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he lurks in the shadows... the night is his weapon... he's THE ASSASIN

The first kill...[edit]

it was a dark night everbody was sleeping he was running along The Green Road after twenty minutes he came across a dull inn went inside silently and asked the inkeeper to rent a room he rented the room then he ordered a beer sat down drank it and went up stairs to sleep. later that night he woke up then he crept silently down the stairs and aimed a silver arrow at an orc adventurers head... shot the arrow an killed him the inkeeper had gone crazy! but then the Kajiit ran down the stairs loudly pulled out a knife and put it up to the inkeepers neck and said if you tell anybody about this your dead you understand?then the very frightend inkeeper saidok ok... i wont tell anyone i swear! then the kajiit ran out the door and dissapeared

The Entrance into the guild[edit]

And there he was running along the green road then he ran across yet another inn this time they had an Imperial Legion Soldier in it the kajiit was nervous he walked up to the counter and rented a small room lept in it for one hour then a shadowy figure started to approch him the shadowy figure said you sleep rather soundly for a murderur good now would you like to join a guild in which you kill people for a living then the kajiit said Yes, i do kill people for a living but, i go solo bye now then the shadowy figure saidFine but if you ever reconsider... well take this blade as a token of the dark brotherhood said the shadowy figure then shortly after he left... the kajiit sat down on his bedroll and looked at the blade