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Note to readers[edit]

This is a fan fiction by the Juz. It is not yet complete, or near complete. Be patient.

A meeting of the Gods(Prologue)[edit]

In the Shivering Isles, year 4E55(Tamriel Time), Sheogorath called a meeting of the Aedra and the Daedra. Fifteen Daedra Princes, and nine Aedra appeared before him. "Why do you summon us?" Roared Menrunes Dagon. Sheogorath just held up a hand to the hulking monster to be silent.

"I must ask the same." Akatosh said, a smile on his dragon-like face as he looked at the new God that was his champion.

"I called you all here to begin a new Empire." Sheogorath smiled.

"A new Empire? Who would rule, you?" Tiber Septim said, sarcastically.

"Hah, no. I was thinking of someone closer to your stature. I'm a bit too short." Sheogorath said.

"And why would I HELP WITH THIS ENDEVOR?!" Menrunes Dagon roared, angry at someone having the nerve to ask him to help rebuild the kingdom that had been denied to him.

"Good point. You are dismissed. Go back to wallowing in your misery at your own failure." Sheogorath smirked at the Prince of Destruction.

"A boy shall be born on the fifteenth of Last Seed of this year in a VERY interesting location. His soul is that of an ancient Blade from the days of Tiber Septim. He shall need the personality and knowledge of a great leader." Arkey said

"Maybe that of a warrior as well." Beothiah said

"But a righteous one!" Meridia interjected, startling the Daedra, and pleasing her former Aedric kin.

Azura began writing this all down in the Book of Fate.

"Then let us begin!" Sheogorath said. "I'm hungry!" He walked over to the nearby table. The house of Mania made for a good meeting place.

Samhain Lanius[edit]

"Samhain, Samhain, where are you?" Lilia, a Dark Elven child, scanned the woods with her keen hearing. The Five year old Human Boy was swift and silent.

She heard a sound above her. Just as the boy jumped from the trees, she rolled out of the way. "You scared me!" Giggled Lilia.

"I'm hungry... Let's go back to the house." Samhain said

The Akiviri Warrior that was gaurding them slithered along behind them. Lilia was always under gaurd, being the Daughter of the hero that called himself The Nerevarine. The boy was in the lineage of one of the hero's Bodygaurds.

The Akivir remembered when The primitive looking ship arrived at the port of the Tsaesci country, The Snake folk were disgusted by the group of mixed imperials and Dark Elves.For the first three years, they were tolerated. Then, the unthinkable happened. Daedra somehow began to cross the waters coming from morrowind, and began opening gates to the realm of a Daedra, who planned to take the whole of Nirn for himself. The snake folk were no match. Finally, clad in strange, outlandish armor, the Nerevarine offered to take up the sword, and fight these invaders.

With his flaming Sword in hand, he defended Akivir for a long time, until the Gates stopped opening. He never tired. He never backed down. He was now over one hundred years old. He had a daughter, and was extremely fond of children. The Akivir accepted him as one of thier own more and more each passing day...

The Children and thier gaurd made it back to the large Akiviri house that The Nerevarine called home.

The Nerevarine was reading a book when Azura spoke to him. "My Child... The boy with you must be trained as a warrior, a diplomat, and a Leader, for he must become a driving force in Tamriel. The Akiviri and yourself must train him... For His time shall come Soon. Be faithful, and follow him as your leige." Azura disappeared. Strange... Thought The Nerevarine. This is the most clear order Azura ever gave...

The Long Road[edit]

The Akiviri Gaurd looked at The Nerevarine. He had a strange look on his face, a mixture of worry and contemplation. "We must speak, L'kilrin." He told the gaurd. "Come, in the other room, leave the children here." The gaurd slithered behind the Hero. They entered the dining hall. It was a jewel gilded beauty of a room. To a man like the Nerevarine, who lived in a plain, unadorned home back in Vvardenfell, and a home based only for warmth back in Solsteim, this was far too rich. Yet he kept it only to keep his Akiviri Hosts comfortable. "We must train the boy as a diplomat, and warrior. Azura spoke to me. We must return to Tamriel. SOMETHING is happening there. Something the boy must deal with."

"This will take several years, Lord. I mean, training isn't an instant process, as you know." L'kilrin said.

"I have no choice. This is the orders of a God. To disobey them would be to betray my Lady Azura... And I told you not to call me Lord... I'm a regular Mer. Not a Godlike entity." The Nerevarine said

"Tha-Thank you, My L... Sir." L'kilrin said, confused.

"Now let us go prepare."

The Boy had several years of training... By the time he was Fifteen, Samhain was a brilliant speaker, and a warrior to match any Akivir, or human. One day, a strange man appeared to him.

"I'm an old Legionaire, from the death of Third Era Empire... I wished to come here to die." He told Samhain, winking at the Nerevarine, who mouthed the name 'Wulf'.

"I am Samhain. I go to Tamriel to Help stem the Chaos. My Akiviri Allies have promised to help me for my Elder, The Nerevarine's sake." Samhain looked proud.

"Then you will need luck. Take my lucky coin, boy." Wulf/Tiber Septim held out a single Septim, which Samhain took in puzzlment. "Why?" He asked Wulf, confused

"You would be surprised by it's power." Wulf said.

"Uhuh..." Said Samhain, not actually sure what to believe.

Wulf smiled pleasantly. "I take my leave now." Wulf left, never to be seen again...

"Wulf's visit means his training is complete." The Nerevarine told his daughter. "It is time for us to go to Tamriel."

"Finally!" Lilia exclaimed. "I finally get to see our homeland!"

"Don't be too excited. I do not know what all has happened since we left." The Nerevarine said.

"I'm sure Morrowind is fine, Father. If your books are correct, they have too many heroes to fall to Daedra."

"The Daedra came from that direction. They could STILL be over there for all I know."

"That Legion guy-"

"Was a God that visited me during my own quests!"

"What?! A God visited Samhain? Which one?"

"Tiber Septim. First ruler of Tamriel, ascended to Godhood When it came his time to die. He is one of the few Aedra who was originally human. His sphere of influence includes questing heroes, Adventurers, and Knights." The Nerevarine said, as if reciting the pages of a book.

"Why haven't I heard of him?" Lilia asked, curiously

"Because you have lived in Akivir since your birth." The Nerevarine said, "But, about ten years ago, I recieved a vision from Azura, She told me to train the boy, and then take him back to Tamriel. She is a Daedra, and Talos- Tiber Septim- is an Aedra... Everyone knows, Aedra and Daedra do not get along, EVER. You've seen the creatures the Kamal associate with. They are relatives of Daedra. Although not of any type I've ever seen. As for Aedra... Well, the closest I can come to Describing one, which is pretty far from it, by the way, is Tosh Raka, The Tiger Dragon who hates our vampiric friends."

"Oh. Sounds interesting." Lilia said, trying to digest this information.

"Now we must sleep. The Dragon Ships are being loaded, and they set sail for Sadrith Mora Tomorrow!" The Nerevarine said, happily

Dreugh Battles[edit]

Three Days later, Vvardenfell was only days away. The Dragon Ships were stocked with food for months. The Nerevarine was considered Admiral of the fleet. Lilia and Samhain were sharing the Captain's position of a Secondary Fleet. Other members of the Nerevarine's Court were also in the ships.

"Sir, There are strange fish off the Bow!" One of the Sailors reported to the Nerevarine.

"Let me see them." The Nerevarine looked over the side of the deck, and he began to smile. "Ladies and Gentlemen, THAT is a Slaughterfish. We near Tamriel, for Slaughterfish inhabit ALL of the waters of Tamriel. I must go lay out the clothes of the Hortator. I should change before we arrive. I highly Doubt they will allow the Dragon Ships into the por- What the Hell is that?"

Nearby in the water, there was a series of flashes, and the water was slowly turning red. A few dead Dreugh came up from the bloody ocean. "Looks like an underwater war, sir." One of the Tsaesci said.

"The Dreugh are fighting one another? Why?" The Nerevarine asked. "Nevermind that, we must go around, or use our precious magicka to make a portal to Vardenfell." The Nerevarine said

"S-Sir! They've Noticed us!" The man in the crow's nest yelled down

Sure enough, an Army(Navy?) of over one thousand Dreugh were heading toward the Ships. "Nevermind the Portal. Get Samhain and Lilia to the Mainland. We're going to have to serve as a Distraction." A ball of Ice appeared in the Nerevarine's hand. The message was relayed to the secondary fleet.

Lilia and Samhain were shuffled through the portal, despite thier objections. It was closed behind them. The first thing they noticed was Giant Mushrooms, everywhere. The Ruins of a strange Fungus Tower was nearby. Around it were quite a few Houses with Straw Roofs. Dark Elves were shuffling about their daily business. They all spoke with an odd accent.

Lilia hurried down. "Hello. Where are The leaders of this City!" She said, speaking in her best Cyrodiilic.

"You speak in a strange accent. What is it?" Demanded the Dunmer

"Akiviri. I am daughter of a man who is called the Nerevarine. He is trapped out to sea right now on the Dragon Ships, being attacked by men with tenticle Legs."

"THE Nerevarine? You are telling me you are Daughter of THE Nerevarine? You must come speak to Aryon." The Dunmer Held out his hand, and another Portal opened. Lilia, Samhain, and the Dunmer walked through.

The Nerevarine Jumped into the water, and several Tsaesci followed. He Drew Trueflame and began fighting the Dreugh. His men fell around him, Slaughtered by the Dreughs' pincers. Some Dreugh broke through, and were now tearing at the Ship's hull. More Tsaesci jumped into the water. They were putting up a good fight, so far.

Master Aryon was studying a piece of paper with a smile on his face when Lilia, Samhain, and the Dunmer arrived. "Ah! Devon Malian. Who are your friends?" He said, looking up happily

"This Dunmer Girl claims to be the daughter of the Nerevarine, who she claims is nearby, caught in the middle of the Dreugh rebellion. If she is telling the truth, we must aid our hero."The dunmer with Lilia said

"Then send Telvanni Battle Mages to assist the Hortator. Send some other mages to the other Great Houses, and ask the Mages guild to Teleport the other Great House Warriors to the Nerevarine." Aryon said.

"Yes sir!" Devon said, And he suddenly dissappeared in a flash of Magicka.

The Nerevarine continued to Battle the Dreugh. The Battle was going a bit better, but not by much, considering the Main Dreugh Force was beginning to notice. Just as they began swimming toward the Ships, A Flash happened on the Flagship. suddenly Fireballs, Lightning Storms, and Ice was flying everywhere. The Nerevarine cast levitate on himself, and a powerful telekinesis on his allies in the water, and pulled them all up onto the deck.

"Where have you been?" Asked a nearby Dunmer.

"Akivir, Obviously. Who's the Emporer right now?" The Nerevarine said, through the thunder claps and bangs.

"There isn't one! The Empire has fallen! King Helseth is in Exile! The Dunmer rule themselves!" The Dunmer yelled over the sounds.

Slowly, everything settled down. Thousands of Dreugh floated on the water. The Flagship was crippled, and would have to be abandoned. The Nerevarine's Crew, and the Telvanni, Hlaalu, and Radoran soldiers moved to Lilia and Samhain's former ship.

The ships continued forward. "I wish a message sent to my daughter." the Nerevarine said.

"What message would you like, sir?" The Telvanni Mage from the deck asked.

"She must continue further into Tamriel. Since she has never been here, House Telvanni should assign Samhain and her a guide. Samhain is of the UTMOST importance." The Nerevarine said.

Going Lone-Wolf[edit]

Later that day, Master Aryon opened a portal to the Mainland. Devon was to be thier guide. They took one last wistful look at the friendly surroundings of the Tel Vos tower, and stepped through into Mournhold. The city was huge. Especially to two children that grew up in Akivir.

"You need a ride somewhere? Fifty Septims!" Said one shady looking man.

"Yes, I am a Telvanni guide, and these are my two charges. Should you betray us, you shall die." Devon said, menacingly

"Oh, yes, yes, Mr.Rich-Telvanni-man. You will be very safe with me. My carriage is Guar drawn, and I am a quite good driver." The man grinned.

"We must go to The old Imperial City." said Samhain, boldly

"Hmmm... Returning the Imperial Boy with the funny accent home... That'll be one hundred more septims." The man's grin grew even wider.

"Done, now take us to the Imperial City." Devon said, angrily.

"Now, now, You are rich, are you not? how about-" The man started, before being interrupted by a newcomer.

"Agree to their request, it is only polite." said a cloaked figure, with an odd nobleman's tinge to his voice.

"Yes si... Yeah... Whatever you say, man, you're the boss..." For a moment the Shady man teetered on saluting the odd man, then changed his mind.