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I've played Morrowind GOTY (Xbox, PC) and Oblivion GOTY (Xbox). I lost my much-beloved high level Morrowind character when our old Xbox died. I've run an Oblivion character on both the 360 and PC, but recently set that aside to restart another Morrowind character while waiting with bated breath for Skyrim! am now playing Skyrim until my eyes bleed.

Don't tell me anything about Tribunal or Bloodmoon; I haven't gotten there yet.

Play style[edit]

I like to play Bosmer archer/stealth builds, with some supplemental magic.

What I'm here for[edit]

Information, community, and fun. I hope to help out in whatever way I can, too, especially in contributing to data on Skyrim. Please message me if you'd like to contact me via e-mail. My Xbox Live gamertag is BestLogarithm3.

Thanks, M.