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About Me[edit]

Hello UESPWiki. My name is LaJaveyon Saunders and I have been an avid player of The Elder Scrolls series for several years now. I started with the first game Arena, which was also my first PC game. Since then I have played all of the main games and spinoffs, along with the mobile Travels series.

In (and sometimes out of) the TES world, I am an Argonian. They are my favorite race in the TES Series, and I can't wait until Black Marsh recieves it's own game. I play as members of the same Argonian family clan, known as Vel, in every TES game (except Battlespire and Redguard of course. They are still awesome to me though).

I can't wait to meet and discuss with all of you pretty soon.

Good morning, Good evening, and Good night.

An Elder Scrolls Novel: The Tomb of Kings[edit]

I am currently writing an TES Novel that takes place twenty years after Skyrim. You can read it Here.

My Editing Preferences[edit]

I'm a Loremaster, but I prefer to edit pages about the Argonians, Black Marsh, the Hist, and things that refer to them in general. So if you see me editing, that's what I'm editing.

Lanson-Vel (My Char In Skyrim)[edit]

"I Lick The Sap, Not Deal With The Crap."


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