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Ularfire the Unscrupulous
ON-npc-Ularfire the Unscrupulous.jpg
Location North of Gryphon Aerie
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Ularfire the Unscrupulous is an Altmer posing as the leader of the Blackbirds bandits encountered at the end of the quest Bantering with Bandits, on the beach north of Gryphon Aerie. He is holding Tableau captive, though it is all a ruse Tableau herself planned, hiring her friends from the House of Reveries to masquerade as bandits.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Follow Cur to the northeastern shore of Summerset where you'll find Tableau among a group of Altmer, presumably the Blackbirds. As you near, you'll hear the following:

Ularfire the Unscrupulous : "Avast! You face Ularfire, the Thoroughly Unscrupulous! Come no closer, or I shall bestow a banquet of bladework upon thy body!"
Manacar : "I'm afraid only skewered meat is on the menu."
Tableau : "Wait, don't hurt him! He's not a real bandit!"
Ularfire the Unscrupulous : "A-a true actor must know when to exit the stage! Farewell!"
And Ularfire the Unscrupulous flees with the rest of the group.