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"Ah," Tom says as he sits in his Anvil Villa, relaxing at the end of a hard year. The year really hasn't made sense to him, from the beginning. He leans back, and reflects on the year. He's done so much, all because of a lie.

The only reason any of this happened to him was because of a false arrest in Morrowind. He'd simply been wandering down the wet streets of Vivec, when a hoard of the local guards stopped him in his tracks, forcing him to the ground. Local merchants stared in disbelief, as well as the Fighters Guild, whom he was currently employed by. "You are under arrest for crimes against the Empire," was all they had screamed at him in explanation. The next day he awoke on a prison carriage, headed towards the Imperial City jails.

The next few days were unfelt by him, as he'd blacked out due to a blow in the head by one of the guards, when he had threatened to defend himself. When he finally awoke, a Dumner in the cage across from his was screaming across the halls. Screaming that he was going to die, for crimes he himself was not familiar with! He faced the brick wall, raised his fists, and began punching. Oblivious to the world, until the Emperor and the Blades arrived to his cell. "Stand back prisoner, I won't hesitate to kill you." Baurus says to him. They then proceed to open a brick wall, and head out. What was poor Tom going to do, stand and wait for someone to say it was okay? He trailed the Blades by the step. Until they were attacked.

He then tried to help the Blades kill the attackers, as the Emperor was still the same Emperor he was serving in Morrowind. However talented and honorable the Blades may be, when one of them managed to get herself killed, he took her Akaviri Katana, and fought gallantly with it. Further into the sewers they went, until he was told to stop following. At that point, he found his own way until, as fate would have it, he helped save the Emperor and Baurus from a sneak attack by the same evil forces.

He then proceeded to trail the Blades. Faithfully he protected the Emperor, until he was killed by a man who surfaced out of the wall itself. He continued out of the sewer, with a Steel Shortsword, as the wonderful Akaviri Katana he'd been wielding was stripped of him. He continued to a place called Weynon Priory... for some reason or another. "His Destiny" as the Emperor had put it, was given to him blindly. He never wanted a destiny. He wanted to continue work for the Fighters' Guild, as a low ranked member, just making enough money for a beer, and a room at whichever Tavern he found himself at.