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The Listener’s saga: The Sundered Brothers[edit]

"The petals of the night mother rest soundly on the rose of Sithis which is held by the Black Hand, but the hand should beware the lethal thorns on the rose"

It was a rainy day in the city of Leyawiin with the rain beating down as hard as a hammer being swung by an Orc Barbarian. Shards of thunder erupting from the clouds could be heard booming in the distance far and near. Torrents of rain fell onto the roads of the city with the plants rejoicing at the water flow and sprouting up all over the streets and tangling around the roads like an overgrown mess. People were milling about this thunderous storm going about their daily business while hearing Cingor vainly advertise membership for the Fighter's Guild. Any conservations that began in this storm lasted for but a short while as the ear splitting rain would make all but impossible to hear someone unless they were yelling it in your ear .The poor districts of Leyawiin with buildings more like run down hovels than anything were flooded as the pools they rested by had over flown. Wells all over the city were overflowing into the streets much like the pools next by the poorer districts .The beggars sat huddled under the tall and colorful buildings soaked and miserable asking for spare change and gladly taking it when someone would pity them enough and give a septim or two to them. The Chapel was receiving many people searching for a short respite from the weather as the chapel was the only building besides the castle that was not partially submerged. The count and Countess were enjoying a lovely meal of roasted big, lambasted lamp, Cheeses of many kinds, Countless amounts of boiled, stewed, and grilled vegetables and fruits as well as sweet roles and other tasty treats with the best wine available from Skingrad, with all disregard to the rainy day and quite comfortable in their castle.

An Argonnian sat in this water drenched environment huddled behind Leyawiin’s armorer smithy, a tall building like most of the other buildings in Leyawiin named "The Dividing Line" which is a yellow colored building. His scales were colored red with tints of blue and splotches of green spread about and he had spines on his head. his face has gaunt and he looked as if he hadn’t eaten in days. If he hadn't been malnourished he would of seemed skinny with only slight muscle tone. He wore a torn and ragged pair of light brown linens and a hunters vest that provided little protection in the tempest. His name was Rekkeju and he was miserable and soaked to the bone. He was born and raised in Leyawiin with his parents dead at the age of six. He then proceeded to raising himself up on the streets as an opportunist thief trying to make it by.

He had just broken into "The Dividing Line" in hopes of making more money then he usually did only to alarm the proprietor of the smithy(A master Redgaurd smith named Destarine who has an Argonnian apprentice named Tun-Zeeus) who came storming down the stairs brandishing his finest piece of work, A Battle axed named Destarine's cleaver and wearing a burgundy outfit .Rekkeju, who only had enough time before the Redgaurd stormed down to take a dagger made of iron, a few gold coins, and a couple iron arrows, immediately panicked. The Redgaurd seeing a thief left no time for negotiation and started rushing in with his axe ready to split him in half. The master smith started a frantic charge past the room upturning the table that sported some of his fine wares and knocking over sacks of all kinds that lay across the floors as well as a worn out pair of calipers .Afraid that this might be the end of his life, Rekkeju did the first thing that came to mind, he threw his stolen dagger at the Redgaurd. The Redgaurd, an in-experienced warrior, paid no heed to the dagger that was now zipping towards his head and that was his un doing as the blade of the dagger plunged deep into his skull tearing away at the bone and mauling the brain inside his cracked cranium. His lifeblood started to gush out as he fell down to the floor dead. In shock of the his near perfect hit and the fact he was able to kill the brute he gingerly walked towards the dead body of the smith almost expecting the Redgaurd to jump up and swing that cruel axe of his at his face. But the dead body didn't stir and the soul and completely left the mortal husk.

Rekkeju stalked over the body almost admiring the kill thinking that maybe he was born to kill, but the thought only lingered for no more than for a second of the Redgaurd's Argonnian apprentice was calling down from the upper levels wondering if his master was alright followed by the foot steps of the Argonnian's bare feet shuffling over the wood plank surface of the building. Rekkeju not wanting to be detected twice pulled the dagger out of the deceased blacksmith's blood soaked head and sprinted towards the nearest window and jumped out into Leyawiin's rainy day leaving Tun-Zeeus to find his "pleasant" surprise lying dead on the floor as an unseen figure cloaked in black stalked out of the room.

Rekkeju sat under the still open window as he heard the scream of fear and panic and the string of curses and denial being spewed from the blacksmith's apprentice. Almost feeling good even pleased at the kill (which he later wondered why) he absorbed the Argonnian’s anguish feeding his own already mounting bloodlust. These feeling vanished into the rainy air though as he saw the blacksmith's apprentice pop his head out of the open window searching for the thief that became the assassin. The apprentice's head was a much more solid red than Rekkeju and had a dorsal ridge instead of spines and his head was more round as apposed to Rekkeju's gaunt features. he looked around intensely while Rekkeju prayed to any deadra prince or aedra that might be listing to let him go un-detected. Then almost as if his prayers had been answered the blacksmith's apprentice started to lower his, his sight of vision getting closer Rekkeju. His all knowing gaze nearing him Rekkeju suddenly panicked and started formulating an escape plan, if escape was possible. Then it seemed his prayer had actually infact had been answered as less than a centimeter from spotting Rekkeju and his very bloody dagger the balcksmith's apprentice slid his head into the building and closed the window to proceed with his mourning of the late Blacksmith.

A sigh of the purest relief left Rekkeju's lips when he heard the window finaly scrape shut. Even though soaked to the bone almost as much as the beggars on the other side of town Rekkeju was in disbelief at his luck in this encounter. HE even considered to go pay at the alter of the nine to thank him or to the shrine of nocturnal to thank her. But this was dismissed immediately as Rekkeju had more pressing concerns. He could hear a guard lumbering his way complaining to himself about the heavy rainfall and wishing he could be home by the fireplace with the rest of his family. Quickly as he could Rekkeju dropped his bloodstained dagger in the shallow pool of water on the road effectively cleaning it of it's blood and dropping his other stolen goods and taking his vest off. He tried is best to seem as pitiful as he could and he attempted his best sick impersonation. when the guard came by cursing the foul weather Rekkeju let out the most pitiful words he had ever uttered in his life

"Please sir... *cough*.... I’m sick..... could you please *cough*...... spare a septim or two *cough*..... for some medicine *cough*"

Rekkeju's act worked so well that the guard took pity on him and gave him a few septims for his troubles and continued on his daily routine through the water soaked roads of Leyawiin feeling a little better with the knowledge he had made the life of a "Beggar" easier. Rekkeju, thoroughly surprised at his nearly flawless ruse, promptly got up and counted the coins he received from the guard. he had given him four spetims in total, that was a large haul for one person in a beggar's life. He added the coins to his coin sack which made it total at seventeen septims. Rekkeju decided that in light of recent events and on account of the tremendous rainfall he deserved a real bed and started to trot his over to the Five Claws Lodge.

When Rekkeju arrived at the Five Claws Lodge Witseidutsei greeted him with her usual motto about clean beds and rooms. Although Rekkeju did not often spend his nights at the Five Claws Lodge he came there daily for food and drink so Witseidutsei recognized him as a regular. And definitely true to Witseidutsei's guarantee the inn was almost spotless except for small water puddles on the floor caused by leaks in the roof of the establishment. Witserdutsei herself didn't look very bad having black as her main scale color with red and green sometimes appearing. Rekkeju took the four septims the guard had given him and put them on the very clean counter. Witseidutsei looked at them for a moment than asked

"will you have the usual wine and bread?"

"yes I would like that, this rain has surprisingly given me a powerful thirst" said Rekkeju.

Witseidutsei chuckled to herself and snatched up the coins and proceeded to getting the wine and bread for her guest. When she acquired the items requested by her guest she gave them to him and Rekkeju said while slapping ten more spetims onto the counter

"and I would also like a room"

Witseidutsei silently chuckled to herself "ah and what did you steal to get that?" Witseidutsei knew enough about Rekkeju to know about his crinimal past but she liked him enough not to report him to the guards and she knew he wouldn’t steal from here (not that she had anything valuable to begin with)

"You know, usual stuff, it's not like a had o kill someone to get it" said Rekkeju. That last comment was a slap in the face to him as he remembered his usual remark to that question Witseidutsei almost always asked when he would rent a room was false, a lie, nerveless he had to shrug the thought away less he provoke suspicions form Witseidutsei.

Witseidutsei reached into her pocked and produced a rusted key that had the number two inscribed onto it's handle and handed to Rekkeju. "you’ll find the room a little soggy so I have lit a fire inside it to help keep it dry and since the water is clean it doesn't count towards a free room." Laughed Witseidutsei.

Rekkeju laughed and jokingly said "Maybe you should change the motto to "Always clean, or you do not pay, if your room is wet it still is clean" as he walked to a table where a male Imperial was currently sitting. The Imperial had a very plain and round face and was clean shaving. He was wearing a shirt with suspenders that was buttoned up and a pair of tan linens. His eyes were a sharp shade of brown that seemed as if they could cut into one's very should and rend it apart. Rekkeju sat opposite of the imperial and started to drink his wine and eat his bread while the Imperial just looked at a pile a water that was growing on the floor from the leaky ceiling. Witseidutsei seeing the ever growing puddle got a bucket with some tinder in it and wood set it on fire and place it next to the puddle in hoped that the fire would dry it out while simultaneously attempting to plug the hole in the ceiling using a rag she acquired form the counter.

Rekkeju left to retire into his room with little contact with the mysterious imperial. The room was damp to say the least with a fire burning in a small makeshift fire place and was keeping the room from being soaked from the constant dripping. Sighing Rekkeju climbing into his bed and fell into a sound sleep.