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Who I Am[edit]

My friend and I have admired the site from my IP for about six months prior to creating this account, and once we saw all of the mistakes using an IP without an account can create, we decided to make one.

And by we, I mean I, Tom, adding Devin's name in. I enjoy talking, texting, playing my 360/Computer, and of course, spamming up the world of MySpace. I'm also... not as knowlegable as most of the people who are on UESP, but, I try my hardest.

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My Oblivion Characters:[edit]

Tom -

A talented young Imperial, custom class under the Warrior birthsign. After ending the Oblivion Crisis, saving the Shivering Isles, both gaining, and loosing the fame of being the famous Knight of the Nine, destroying the Blackwood Company, banishing necromancy, mourning Lucien LaChance, becoming the Gray Fox, as well as a spoken enemy against vampires (after tragically being one for well over 100 days) he's retired to a simpler life. A life with but a few dreams left, one of which to finally own every house, and have all of the trimmings.

Recently discovered just how many horses he could say he owns. Shadowmere, a White Horse, a Black Horse, Prior Maborel's Paint Horse, another White Horse, and the Unicorn. All of which he at one point thought he lost, appeared one day at Lucien Lachance's old residence.

Level: 19 Play Time: 109:09:10

Anne -

A carefree girl, who seems to be able to stick her nose in everything. On one random act of kindness, she ended up saving the world from the gates of Oblivion, which tought her never to be nice again. After accidently killing her lover, Baurus at the Battle of Bruma, and mourning him appropriately she was visited by her next affair, Lucien LaChance.

Still in mourning over Martin, and Baurus, she found time to make her way to the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. After excelling in the Dark Brotherhood, and being chosen for the timeless honor of Purification, she then made her way across the world, doing whatever she needed to get by. Namely, exploring the wild and pickpocketing to add to her fortune. Once, however she was caught, and tricked into staying ten days in the Bruma Jail.

Some time afterwards she was accepted into the Thieves Guild. However, after getting her friend, the Assistant of the Countess of Leyawin killed in an unsuccessful mission, she decided to pack up and head to Cheydinhal, for the fighters guild. It's tough work, and so far, she's only been able to advance to the rank of Journeyman.

Level: 13 Play Time: 20:38:53