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About Me[edit]

Kementari (00000000)
Added by Mod Gamer Girls
Home City Los Angeles
House Two Trees Lodge
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Level 21 Class Writer
Available 9am-10pm (-8.00GMT)
Other Information
Health 100 Magicka 80
Respons. 45 Aggress. 0
Essential After Rites of Initiation is completed.
Faction(s) Oblivion Players; Gamer Girls; Roleplayers
User-userbox-Oghma Icon.png This user is a Loremaster.
OB-icon-misc-Quill.png This user writes fanfiction.
Secunda full.jpg This user is a follower of Lorkhan.
OB-banner-Mythic Dawn.jpg This user believes that Mankar Camoran was right.

I was introduced to the Elder Scrolls with the launch of Oblivion, when a close friend who had played Morrowind handed me a collector's edition copy of the game she had been waiting for for quite some time. I've logged close to 100 days in the game so far (mostly on my character Lily Shade-Eyes), and I'm still finding new things and places to adore.

Finished Shivering Isles just recently and am in the process of going through it again on other characters, making different choices to see what I missed the first time through.

At the behest of the friend who introduced me to Oblivion, I've finally picked up Morrowind, and I'm making my way through the game (albeit slowly, as I have a tendency to dawdle and explore rather than hurtle through questlines).


OB-icon-Block (title).gif WARNING!

This user takes creative license with lore while writing fanfiction! Do not assume that everything in her stories is Bethesda-approved!

OB-icon-Block (title).gif

Lily Shade-Eyes: A reclusive Bosmer in exile gets wrapped up in a dark and twisted plot, and may not get out unscathed. (Her story on the fanfiction page is a work in progress. Updates come sporadically!)

Vasha: A young wood-elf of eternal irreverence. Her dark complexion and jet-black hair are perceived by the superstitious Bosmer as a curse, but the Redguards she so closely resembles resent her pointed ears and saucy nature. Forced into near-solitude until she meets Lily, her newest Sister at the Cheydinhal Sanctuary.

Mara, Shadow's Sister: Lily's younger sister, terminally mischievous and with a touch of that classic Bosmer ineptitude. Showed little talent for marksmanship early in life, but more than made up for it with her talent for pickpocketing. Has trouble remembering that theft is a crime in the Imperial Province.

Naomi Fire-Mane: A large, hearty, redheaded, Nord woman who finds herself protecting a charming Bosmer runabout and winds up with more than she bargained for.

Eshkadeth Ules: A spoiled Hlaalu boy on an excursion into Cyrodiil, whose Imperial City uncle might get him admitted into the Arcane University... or might get him killed. (Major player in Shade-Eyes story and property of Xandamere.)

Mina: The half-sister of Lily and Mara. Rightfully named Tarminagaia, she takes on a more pronounceable nickname upon acceptance to the Arcane University and emigration to Cyrodiil, just as her sisters did. Not well liked by her sisters due to the circumstances of their respective births.

Tolvis: A young man of unknown parentage, dropped off in Seyda Neen, goes on to accomplish great things. (My Morrowind character, and the canonical Nerevarine of Shade-Eyes.)

Hopeful Projects[edit]

Houses: I'd like to help Rpeh in his effort to document all the house locations in Cyrodiil.

Inns: I'd also like to help Rpeh document the inns of Cyrodiil.

Patroller: While I'm new to wiki format, I find myself with organizational tendencies, a lot of free time, and a passion for the kind of open-source information dissemination of which wikis are capable, and I'd like to get to the point where reviewing the Recent Changes pages is a common pastime for me.