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Home City Whiterun
House Breezehome
Race Argonian Gender Male
Level 19 Class Spellsword
Available Almost always on Steam
Training Conjuration, One-handed
Other Information
Health 200 Magicka 300



Hey, you! I've been playing The Elder Scrolls for a long time now, or at least it feels that way. While I only found out about the series around the release of Oblivion, I have played II-V and enjoyed every one. Skyrim is currently absorbing my time like a malevolent time-sponge, and I have to say, when I first heard about the game and all the changes, I didn't look forward to it. "Less skills! Forsooth! Where's Mysticism?! Why can't I develop my own spells?!" It seemed like they'd taken a lot of what I loved out of the game. But wow. They added a lot to the game that I really enjoy. The story adds more to the rich history of Tamriel and I feel like I really make a huge difference in the world through doing quest lines. My character? I'll write out how he appears in my mind just a bit farther down.


If you haven't done the Daedric quests, I urge you to do every one of them. A neat feature in Skyrim is that they are significantly less deliberate than in Oblivion. They were so formal in the last game that they seemed more like an elaborate purchase. You go to the nearest Daedric Prince store and hand in your task-coupon for a free gift. The quests in Skyrim happen to you, often, instead of you seeking them out. It gives the feel of the Daedra actually being more involved with the Mundus.

Well, that's all I can say. I've almost done everything in Skyrim save for some sidequests, so once that's all finished and some mods come out, I'll have a list of my personally recommended Skyrim mods. Here's hoping for some good ones!



Originally from Morrowind, Bites-His-Tongue came to Skyrim in order to to study magic at the College of Winterhold. He was taught at a young age how to work metal by a Dunmer who his family had befriended, a descendant of the few dark elves not to flee after The Red Year and the invasion from Black Marsh. He also taught him a bit of the old magic tricks he had learned in his many years. As he matures, he realizes the passion for creating he has. Whether it is smelting ore and forging a new blade, or making a small wooden sculpture, the ability to make something out of the pieces around him gives Bites-His-Tongue a sense of glee. This feeling fuels his study of Conjuration magic.
After a brief stint as a sell-sword to make enough money to travel, Bites-His-Tongue buys a cheap wagon across the border into Skyrim, only to be called a criminal and captured along with some members of the Stormcloak rebellion. After the destruction of Helgen and his narrow escape, Bites-His-Tongue goes back to his sell-sword ways, all the while working towards becoming a member of the College of Winterhold.
A few months pass, and Bites-His-Tongue is accepted into the College. Having an odd practicality to him for someone so interested in actual study of magic, he gains renown quickly and is instrumental in stopping the immanent disaster caused by the Eye of Magnus. He is promoted to Arch-Mage and takes his position with deep respect for both the study and application of magic.
After being asked to be a neutral component in political dealings between the Empire and the Stormcloaks, Winterhold is traded, along with Riften, to the Empire. While visiting Riften, Bites-His-Tongue is appalled to see Imperial soldiers come in a cut down the city guard while the citizens gasp with fright. Quickly he travels back to Winterhold too late; he hears tale of the same thing happening in the hold so close to his College. Coupled with the bad taste in his mouth from almost getting decapitated injustly, this pushes Bites-His-Tongue over the edge. In his anger, he becomes an official member of the Stormcloaks and helps them overtake Skyrim in the name of the Nords. During this time he crafts himself a wicked set of armor and a blade made of otherworldly daedric metal. Covered head-to-toe in dark metal, Bites-His-Tongue commits deeds that he would later regret, using much of his magic to make a name of himself on the battlefield. His identity is never revealed, nor his race, and the College remains neutral despite his warring.
After the war settles, Bites-His-Tongue continues to work in the name of the College, delving into tombs to find forgotten knowledge.

Level 51 - Argonian - Main Skills: One-Handed, Conjuration, Smithing, Enchanting, Heavy Armor, Alteration

Erich Blood-Mane[edit]

A greedy Nord sellsword who tried to cross the border after a deal went bad in his favor. Upon arriving in Skyrim, he immediately sought work while trying to find ways to make money. Never one for stealthier pursuits, Erich used his muscle to make any money he could. During his childhood in the Empire, Erich was a cunning bully, and when he became an adult, not much changed, save for him gaining an amount of subtlety. Erich would go on long journeys, taking great risks for coin or promises of power. Perhaps the most frightening aspect of him was that he never failed, coming back each time like some implacable mercenary.
When Erich stopped at Whiterun while looking for work, he became a member of The Companions. Their elder leader mistakenly believed him to be honorable, and accepted him into their ranks. As he fought and gained their trust, his eyes never strayed from his goal of becoming the true leader of the companions for all the wealth it would bring him. Eventually, he was accepted into the inner circle, where he found out about their dark secret. After many more trials, he eventually replaced the Harbinger, now leading a powerful group. Now having spent several months in Skyrim
Almost immediately after becoming the Harbinger, Erich used the power he had gained to make a bold move. He went to the General of the Imperial Legion in Solitude, asking to join, and offering his shield-brothers and shield-sisters as warriors. In his mind, this would do Erich wonders... Not only would he be able to gain considerable pull with the Legion, a move like this would be sure to stir up some controversy, and make him very, very talked-about. Also, though he would never mention it, Erich did believe that the Empire was good for Skyrim, if only because of the wealth they had that Ulfric clearly did not.

Level 33 - Nord - Main Skills: Heavy Armor, Block, One-Handed

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