild.


My first character (that didn't die before I could figure out how to save). A Bosmer thieving type person. Around level 40, but can take out anyone with ease due to his Royal Signet Ring, his Ebony Mail, and his constant effect invisibility (made before I knew about the wonders of chameleon). He has finished all main quests lines, as well as the Fighters Guild and Thieves Guild quests.

Skyrim Characters[edit]

I've also made half a dozen characters in Skyrim, but only four have seen more than one or two play sessions.

Hlaalu Helseth[edit]

Named after the king in Tribunal, this character, ironically not a Dunmer, is an Altmer destruction mage who also used maces for a time. He has completed the College of Winterhold quest line, and discovered 120+ locations over 75 hours, but is somehow only level 29. (permanently retired)


A Breton conjuration person, named after a villain from the Golden Sun series, has maxed sneak and conjuration, and uses dremora lords and sneak kills in battle. She has killed Ulfric Stormcloak for the glory of the Empire, wiped Alduin from the face of Tamriel, and blotted out the sun, much to the fear of mortals. This file has seen about eighty hours of gameplay, and is over level 50, but is still leveling quickly, as I power level most of the skills.


An Orc who uses an enchanted axe and an enchanted shield. He mostly just goes around the country side exploring caves and ruins, occaisionally taking bountys or Companion quests or advancing through the story. He is around level 45, and has the maximum effective armor rating. He has finished the Companion quest line and has driven the Empire out of Skyrim. He is also working to rid Skyrim of the vampire menace. I've played about 60 hours on this file.


A Khajiit that I subconsciously named after an existing character. Focuses on sneak and archery. Around level 40, and has completed the DB quest line. He has almost finished the Thieves Guild, but the Skeleton Key is just to good to get rid of. He has seen around 40 hours of play time.

My Projects[edit]

Right now, I'm just doing whatever comes to mind whenever I log in...

Other Games I Waste Spend My Time On[edit]

  • Blacklight: Retribution
  • Solitaire
  • Soul Calibur