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This is a tale based on the Mages Guild Quest, Fingers of the Mountain. The outcome is quite different to the quest itself. Contains no spoilers although you may recognize some of it's characters from the game. Any ideas, advice and praise is greatly appreciated as this is my first ever Fanfiction. Also, if there are any errors or bad wording in the text, feel free to edit them but please do not change the outcome of the story. Well, I hope you enjoy Fingers of the Mountain!

Chapter One[edit]

“I’m freezing!” exclaimed Raminus, through chattering teeth.
“Cast a fire spell on that bush over there. We can settle under the roof of that abandoned stable for the night,” Traven suggested. Raminus did what he was told and tried to gain some feeling into his numb, frostbitten fingers. A small bright flame flickered up in the palm of his hand. Raminus then directed it at the bush as it abruptly burst into flames, providing a nice warm fire.

“How long do we have to go?” asked Nerevar.
“Never mind that, once we get to the top of this mountain and unlock its hidden secret, we will be famous and powerful. Extremely powerful,” replied the headmaster of the Mages Guild. Nerevar sighed and slipped into his bedroll. The three wizards gazed up at the stars when suddenly, a high pitched screech sounded above them like a cat in a fire…
“It’s the Uderfrykte!” announced Raminus in a fearful voice.
“Get your staves out! Prepare for battle!” shouted Nerevar. The other wizards followed suit and turned to where the sound was coming from.

There was silence. Then a large troll jumped down from the mountain and landed on the stable, smashing it like a tower of matchsticks. The troll let out a deafening roar and charged at Traven. Before the troll could swing at him, Traven cast a freezing spell and the troll flew off the mountain while still encased in ice. After a minute or two the trio heard a loud splintering of ice as the troll hit the bottom.

The next morning, the three wizards were almost near the top. Luckily, they had a beautiful sun warming them up.
“We’re almost there. When we get to the top, follow me and don’t touch a thing,” Traven called to the two young men following behind. They trod their way up the mountain in a slow struggle. Nerevar took some mushroom caps out of his alchemy pouch and ate them with glee. Suddenly his energy was restored and he started running up the mountain. He looked at Raminus and Traven and asked them, “You want some? They will replenish your energy.” Raminus and Traven nodded and scoffed down the mushrooms.

The sound of wind whistling on the thin mountaintop was like an eagle screaming in their ears. Traven brushed the snow off of his reputable Arch-Mage robes.
“Here we are, The Beacon of Justice. Stand back, behind those pillars. This is a very dangerous operation and only one with my power can make it work,” Traven said with pride. The others nodded and quickly ran behind the pillars with a questioning expression on their face. Traven murmured a few words and without delay, a stream of lightning shot out of his fingertips and struck the half broken pillar in the centre of the formation. The runes upon the pillar began to glow like a star ready to explode and a bright stream of red light connected with Traven.

“Master Traven! Master Traven! Wake up!” Raminus yelped at the half-unconscious headmaster. Traven slowly opened his eyes and then let out a breath of air that said “We did it.” Nerevar and Raminus let out a whoop as Traven got up and showed them the large gem in his hand.
“I can heat this gem with a fire spell that should release the magic essence within. Then, I can distribute the spell to a book and only the members of the mages council can use,” Traven said. Nerevar and Raminus lay their heads low. “Don’t fret; you may use the spell to your discretion. Whatever you do, only use it for emergencies,” Traven told them.
“What exactly does the spell do?” asked Nerevar.
“It is the power of an ancient elven god that allows the user to create strong bolts of lightning and create earthquakes,” replied the Headmaster. The two young wizards looked at each other with a large smile on their faces and gave a high five.