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List should be expanded with: Core (TFH campaign), Dark Brotherhood, Heroes of Skyrim, and Patch 2.13. Other sets and patches are as for now insignificant.


Clockwork City

Houses of Morrowind

Isle of Madness

Alliance War

Moons of Elsweyr

Jaws of Oblivion

Patch 2.15

Card Pages
Card Images ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Card Art ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Audio ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes (uploaded) ☑Yes
Buff/Effect Tooltips ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
References ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No
Deckcodes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Balance Changes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Balance Change Images ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No ☒No
Story Page ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Imagemap + Flowchart ☑Yes (needs client update) ☑Yes (needs client update) ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Quest Pages ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Avatar/Location Images ☑Yes (uploaded) ☑Yes (uploaded) ☒No ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☒No
Puzzle Image ☑Yes (needs client update) ☒No ☒No ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☒No
Rewards ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Novice/Master Decklists ☒No (have the lists already) ☑Yes ☒No (have the lists already) ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Theme Decks ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Solo Arena ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Practice ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☒No ☑Yes
Arena Changes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes (needs rank rewards) ☑Yes
Card Backs ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☒No
Daily Quests ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Titles ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
New Keywords/Effects ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Patch Notes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Data File ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes
Menu, Loading, Playmat ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ?_Maybe ☒No ☒No ☒No
Purchases ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☑Yes ☒No ☒No ☒No
☑Yes = no action needed
☑Yes = done
☑Yes = in progress
☒No = still needs everything
?_Maybe = status unknown