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About Me[edit]

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Hello im Kajiit-man12 im an xbox user and have the battlehorn castle plug-in i roleplay alot and i have a lot of kajiit characters well, All my characters are kajiit i know all the basic things because i watch my brother make his userpage and it looks cool my brother is Thedrunknord yeah were brothers! so check out his userpage.

My Characters[edit]

Dro-Shanni- a lvl 12 male kajiit he dosen't really do much he's roleplaying guy who gives money to the poor and he's rich he lives in the Skingrad house and he's very dedicated to the nine divines

Wom-bom a lvl2 kajiit he's an assasin and murderur of the dark brotherhood he wont progress in the dark brotherhood because he dont want to kill the Family members

My Sandboxes[edit]

The Assasin!