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Confessions of a Knight of Mania

...elves. I h-hate elves, their leather is smooth. I-if you stroke them you c-can feel the, wholeness, no holes anywhere, j-just leather. I USED to be a-an elf, now I am little steel rings. T-they where clawing at MY leather, but wh-when I turned into l-little rings of steel I closed my eyes...I couldn't f-feel them CLAWING anymore. I-i'm sorry, well, not sorry but I-i have to go and t-talk to them before, before I can c-continue, good day.

Two green eyes in bones and rags Two pointed ears the young'n had Two old teeth in my saddle bag Two dim eyes from the bones and rags.

Ah, it's you. It's funny, you know, the way their small, dim eyes suddenly grow and fill with light when they first stop to see you riding into their village. Covered in ring-maille, the tabard of my order, clean and white, purity came on the back of a great destrier. They held up their youngest to me, a greasy child, I could see her brittle ribs through the tears in her swaddling cloak. I, no not to YOU, and not HERE. These wretches were starving, they needed my sword to free them from wolves, and they needed my charity to free them from hunger. How could I not try to help these people? I was a messenger, a knight, a servant of the NINE! But when I looked upon that sack of bones and flesh and...and those eyes, wrapped up in rags, I became something new. Terrible. I was an Elf, I am little rings of iron.

go...away...go AWAY!