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Diary of Stan[edit]

Sundas 1st Heartfire, 3E430[edit]

Finally! I've saved up enough Septims to buy this empty book, so I might as well use it to record my day-to-day adventures, not that I ever go on any adventures, all I do is work in the Wildeye Stables in Bruma earning a massive 5 gold per day! I don't think I'll ever even get enough money to buy that broken down ugly shack in the Imperial City! Now I have to stop writing and get back to work, I am apparently a lazy 21 year old Imperial, well how dare she call me lazy, she does nothing all day, just sit down speaking to the customers, what do I do? Clean the horses up, ride them around a bit, stroke them and the only company I get is the horses and complaints from my boss, annoying woman.

Morndas 2nd Heartfire, 3E430[edit]

I hope Boss does not find this book, she would fire me straight away. Olav's Tap and Tack isn't even that great either, but I shouldn't complain it's better than nothing. I'm writing this as I'm walking to work, I see Felicity right now! Felicity is the beautiful Paint Horse I tend to buy if I get enough money. Why can't Boss just premote me? I do better than that fetcher who complains about the Nords, all the Nords have been good to me, I am basically a Nord, I'm fit for the weather.

Morndas 2nd Heartfire, 3E430 (Later)[edit]

No! Felicity is going to Cheydinhal, apparently to an Orc I think she hangs around with the Orum gang, but I'm not sure... She'll probably eat her, I really hate Orcs! I also got scolded again today, if she does it one more time I might just quit!

Morndas 2nd Heartfire, 3E430 (Midnight)[edit]

Oh my goodness! I woke up and found that everyone in the inn had died, except Olav who was hiding in the basement, I'm lucky! But I wonder what killed them? Oh!! Olav said it was a horde of things.. Things out of Nightmares... But the worse thing was, they was all already dead! Leading was an Altmer with a Black robe with red in it, following were others dressed almost identically and following them was a horde of skeletons, liches, ghosts, wraiths, zombies and all of the undead!

Tirdas 3rd Heartfire, 3E430[edit]

Just been questioned by the guards as to what happened last night, it seems that they were targetting for me as they have also killed both of the people at the stables! I now have to get out of Bruma, but it seems they were Necromancers, lead by Mannimarco, the King of Worms! I'm going to flee to Morrowind.

Middas 4th Heartfire, 3E430[edit]

On the ship to Morrowind now, met a Dunmer called Feranas, he seems a nice fellow, apparently he's coming from Cyrodiil too! I think we'll get along just fine.

Middas 4th Heartfire, 3E430 (Later)[edit]

Felicity is on this boat! Yes!! I'm so happy! Apparently she was being shipped for meat but I won't let that happen, I'll cut through the whole of Tamriel if I have to, even through the Void and through Oblivion, I'm not letting Felicity be used for meat!

Morndas 9th Heartfire, 3E430[edit]

Arrived in Morrowind today, I mounted Felicity once again and managed to fit Feranas on the back. He's coming along with me, pointing me in directions, although I'll be using the signs, the first town we're in is called Seyda Neen, It's quite a nice place, although there is no Inn here. Feranas says we have to go outside the city a bit and sleep outside. I went into a nice store, the owner is called Arrile, he has a nice selection, although I have no money because I was never payed, I got to Morrowind for free as I was being hunted by Necromancers. He gave me a free silver longsword, it's a nice sword, I'm thinking of keeping it forever, I've called it Skyrim Sword, as it is enchanted with cold and is silver, like snow...

Tirdas 10th Heartfire, 3E430[edit]

Today me, Felicity and Feranas travelled to Pelagiad, it's quite a small community, although the fort is massive, I haven't been inside it, but from the outside it looks nice! Finally we don't have to sleep on the cold, bumpy floor but a nice inn. I haven't left Felicity outside, I managed to get her inside, I don't want her getting cold! Although most people looked at me disapprovingly, I don't care.

Middas 11th Heartfire, 3E430[edit]

I've recieved a letter from a courier today, it's from a girl I met in Bruma her name is Monica, she's really pretty, the letter is in lovely neat handwriting and she asks if I'm okay, I'll have to write back now. I've put:

"Dear Monica,

Yes I am fine, are you still in Bruma, right now I'm in Pelagiad in a nice inn, I found Felicity on the boat when I was sailing here, she's fine. Have the Necromancers come back since? I hope they haven't my love... If they do just hide, don't risk your life Monica, if you are afraid, sleep... But hide whilst sleeping... Please write back, I love seeing something of you...

Love Stan"

I think that sounds alright, oh and look there is a courier right now!! That's lucky!

Turdas 12th Heartfire, 3E430[edit]

Today we carried on the road to Balmora, hopefully we'll keep continuing on to Vivec, I've always wanted to see Vivec. But there is no chance of me ever meeting Lord Vivec, no way. We'll probably reach Balmora in a couple of days, it's not as close as Pelagiad, oh no... Feranas has just mentioned a Silt Strider, but I suppose we have a horse so no biggie.

Middas 13th Heartfire, 3E430[edit]

No!! Not now, this can't be happening, whilst camping out in the wilderness we've been found by the Necromancers, their undead hordes at their command.. I fear this is going to be my last entry ever... Wait!! My Skyrim Sword! Yes!

Middas 13th Heartfire, 3E430[edit]

Oh crap! I killed all of them except from Mannimarco, he fled. Feranas and I are badly injured, we must get to Balmora... I fear that Feranas or me will die... Felicity is fine though which is great news...

Turdas 14th Heartfire, 3E430[edit]

No! Feranas needs serious help, he is losing blood very quickly, but we're nearly at Balmora, I hope someone can help us there.

Turdas 14th Heartfire, 3E430 (later)[edit]

At Balmora and there is a big crowd forming us, the healers are here.. I hope its not to late to help Feranas, he's been like a brother I never had. I'm awaiting the news... Here comes the healer... But where is Feranas?

Turdas 14th Heartfire, 3E430[edit]

No... Feranas didn't make it... Ferenas is dead!! But I suppose it is for the best, if he was in so much pain it is better to go into the eternal rest.. I hope he travels safely to Autherius. There is no sign of Mannimarco and I am not travelling away from Balmora until it is safe to go back to Cyrodiil.. The guards have got me heavily protected, it seems like I'm some sort of noble. They have also gave me 5000 gold for killing the Necromancers, I wasn't expecting that!!

Fredas 15th Heartfire, 3E430[edit]

I got another letter from Monica, she is fine, her father died... It seems I'm not the only one who is now alone then... Once I get back to Cyrodiil... That will be good times... Oh no! The guard seen me writing and now he says it's safe to return to Cyrodiil, well that's not oh no then!! Yay! I can go back and see Monica, Felicity is coming too.

Loredas 16th Heartfire, 3E430[edit]

I'm on a ship set sail from Balmora... Hopefully it will only take a couple of days to get back to Cyrodiil to see Monica... I have to sleep with Felicity but I don't mind it really. I probably won't write for a couple of days again as nothing really intresting happens on boat travels, you eat your food and then you basically stare at the wood...

Turdas 21st Heartfire, 3E430[edit]

Back in Cyrodiil! It's so beautiful, now all I have to do is travel to Bruma! But still a question whirls in my mind... Why does Mannimarco want to kill me? I have never done anything to him... I don't think, to be honest I've never done anything wrong to anyone... Generally everyone likes me... Hmm. I do wonder why...

Fredas 22nd Heartfire, 3E430[edit]

Arrived in Bruma!! Seen Monica, she's as beautiful as ever... She says the Countess was murdered.. I wonder who will take her replacement... she has no children... I asked Monica to marry me and she said... YES!! We're having the cermony in a weeks time in the Chapel of Talos.

Loredas 23rd Heartfire, 3E430[edit]

Everyone in Bruma is congratulating me and Monica... It's brilliant! Some people say that we should be the Count and Countess, but I doubt that will happen, I mean what have I done to deserve that... Well I have kind of done some mini adventures for people but thats about it, well I did kill them Necromancers...

Fredas 29th Heartfire, 3E430[edit]

The beautiful day... Spoilt... Me and Monica are the only ones left now... I see the remaining body parts of those I once knew... It's not just Mannimarco who is here now, it is the Dark Brotherhood too! Plus all the undead, all of the Morag Tong guild and everything!! WHY? Because I am the son of Akatosh? The mother of Mara? The Great Aunt of the Giant Slaughterfish? What is going on? Are these people mad? Lead by....................... SHEOGORATH!? He has been playing a big trick on me that damned Daedric Prince grr!! Suddenly all of the corpses came back, Feranas appeared... Monica's dad appeared... They had all been building up a big trick on me... Why? Because I ate some cheese... Hmmph!