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Currently I am not participating much here, this is a combination of various factors.


I can almost always be found on ICQ, at 122-365-007 However I am almost always invisible though, don't let that put you off, message me anyway and I will probably add you to my visible list.

Lesser Spotted Jadraxs[edit]

There are a few people commonly using the name Jadrax on the internet.

One is the owner of He is often easy to distinguish as he normally writes it JadraX with a capital X, I believe he's a computer programmer from somewhere Scandinavian. Not unfortunately me in any way shape or form.

There is also a Jadrax who plays a level 60 Darkelf on World of Warcraft.. this immediately separates him from me as I played EQ/EQ2.. he also is bereft of beard but does other wise share my very cool dress sense. (This may in fact also be JadraX, at some point I should email them all demanding they stop using my name.)

However, by far the most prolific Jadrax upon the World wide web today is undoubtedly me. (sometimes designated as Jadrax Darkfire for reasons best left unknown,) You see a post by Jadrax on a forum, be it Comics/Roleplay/Computergames/The Occult/or whatever else I happened top feel the need to contribute too, probably me. Feel free to say Hi, if I text back blankly it wasn't. ;o)

I was born in 1976 in the middle of pit town in England, and now dwell in in what should be the North Riding of Yorkshire. (That's in England,) I did work in a Roman Catholic school managing 300 computers, but was made redundant and studied for a history degree which I have just finished.

Elder Scrolls Games I Have Played[edit]

In the beginning there was Daggerfall, and it was played, for many many hours. In the dark time before the internet I think I played it for around six months, and I never knew the thing was bugged and you couldn’t actually do the main quest at all. But I had a big Daedric Dai-katana, so all was right with the world. (Who knows if I get Battlespire working I may Buy Daggerfall on ebay or summat and complete it too!)

Then came Battlespire, which I played until I got the Chimera of Desolation, where I got stuck, (I know how to get past that bit now, but I can’t get it to run on my machines, it is still sat in the original box by the PC though.) Now attempting to get this running again, thanks to input by Magnus. Oh and the CD was not in the original box by the PC, that was just the empty CD case... the CD was in the bookshelf.. rather worrying as I have moved house 3 times since I last played it!

Then there was Redguard. I own Redguard, indeed I played Redguard. I have no idea where I got to in Redguard though, certainly I never fought the Dragon, or met Clavicus Vile, or indeed did any of the cool stuff. I do remember fighting pirates a lot and swimming away from sharks.

Morrowind. Now I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t get into Morrowwind. I fought Cliffracers, joined the mages guild, fought Cliffracers, got lost in one of the cities a lot, fought some Cliffracers. But that was about it.

Oblivion. Played it, done almost all quests, got all the DLC and KotN. Actually compleated the main quest finally, and made a few mods which people still seem to be using three years later - which is nice!

So played five, completed one.

Things to do[edit]

Nothing right now.