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My name is Norowane (but that's not my real name. I'm not telling you my real name in case you decide to hunt me down in the dead of night).

I can't get the hang of those userbox things so here's a bit about me:

I am a 20-year-old bearded Scotsman currently studying at the University of Edinburgh.

I'm a great lover of high fantasy (what a surprise) and a keen role-player when it comes to games. I always like to have some kind of backstory for my characters in games, and always try to make them fit into the world and the story of the game in question. So in Morrowind, I was a Dunmer spellsword, the son of a Redoran noblewoman who ran away with an adventurer from Cyrodiil. In Oblivion, I was an Imperial knight, the bastard son of a minor Colovian nobleman. In Skyrim, a Nord warrior and a descendant of Hakon One-Eye, a wandering adventurer returning to Skyrim after the death of his father. And then in Elder Scrolls Online, an ancestor of my character from Oblivion, an Imperial soldier sacrificed to Molag Bal after he discovered the Empire's dark secret.

Other favourite games include the Souls series and The Witcher 3 - sense a theme?

When I'm not playing games I'll be wandering in Middle-earth or Westeros or Discworld (though I've started to lose interest in Ice and Fire after they killed all my favourite characters - I expect many people can relate to that!). I'm currently writing a fantasy novel of my own - who knows, perhaps one day you'll find it in a bookshop. But you wouldn't know it was mine since you don't know my real name.

May the wind be on your back!