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Authored by Kementari.

Any visitor to the Imperial City, after spending the day marveling at the sights of the height of our civilization, will be seeking a bed in which to rest. I recommend not waiting until your feet are falling off to think about nighttime accommodations, or you might find yourself bunking down with the beggars for lack of a cot! The rooms fill up quickly in this bustling hub of humanity, so use this guide to book ahead and save yourself some trouble.

THE TIBER SEPTIM HOTEL - **** - Far and away the most lush and luxurious establishment in the Imperial City. Unless you're a personal guest of the Dragonborn himself, you won't find a place to stay where they treat you more like royalty than at the Tiber Septim Hotel in the Talos Plaza district. Views from the rooms look out on the magnificent White Gold Tower and the center of the Talos Plaza Square. Breakfast is served until noon, and the food is worth writing home about!

THE MERCHANT'S INN - *** - In the heart of the bustling Market District of the Imperial City, the hot spot of choice for merchants and travelers alike is the Merchant's Inn, run by the hospitable (and hilarious!) Velus Hosidius. Rooms at this inn are spare but immaculately clean, and the camaraderie of the nightly tavern guests downstairs makes for a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

ALL SAINTS INN - *** - If you've come to see the Temple of the One, or are traveling with young children and are worried about them slipping off and getting lost, your best bet is the All Saints Inn, located in the Temple District of the Imperial City. It's run by the priests and priestesses of the One, and if your experience is anything like mine, it'll be simply heavenly!

LUTHER BROAD'S BOARDING HOUSE - ** - The quintessential tavern for the solitary traveler, Luther Broad's Boarding House in the Elven Gardens district is renowned throughout Cyrodiil for its amazing selection of libations, delicious, hearty foods, and quiet rooms with no introductions. Indeed, in this inn the maids actually wait until you check OUT to clean the room, unless you specifically request otherwise. No worrying about theft or personal property damage here – off-duty guards and Imperial inspectors frequent the place at all hours of the day and night. (Note: Luther Broad’s offers special rates for travelers whose plans have them in the Imperial City for longer than the average tour – be sure to ask about weekly and monthly rates.)

THE KING AND QUEEN TAVERN - *** - The "other" tavern in the Elven Gardens district, situated across the square from Luther Broad's, the King and Queen tavern is simply the perfect choice for a young couple or small family to stay. Ley Marillin, the proprietor, is a veritable font of wisdom about the Imperial City, and can direct tourists to all the best spots. Be sure to ask about the discount rate, reserved for travelers from outside of the Imperial City!

THE BLOATED FLOAT TAVERN - * - This quaint little tavern, converted from an old merchant ship, floats in the tranquil bay that comprises the Imperial City Waterfront's safe harbor. While the Bloated Float, usually packed with travelers from the sea, rather than the land, is not the place for young children or delicate ladies, a young man can have a lot of fun alone or with a few of his closest "mates" aboard the deck of this clever little outfit. It’s not the cleanest, or the plushest inn in the city, but it certainly has character!