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The lifes and deaths of the Adoring Fan[edit]

Chapter One: The little Anoying Bosmer

"Dad, dad, can we go to the arena this afternoon?" Said the little bosmer kid

"Yes we can, which team would you like to bet, blue or yellow?

"Blue, Blue!

"Ok lets go" As the two bosmer left their home in talos plaza district and headed to the arena district. The little bonsmer kid was afned with the arena and with the grand champion, an orc named Agronak gro-malog he wanted to follow him everywere but he was always in the blood works and they didnt let him in. As they entered the arena they sat and waited the fight to start the heared the anouncer say: "Good people of the Imperial City, wellcome to the arena. you have come to watch a fight, and a fight you shall have. It's the blue team Vs the yellow team in a battle to the death. Lower the gates! As he watched them fighting he saw the blue team fighter fight like no one else he has seen. He used spells and the sword. He was amazed. He watched every one of his fights. But then the great day come and he saw the champion battle the grand champion, but what he didnt understud why Agronak didnt actually give a good fight but the champion won and Agronak laid dead there. He went running outside to see the new grand champion and when he got out there he was. He greeted him like this: "yes all mighty grand champion, is there something I can do for you, carry your equipment. and he awnsered: "Follow your esteemed grand champion." And he followed him. he heard the grand champion saying something about a great oblivion gate in Bruma but he thought he was joking, or not.

To be continued... Next week