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Author's Note[edit]

New fanfiction that fans have probably read. I'm sorry, I really wasn't too good at writing back then. I'll probably add on to it, but i'm bored with the story. Shucks. Anyways, Enjoy! Ninja Hinder 23:50, 7 June 2009 (EDT)

One other thing, feel free to correct ANYTHING on this page using proper English. Ninja Hinder 23:54, 7 June 2009 (EDT)

Blade Brothers, Part 1.[edit]

So much had happened in the past two months.. I had save the world! I remembered the beginning, back when that teenager ran out on me, before I could ask him to save the world for me.. How selfish. I'm Baurus, the youngest Blade ever or something. I don't remember, since it is overshadowed by the fact that I am now the Champion on Cyrodiil, the Hero of Bruma and the Hero of Kvatch. I had done it all, and seen things that no mortal should ever see and not be instantly blinded. After the teen ran out, I trekked to Chorrol, delivered the amulet.. Aww, you probably read it in the Black Horse Courier! I was instantly famous. I have a suit of armor only given by the Emperor himself! The title has only been given twice before me!

Okay, Okay, i'm not going to brag anymore, but it is pretty sweet. Despite what you heard in the papers, the battle East of Bruma was not the last. Shortly after, we were ambushed by a squad of Dark Brotherhood people, Theives, and... my Brother!? We were cutting into them hard, a couple of surviving Bruma Militia, Jauffre, Martin and I. Oh, and Burd, the captain of the guard. We tore apart everyone except the teenager, Phintias, and some Argonian.

Phintias rushed me! We fought bitterly, but I wasn't gooing to go all out on my brother! A few minutes into the struggle, our blades locked. Phintias near-silently whispered to me, "Play along, I'll take out the Argonian, then we team the Teenager, Hinder, by surprise." I nodded half an inch, and we resumed.. 'fighting.' He moved the fight to near the Argonian, who was finishing off a Bruma Millitia man. Suddenly, out of no where, he swung an expert, Blades only backhand Sleuth strike. Also called the Double Agent. Basically, the Argonian died, but not before yelling. "HINDER!!" which alerted the teen about the new development.

It was a hard fight. The last Militia man pulled out a bow, which ultimately killed Hinder. An arrow through the side of the head. Almost made it out, too. I don't feel sorry for the boy. (Who was actually a young adult that looked young.) Phintias, Jauffre, Burd and I kept this fight a secret, and we all went our seperate ways, working for the blades in some way or another. It wasn't until I was working in Anvil against a gang of theives when I got a wake up call.

I was visiting my old friend Gogan about the case, explaining what I would do and what he would do, and going over it again. I had exited the house to go to my hotel room to get a couple of winks before tomorrow, which was going to be a long day. The Black horse Courier lady was walking towards me with a grave look on her face. She handed me a note, and ran off. Fast, like the Black Horses. I looked over the letter. Official Imperial seal. Either I was getting rewarded with a certificate, or somebody I knew died. It was the latter.

The letter read, Dear Baurus, we are greatly sorry to have to extend our condolences on the behalf of your dear friend and mentor Jauffre. He passed away on turdas. You know how he had problems with his heart. Although you may have wanted it, he did not leave you the title of Grandmaster of the Blades. He has left you his special Dai-Katana, and one final mission. Travel to Cloud Ruler Temple where we will discuss the sword and the duty.

Signed, your friend, Pelagius, the newly named Blades Grandmaster.

Well, that sucks. I didn't actually want to be the grandmaster.. but Pelagius?? He wasn't qualified enough to kill a goblin! I was pretty mad. I fumed over it, wondering what would happen to the blades, when I remembered that JAUFFRE WAS DEAD! That really sucked. Well.. at least I got his sword. That thing was rumored to have powers.. not even magical powers, like Aedric powers. I had better get on my horse if I wanted to get to Cloud Ruler Temple on time.

Ah, Jauffre, I though as I rode my horse through the Gold Coast, then the Great Forest, a brief leg in the Colovian Highlands, and into the Jerall Mountains, He was my mentor, a friend, a practical brother.. how I'll miss him. I wonder why he passed the title onto Pelagius.. I'm sure he had his reasons, though I would have promoted Fortis.. I wonder exactly how he died.. Pelagius said it was heart problems.. What kinds of heart problems? An arrow through said organ? Why was I thinking about corruption in the blades.. I guess the Oblivion Crisis made me think in new ways.. How come Jauffre didn't promote me?? Maybe he knew that I'd rather be a soldier than a commander.. After awhile of these deep thoughts, I had arrived.

I knocked on the familiar gate, and it opened. I walked up the familiar stairs, walked through the familiar courtyard, and into the familiar living room, where that beautiful fire crackled nonstop. It was morning now. I hadn't realized that I pulled an All-Nighter! Well, I made it in time for the ceremony. This was the hardest part. Any blade that died, the best attempt was made to salvage the remains, where they were burned in that great fire. Dust from the souls of dozens of past blades tickled my cheeks on those nights that I'd prop up a chair and read near it. It was Jauffre's turn.

Pelagius and Fortis carried the body out from the East Wing, while Blade onlookers watched mournfully. I spotted my brother in the crowd. Phintias. Though he wouldn't really admit it, he was basically better than I in almost every way. Ah well, I still had some smarts over him, but only a little. I got to inspect Jauffre close up when they carried him by me. Some nice blue clothes, fit for a Count. No shoes. They were nearing the fire.

This is the moment where the ladies start crying, some of the men fight back tears, and most look away. Jauffre was going in head first, a symbol of true honor, and a soul that would be lamented deeply. As expected, a woman in the back burst into tears, although only blades were here. I've never seen a Blade cry. Jauffre started sliding. Everybody except Phintias and I looked away, even the ones carrying the silk stretcher. Warning:If you were fond of Jauffre skip the next paragraph.

Auth. Note:Paragraph removed because I didn't have the heart (Or lack thereof.) to write it. If you were looking forward to this paragraph then you are a sick, sick person.

An hour later

There. All that was left was some dust, which would tickle my cheeks as I read tonight. People left the room, everybody except my brother and I. "Hey Phint.. kind of sad that we haven't seen eachother in two years, and it took Jauffre's death to bring us together." Phintias nodded, "Yeah, to tell you the truth, I only came here because Jauffre left me his Cuirass, and one final mission."

"What?? You can't be serious. Jauffre left me his sword and a final mission!" Phintias looked more surprised than I did. "Hmm, well then we better meet Grandmaster Pelagius in his new room." So we walked together to the room I only knew as Jauffre's. This death would bring changes, many many changes. Pelagius was at the desk.

"Ah there you two are! Surprised that Jauffre picked you two for this final mission? You know I am! I was thinking he would have chosen me, and only me!" I nodded, "Yeah, we are surprised. So what are the missions?" He laughed a little, "Oh Baurus, you've always been slow." Phintias took more offense to that than I did. I guess he was more emotional than I was. "You see, there is but one mission. Didn't Phintias help you figure that out on your way here? Oh.. you haven't seen eachother in awhile, have you?"

There were fumes coming out of Phintias's ears when he asked, "So what's the mission?" Pelagius, "Finally somebody asks. You people should be more direct, so you don't waste my time. I am, after all, the blades grandmaster." Okay, now he was getting annoying. More annoying than usual.. I think the title got to his head. "The job is pretty simple, though it may be hard for Baurus here, knowing his skills have a permanent.. rust to them. You simply have to infiltrate the Blackwood Company." I asked, "The Fighter's Guild rivals?" and he ignored me, waiting for Phintias to ask a question. Phint complied, "So where do we start?" Pelagius, the answer-man answered, I suggest you start by talking to a Blackwood Comp. Emissary named Jee-Tah. You can find him at the Lonely Suitor Lodge in Bravil."

"I'm sorry to say that I won't be your dispatcher for this mission. I'm too far away for that. The Fighter's Guild Master, Helen Cario, has a house in Bravil and she will provide answers with her Fighter's Guild Contacts. He shooed us off to do our business. As we were leaving the temple, Phintias said, "What a jerk." He continued to list every bad adjective and apply them to him until we reached the stables.

I rode on my Bay horse while Phint rode on his White horse all the way to Bravil. We asked a guard where Helen Cario lived. He pointed to one of those unique 2nd story houses exlusive to Bravil. We ventured over there and Phintias knocked on the door. The most stunningly beautiful woman I had ever seen answered the door. And I heard the woman could kick some major butt. She was dressed in full Blade armor minus the helmet. Just like Phintias and I.

"So.. umm.. somebody gave you the memo to wear blades armor." I said. Phintias whispered in my ear, "She's an Blade Knight Sister. An honorable position for a contract she performed against the Daedra." That's when the color drained from my face. "You're the Blades sent for the Blackwood Company contract, right?" Phintias nodded, I was still reeling from the embarrassment. I guess if you mess up in front of attractive people, it hits harder.

She invited us in, where she discussed what to say to Jee-Tah with us, and we rehearsed it. We were ready to go.

We walked over to the lodge, and I was feeling pretty nervous. Phint was way more used to this stuff than I was.. I did mostly bodyguard work and occasionally wiping out a dungeon. Phintias was the hero, doing all of the work against the Dark Brotherhood and Theives Guild.. He had kept them at bay really well. And I had lost the Emperor! Did I make up for it? Perhaps, but it's still the greatest shame a Blade can have.

Inside we found the usual people. An Orc bartender.. some Imperial lady, who was mourning the death of S'krivva. In the back were a couple of patrons.. one horribly drunk.. and the Argonian we were looking for! We were walking up to him, I was walking a little bit faster. Phint gave my torso a light backhand to tell me to wait. He walked up to Jee-Tah, acting cool, "Hey, Jee-Tah isn't it? Heard you could hook me and my brother hear up with the Blackwood company!" On the Argonian's face was a look of pure confusion.

I stepped in, "We want to join the Blackwood Company." Phintias nodded. "Okay, what are your names? I need some information." Answered Jee-Tah like he didn't even care. "Well, I'm Baurus." Phintias gave me a look that meant, 'Why in Oblivion did you use your real name??' Phintias decided to be Neville. The Argonian quizzed, "The Baurus.. you mean you were the one who saved us from Oblivion!! Please, join our Company!" 'That's why' I told Phint with my eyes. "Sure I'll join, as long as you take in my brother."

Heh, the one thing I had over my brother was fame. Poor Jee-Tah, he'd probably end up dead after this. He was going to lead us to the stables so we could ride to Cheydinhal. Such short notice.. anything for Baurus I thought as I smiled. I remembered to look up at Helen's house and itch my chin, the signal we had agreed on while rehearsing. Phintias, now 'Neville,' looked around and pointed to the South with his thumb, a signal that we were going to Leyawiin.

Helen was probably inside scribbling down in her notebook everything. We rode on our Bay and White horses, while Jee-Tah had his own bay down to Leyawiin, which took some hours.

What could happen? Did they make it to Leyawiin? What would they find at the Blackwood H.Q? find out in Part two of.. Blade Brothers