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Hi, I obsessively take screenshots of ESO and know a lot about the game, its lore, its stories and its quests.

I take a lot of screenshots. And I also know a lot of stuff that probably classifies as useless information to anyone who's unfamiliar with ESO. If you need something done to an ESO article, I'll probably have some sort of information to add.

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So I Can Find It[edit]

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Fort Amol[edit]

Obsidian Gorge[edit]

Lair of Maarselok[edit]

Wayrest Sewers[edit]

Banished Cells[edit]

  • Sisters Vera and Sihna normal health (Banished Cells II)

Imperial City Prison[edit]



Thrall Cove[edit]

Collectible Images to-do[edit]

Head Markings

  • Squarejaw Headwrap (na-kesh)
  • Eagle Plume Face Tattoo (psijic)
  • Regal Eagle Wing Face Tattoo (psijic)
  • Scrying Eye Psijic Face Tattoo (psijic)
  • Shadow Stripe Headwrap (storm atronach)

Body markings

  • Eagle Plume Flurry Body Tattoo (psijic)
  • Scrying Eye Psijic Body Tattoo (psijic)
  • Enveloping Scales (back) (storm atronach)
  • Dragon Wings Body Markings (back) (Hollowjack)
  • Dreadhorn Body Tattoo (back)


Main Quest[edit]


Place Images[edit]




Malabal Tor[edit]


Tal'Deic Fortress[edit]



  • Razak's Opus npc image/info
  • Specify the kinds of wares that Zulgroth and Haderus Mananius sell. Which furnishings does each have in stock? Etc.

Hallin's Stand[edit]

Hollow City People[edit]

Abah's Landing People[edit]


Riften People[edit]

Withered Tree[edit]



Malak's Maw[edit]

Red Rook Camp[edit]

Deleyn's Mill[edit]

Wayrest People[edit]

Haven People[edit]

Koeglin Village People[edit]

Jorunn's Stand[edit]

Dark Fissures[edit]



  • Bailiff Fanyeor img/info (The Dreaming Cave)
  • Eburris Calatus img (The Queen's Decree); sacrifice on the lower level
  • Squire Bayenor img/info (The Abyssal Cabal); quest giver in Shimmerene or the Golden Gryphon in Alinor

Quests with different outcomes/dialogue[edit]


Dialogue from a Female Dunmer in the Davon's Watch Mages Guild, overheard while standing at the upstairs area just after climbing the stairs entering the building:

"Next time I'm in the field … I think I'll bring a great warhammer. Or two … hmm."
"I never knew that about netches. Have to try that next time I'm in the field …."
"I'll need a new blade before I go into the field again. Hmm …."
"But if I form the lattice clockwise … no, no. That would cause an enormous explosion."
"It's been so long since I was in the field. The sounds of battle …."

Other dialogue:

"Why's everyone fighting over Cyrodiil? What's it worth?"
"Didn't you know? The emperor's dead. They're fighting over the throne."
"So what? The only good thing the Empire ever gave us was flin whiskey."
"The emperor did keep the peace. We weren't raided by High Rock or Summerset."
"The Tribunal priests say a saint named Veloth led the Dark Elves here."
"Here? To this wasteland of ash and fungus? Did he hate them?"
"This is their promised land. That's why they fight so hard to keep it."
"Seems less like a promise and more like a threat."


  • Banner, Root-Whisper and Grave-Stake, Small Glyphed need to be put in categories and need images. So does Look Upon Their Nothing Eyes. (achievement furnishings, murkmire)
  • Recruiter Andrilo: daggerfall covenant dialogue

Imperial City[edit]


Scalecaller Peak[edit]

  • Lodiss, the Nord at Trolhetta, needs his page fleshed out.
  • Lodiss the Rock's dialogue from Scalecaller Peak needs to be recorded onto his page.
  • Clarify what the different kinds of Scalecaller Cultists are called.
  • Horatius Cento in Cheydinal needs an image.
  • get Iocundus Arius' dialogue: quest and post-quest. He also needs an image.
  • Caldana Albarnian needs an image.

Mages Guild[edit]



Argonians on Eyevea:

"A secluded island, just for Mages, where we can all do our work in peace. Free from the outside world's politics and horrors. Really? No one else sees this gilded tree for its rotten roots?"
"My colleagues think this place is far too good to be true. I'm hopeful. I choose to let the river take us where it wants."
"This experiment is doomed to failure, mark my words. You've seen the Dark Elves here, right? "All Mages are equals" is a bitter root in my mouth."
"Pah. The Black Marsh has been raided and burned by every type of pointy-eared Elf. By Imperials, by Bretons … even the cat-men. No, I don't believe this dream of equality for a second. At least I can get soul gems at a discount."



  • Dredena img (Outside Enrick's Public House)
  • Chukka-Li img (Outside Enrick's Public House)
  • Thahiri quest done dialogue (on 100% completion character)
  • Bilami the Caravaneer dialogue (immediately after returning with Hildegard during the quest, and after the quest)


Kvatch Arena

Teeth of Sithis[edit]


Village of the Lost[edit]

This stone was stolen by Suronii

<Give the sigil stone.>

God of Schemes[edit]

  • Talk to Aera Earth-Turner and Fildgor Orcthane. in Heart's Grief
  • Screenshot of Fildgor Orcthane in Heart's Grief
  • Figure out what the 2nd Daedric Titan's (Mannimarco room) name is: videos from 2014 and 2018 show its name as "Titan"

Unused journal line?

Molag Bal has returned and I am alone with him in the darkness of Oblivion. He does not seem hostile despite the thrashing he received; it may behoove me to speak with him.

Deprecated Objectives[edit]

Comb through Youtube videos for these NPCs.

Mercenary Merchants[edit]

  • Maelen (Cyrodiil, Eastern Elsweyr Gate) img/dialogue
  • Farayn (Cyrodiil, Northern Morrowind Gate) img/dialogue
  • Milva Bandu (Cyrodiil, Southern Morrowind Gate) img/dialogue
  • Gorotho gro-Duluk (Cyrodiil, Northern High Rock Gate) img/dialogue

Guard Images[edit]


The Rift[edit]