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In DeviantArt, this story has 102 hits while the Mutiny scene in The Book and the Stone has only 40.

From jigging veins of rhyming mother-wits,

And such conceits as clownage keeps in pay,

We'll lead you to a fetid cave of war,

Where you shall hear the false god Dagoth Ur

Threatening the world with high astounding terms,

And scourging Vvard'fell with his house unmourned.

View but his picture in this tragic glass,

And then applaud his fortunes as you please.

Adapted from The First Part of Tamburlaine the Great, 'The Prologue' by Christopher Marlowe, ca. 1587


(Intro to The Time Traveller: Yesterday I was poking around in an old portable hard drive I found way back in a drawer of my desk to see if it had any earthshaking time capsules. There was most of the same stuff that I still have on file, but it was newer stuff at that time. Then I found an .ess file stuck away in a Morrowind folder, so I loaded it into may game to see if there were any surprises. I then began to wonder, what would happen if this character were to meet my present character? This story literally exploded in my head, so I spent the night pounding it out.)

(Each book in this story was originally a story in its own right. BOOK ONE was The Princess, BOOK TWO was The Time Traveller, BOOK THREE was a chapter taken from Scotti's Revenge, and BOOK FOUR was the original The Gotterdammerung.)

(An additional note on my preferred spelling of Nerevarene: well, as with my fellow Bastard Lunatic Vaezbrub, there's a method to my madness. It dates back to the Falkland War [1982] when the intrepid BBC was reporting how the Argen-TINE invaders were getting their rear-ends kicked by the Royal Air Force. To put it bluntly, I would be "dreadful sorry" if Nerevarene rhymed with "Clementine".)


During their first meeting in Ald’ruhn, JohnB advised Yumiya to make her life from here on because everything prior to her imprisonment was a complete blank to her. While this stop-gap advice was suitable at the time, the arrival of "John-John" (Yumiya’s term of endearment) from another time and dimension threw the quest against Dagoth Ur into utter chaos. He had the Moon-and-Star ring, so clearly he was the Nerevarene. People were right in questioning what role, if any, Yumiya had to play in the quest. And it was no wonder that many suspected her of being a Sixth House spanner dropped into the inner workings of the quest to stop it from happening. Why not let this John-John gather Keening and Sunder then go finish the job himself?

Yes, he had the Moon-and-Star ring, but there were three fatal errors in this way of thinking. First, in this existence, the Moon-and-Star was still in the Cavern of the Incarnate; ergo: he had the wrong one. Second, he was going against the wrong Dagoth Ur and so was bound to fail no matter what he did. Third, and most importantly, the goddess Azura hadn’t preordained his role in this particular quest. JohnB put an effective halt to this nonsense by resetting John-John’s existence, and Caius Cosades and Yumiya effectively rebuffed the nascent leave-it-to-John movement by pointing out he no longer had the ring. However, the long-term problem, as we all know, is that a conspiracy theory, no matter how wrong-headed and counterproductive, takes on a life of its own and refuses to die a well-deserved death.

There were two things JohnB had to do: first, let the ruckus die down, during which time Yumiya would train her brother in the art of war, and second, work on establishing a pre-incarceration biography for Yumiya in order that she be more certain of who she was. Her own self-esteem was of vital importance to the success of the quest. There was no chance of his ever discovering who her parents really were, so probing into her past would have no effect on the “uncertain parentage” requirement for being the Nerevarene. Anyway, putting the quest on hold like this was the reason Emperor Uriel Septim suspected her of foot-dragging to carry it out, and the exact reason for the delay was not what Cosades deemed necessary to let him know because the emperor was already having serious second thoughts about having commissioned Yumiya. Cosades didn’t want him to get dragged into the conspiracy theory as well—what happens in Vvardenfell stays in Vvardenfell.

Cosades, for his part, did some checking and was surprised to learn that the Morag Tong had an investigative branch in its business. This was to prevent any chance of mistaken identity. No one likes being told, “You killed the wrong person!” It helped to know if it wasn’t really this person who was sleeping with the customer’s wife, and the Morag Tong stooges were very good at either clearing a name or digging up dirt. And so it was to the Morag Tong that he turned to contract a detailed investigation into Yumiya’s background. The results would then be relayed to JohnB to write up as a biography. In order that the results not be skewed in any way in her favor, all of this was done without her knowledge. She went on in her life training her brother’s fighting skills totally unaware that gumshoes were tiptoeing all around her.

Once a detail was reported to JohnB, it automatically became her memory or a basic fact that she knew about herself. For this reason, when something got reported, it often had to be done piecemeal so as not to overwhelm her as what happened when they learned the fate of her lover. Cosades felt obliged to gather all the facts first and make sure they squared with each other so as not to misinterpret an event and end up having her remember something wrong. This was a long tedious process, but John-John had to be taught from scratch how to use swords, axes, and cudgels, so the two efforts ran independently but in tandem.

Chapter Title Release Year Summary
User:JohnB/Fanfiction/Book One "Book 1" 2017 This is biographical background about Yumiya that had been missing.
User:JohnB/Fanfiction/Book Two "Book 2" 2017 Yumiya happens to meet a close family member never knew existed.
User:JohnB/Fanfiction/Book Three "Book 3" 2017 Caius Cosades comes to an untimely end, and the time is ripe for sweet vengence.
User:JohnB/Fanfiction/Book Four "Book 4" 2017 Things go contrary to what should have happened, but the outcome is the same.

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