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We are the music makers,

And we are the dreamers of dreams!

(Arthur O'Shaughnessy, [1874])

Index of Characters:


(The Book and the Stone): Altmer. A failed archeologist who earns the wrath of his roommate Peragon.


A young bosmer sent by his pa do deliver a wagon-load of guar hides to the armorer in Balmora. A disaster waiting to happen--with a vengence.

Arano, Nelos[edit]

([Aka the Mage of Dagon Fel] To Masser and Back): Dunmer. A former mage who abandoned magic in favor of scientific inquiry.


([Aka Master Cyreril] The Case of the Odd Pair, The Book and the Stone, The Invaders): Altmer. An astronomer living in the Ald'ruhn vicinity and known for his sagacity.


(The Three Arquebusiers): Teenaged Ashlader. Younger son of a former gulakhan of the Ahemmusa Camp. Mostly self-taught in the art of katana-fencing. So fearless it spooks his opponents.

de Akavir, Princess Yumiya[edit]

([Originally from Scotti's Revenge] The Lost Airship, The Time Traveler, The "Princess", The Gotterdammerung, referred to as the Bandit Queen in The Siege of Courthill Castle): Nakan in her mid-20s. Originally a woman without a past. Caius Cosades took her for delusional in her claiming to be the direct heir to the throne of Akavir, but he admitted that was one of her strengths, her sense of mission. She later meets an older brother, John-John, confirming that Nobunaga III is not really her father and reinforcing her uncertain parentage. Other details of her past come back to haunt her in The "Princess".

de Courthill, Fredericus[edit]

(The Siege of Courthill Castle): Imperial. A robber baron who outwits the East Empire Company in its effort to bring him to justice for hijacking a freight-wagon train.


([Aka the mini-Redguard and the mini-Japanese] The Invaders): Visitors from Earth who introduce the people of Balmora to the wonders of the universe--and give them their first hit song.

gro-Sorghum, Ogrul[edit]

(The Creative Imperative): Orc. A student of the arcane arts whose sloppiness leads to his undoing.

Ilabael, Asantus[edit]

(The Book and the Stone): Teenaged Ashlander. Escapes the Ahemmusa Camp with a stone he saw fall from the sky in order to show it to the mages in Ald'Ruhn.


([Aka John-John, to distinguish him from JohnB] The Time Traveler, The Gotterdammerung): Middle-aged Bosmer. Warps into Yumiya's bedroom by accident. Learns she is his younger sister. The nine-year gap between where he came from and where he is now cannot be bridged.


([aka the Deus ex Machina i.e. the guy at the controls] Cameo appearances in The Time Traveler and The Gotterdammerung, secretly present in The Book and the Stone): Somehow manages now and then to enter his own imagination and interact with his cyber-daughter Yumiya and his cyber-son John-John, both of whom he is extremely proud.

Jones, Mordecai[edit]

(Mordecai and Little Loony): Argonian. A freedman who blackmailed his owner to release him.

LeHabile, Jacques[edit]

([Originally from "Scotti's Revenge"] The Capture of La Belle Marie): Young Breton. (LeHabile means "the clever".) A Blades operative who is tracking pirates in the seas around Vvardenfell.


([Aka Little Loonie] Mordecai and Little Loony): Youngish Breton. A free-lance prostitute who witnesses a murder near Seyda Neen.


(To Masser and Back): A Dwemer specter. Nelos Arano's assistant who taught him Dwemer technology.

Nikanor, Jerome[edit]

(Captain Nikanor's Ghost): Young Imperial. Son of Julius Nikanor. Soon to form a relationship with Willifred, daughter of Velfred the Outlaw.

Nikanor, Julius[edit]

(Captain Nikanor's Ghost): Double-dealing captain of an East Empire Company ship. Velfred the Outlaw, his partner, kills him to collect the bounty on his head.


(The Book and the Stone): Bosmer. An archeologist who inadvertently triggers an Age of Exploration in Tamriel.

Quintus, Publius[edit]

(To Masser and Back): Imperial. An IBI agent who's sent to investigate a UFO in Dagon Fel and ends up visiting Masser.

Rashotte, Raymond[edit]

([Aka The Flower of Chivalry] Captain Nikanor's Ghost, The Capture of La Belle Marie): Breton. The last of the great pirates of Vvardenfell.

Sheriff of Bruma[edit]

(The "Princess", The Siege of Courthill Castle): Tamriel's own "Sheriff of Nottingham".

Three Arquebusiers[edit]

(The Three Arquebusiers): Portos gro-Durgash (an Orc), Athos (an Altmer), and Aramis (a Breton). Duke Dren's bodyguards who are constantly feuding with the Ordinators in Vivec.

Velfredochter, Willifred[edit]

(Captain Nikanor's Ghost): Young Nord. Daughter of Velfred the Outlaw, for whom she feels very little sympathy due to the masculine name he gave her. (He'd been hoping for a son.)

Vulpinis, Ereptor[edit]

(The "Princess"): Young Imperial. A thinly disguised Robin-Hood character who Yumiya takes a shine to.

Story # Title Release Year Summary
One The Egg of Time ca. 2008 One "fun fact" is that this was my first story, followed by "To Masser and Back" and "Scotti's Revenge", in that order. Everything else was written since I joined the UESPWiki fan fiction page in 2016. This particular story merely imagines the ghost of Tarhiel bending time to regain his mortality.
Two To Masser and Back ca. 2008 Inspector Publius Quintus of the Imperial Bureau of Investigation (IBI) is commissioned to investigate an unexplained phenomenon in Dagon Fel. Given that Vvardenfell is already full of unexplained phenomena, Quintus can't help wondering, "What?! One more?!" Little does he know that he's in for a trip of a lifetime!
Three Mordecai and Little Loony 2016 Mordecai is a small-time grifter who meets a "night hawk", and together they discover who murdered the tax collector in Seyda Neen.
Four The Case of the Odd Pair 2016 Master Cyreril explains how he solved the mystery of two corpses, one fresh, the other a defleshed skeleton, that suddenly appeared at the temple in Ald'ruhn.
Five The Three Arquebusiers 2016 A young swashbuckler from the Ashlands swaggers into Ebonheart looking to kick some tochus, and doesn't come away disappointed.
Six Captain Nikanor's Ghost Nov 2016 Jerome Nikanor has always known of his father's ignominious murder, but his hermetically sealed existence has prevented him from taking vengeance. He is finally tricked into killing the murderer.
Seven The Lost Airship Nov 2016 While reconnoitering the Ald'ruhn area in preparation for the quest against Dagoth Ur, Yumiya de Akavir encounters Louis Beauchamp, who sends her on a perfectly fruitless quest in Solsteim. She's been offered a large sack of cash, but she soon learns it just isn't worth it.
Eight The Creative Imperative Jan 2017 Ogrul gra-Sorghum learns too late that he should have attended to details that escaped him.
Nine The Capture of "La Belle Marie" Jan 2017 This story follows directly on the heals of "Captain Nikanor's Ghost". Captain Raymond Rashotte finally gets careless and pays a heavy price for it.
Ten The Siege of Castle Courthill Jan 2017 Based on a real event that happened in 1372 in the town where the B family originated. The local count gives in to a temptation to hijack a freight caravan run by the West Empire Company. I also offer a general principle on why he successfully evaded justice for ten years.
Eleven The Invaders Jan 2017 Dura gra-Bol has awakened to an unpleasant surprise--something just landed on her tower, and two little men have come out of it.
Twelve A Nocturnal Misadventure 2017 JohnB couldn't stay retired for long when a "Fool's Progress" from The Decameron by Boccaccio came to memory. Andre-ucho accidentally falls in with a pair of grave robbers who volunteer him into a death-defying break into a rich magnate's tomb. A RIPPING GOOD YARN! Trust me!
Thirteen Starting from Scratch 2017 A sequel that ties together Scotti's Revenge, The Time Traveller, Mordecai and Little Loony, and The "Princess".
Fourteen The Library of Bethamez 2016 Transplanted where it really didn't belong, this story returns here. An archeologist tries to take revenge on a colleague who stole his work, only to have the revenge land on his own head.
Fifteen The Sorry Tale of Yotsuya 2017 The village dandy tries to be become somebody, no matter who he destroys along the way.