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Hi, I obsessively take screenshots of ESO and know a lot about the game, its lore, its stories and its quests.

I'd like to start helping out with articles about Elder Scrolls: Online, particularly quests. Steam doesn't save absolutely every screenshot I try to take, but if you want it, I probably have it. I've got screenshots of quest items, quest item descriptions, stolen goods, quest dialogue, characters, pretty things I got distracted by, funny object descriptions, crown store item descriptions, crown store item previews, collectibles, houses, cosmetics...

I take a lot of screenshots. And I also know a lot of stuff that probably classifies as useless information to anyone who's unfamiliar with ESO. If you need something done to an ESO article, I'll probably have some sort of information to add. so I can find it.

Favorite Images[edit]

I've recently discovered the magical world of high graphics settings. Here are some of my favorite shots.


  • Go back through old eso crown store showcases and grab specific release dates for crown store collectibles
  • comb through screenshots and put dialogue into character pages
  • quest walkthroughs: Ebonheart Pact zones, Clockwork City, Murkmire, Summerset, dlc dungeons, and inevitably the new chapter that's releasing
  • Luciana Pullo's page needs her dialogue.
  • get dialogue for the brass lily and factotum-generated poem options for that one crow quest
  • Finish Moonhunter Keep hardmode and make someone take a screenshot of my characters wearing the Sable Man-Beast Skin for the Skins page
  • Request a high-quality screenshot of the Golden Knight meeting Barbas for the first time and exclaiming, "Hey! Did that dog just talk?"
  • Figure out which TES III locations need more screenshots and get those.
  • Check out the Morrowind Overhaul Project and see if anything needs to be done
  • Check out the Shadowmarks thing for the Skyrim Project.

Specific Tasks: Online[edit]



  • Fenewen image
  • Bosmer lady at Vinwysea's House; image and info


  • Erisa Dubois reaction, pickpocket, etc
  • Erind Sansone profession
  • Gulara gra-Lort everything
  • Babineaux Redain
  • Donel Lielle
  • Dulroi gra-Grumush
  • Esteve Brousseau
  • Georges Renaudin
  • Orlugash gra-Burz
  • Isabeau Jend dialogue?
  • Irvic info
  • Hinther dialogue?
  • Maxevain Narcien info
  • Maxelle quest dialogue persuade
  • Mihayya dialogue
  • Merten loc, reaction and loottype
  • Rosamonde Madier dialogue?
  • Piernette dialogue?
  • Sabrine Bouchard
  • Tsiniuc info
  • Thibault info and loc
  • Verrik info
  • Sandire Laelippe dialogue?
  • Saissiana location and dialogue
  • Page reaction, loottype, image

Redfur Trading Post[edit]

  • Ohtaari- port hunding or redfur trading post?

Quests with different outcomes/dialogue[edit]


Dialogue from a Female Dunmer in the Davon's Watch Mages Guild, overheard while standing at the upstairs area just after climbing the stairs entering the building:

"Next time I'm in the field … I think I'll bring a great warhammer. Or two … hmm."
"I never knew that about netches. Have to try that next time I'm in the field …."
"I'll need a new blade before I go into the field again. Hmm …."
"But if I form the lattice clockwise … no, no. That would cause an enormous explosion."
"It's been so long since I was in the field. The sounds of battle …."

Other dialogue:

"Why's everyone fighting over Cyrodiil? What's it worth?"
"Didn't you know? The emperor's dead. They're fighting over the throne."
"So what? The only good thing the Empire ever gave us was flin whiskey."
"The emperor did keep the peace. We weren't raided by High Rock or Summerset."

"The Tribunal priests say a saint named Veloth led the Dark Elves here."
"Here? To this wasteland of ash and fungus? Did he hate them?"
"This is their promised land. That's why they fight so hard to keep it."
"Seems less like a promise and more like a threat."


  • JUUT
  • Banner, Root-Whisper and Grave-Stake, Small Glyphed need to be put in categories and need images. So does Look Upon Their Nothing Eyes. (achievement furnishings, murkmire)
  • Recruiter Andrilo: daggerfall covenant dialogue


  • Find Fendell and see if he's a questgiver for Intruders in Deshaan, a quest in Malak's Maw.

Cyrodiil/Imperial City[edit]

  • THESE XIVKYN NPCS FROM THE IMPERIAL SEWERS NEED IMAGES: Danrok the Insatiable, Tholiakke, Guard of the Damned, Pahtrok of the Frozen Winds, Ukkawoon of Divine Ashes, and Zulagogg the Enkindler.
  • Nomo-Rerak, Arbiter of Pain needs a better image. She's dead in her current one. Obtorgren, Shield of Bal is also dead in hers. So is Kelax, Tormentor of Souls. Utt of the Freezing Tombs might need a better image, his is kind of filled with magic and it's a little hard to see him. Also he's bleeding.
  • Find Tertius Falto in Cyrodiil, north of White Fall Mountain. Do his quest.
  • Specify the kinds of wares that Zulgroth and Haderus Mananius sell. Which furnishings does each have in stock? Etc.
  • Create categories for NPCs in the EP base and NPCs in the DC base (sewers)
  • Lodiss, the Nord at Trolhetta, needs his page fleshed out.
  • Lodiss the Rock's dialogue from Scalecaller Peak needs to be recorded onto his page.
  • Clarify what the different kinds of Scalecaller Cultists are called.
  • Horatius Cento in Cheydinal needs an image.
  • get Iocundus Arius' dialogue: quest and post-quest. He also needs an image.
  • Caldana Albarnian needs an image.

Mages Guild[edit]

  • Shalidor Vuldngrav dialogue.
  • EYEVEA NPCS THAT NEED IMAGES: Vivien Dutil, Azimbul gro-Shatur, Fada the Khajiit, Lanilian, Alfarmuth, Alkar, Delkash, Farro, Gjarmal, Helazh, Drissa Gilenim, Emmandic Oltz, Navanu Andules, Verney Begnaud, Yolande Hoger, Brengor, Uunniel, Utatul, Hiis-Ja, Donallir, Bivala Aralen, Nanza at-Fada, Jalamya, Glath gra-Bol, Fedura, and Bizahad.
  • Hirume of Eyevea needs an image and dialogue. So does Zessura, Vilgis, Valaunce Cariveau, Safir, Romehdi, Odvar, Lugolg gro-Goldog, Areshu, and Vaifa. These npcs are merchants.

Hew's Bane[edit]

  • Abah's Landing npcs that need images: Speaks-With-Hammer, Zabka,
  • Bahrez info.
  • Golmerea Severin image.
  • Gervaise Siniel store name.
  • Abah's Landing Guard: Lantern Guard images. Need Redguard male
  • Abadarun more dialogue?
  • Nuula Seran more dialogue?
  • Findarninur pickpocket and loottype


  • Nubaree dialogue
  • Captain Jenassa dialogue
  • Sanvyno image
  • Roaring Ramavel dialogue, what she tells you about.
  • Unmidvild image
  • Aide Kjarc image
  • Otumi-Wulm image and info
  • Kizta-Lee image and info
  • Captain Xarei image and info
  • Vitollia image and info
  • Aide Pideelus pre-quest dialogue


Village of the Lost
Suronii: "Just kill me and be done with it. I will never stop defying you."
Overseer Grexev: "Tempting. But I think you'll be far more entertaining suffering for millennia."

This stone was stolen by Suronii

<Give the sigil stone.>

God of Schemes

Unused journal line?

Molag Bal has returned and I am alone with him in the darkness of Oblivion. He does not seem hostile despite the thrashing he received; it may behoove me to speak with him.

Specific Tasks: Morrowind[edit]

  • Unique dialogue for npcs.
  • Speak with each of the vampire clan leaders as a mortal.