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This is an explanation of the quest "Imperial Corruption" from Avidius's point of view, along with a twist at the end, and therefore contains spoilers. If you haven't finished the quest and don't want to find out what happens, leave now.

Part 1

My name is Audens Avidius. I can't believe how amusing it is to push those two buffoons around. The Redguard, Ruslan, could probably take me on by himself, which entertains me to no end, but to see that ugly Orc fetcher, gro-Glurzog, submit to me is one of the reasons I haven't retired. A colossal Orc, submitting to me, a mere Imperial, with no resistance! By Azura, I do love my job.
I met the two in Jensine's yesterday. Ruslan rested his hand on the counter, and I saw an opportunity. I grabbed him by the shoulder and slammed him against the wall. "Stop right there, thief!" I shouted in a dominant voice. "You and your accomplice owe the city a fine of fifty septims, fail to pay and I'll throw you in the dirtiest cell we've got!" Ruslan was gasping for air, as I realized his encounter with the ancient stones of the Imperial City caused him to lose his breath. I let him collapse to the floor and turned to his rather ugly friend. "Cough up, gro-Glurzog." I said in the most condescending voice I could conjure in my current state of glee, I was going to buy a bottle of Tamika's Finest. The Orc grumbled as he reached into his pocket and produced a small sack, jingling while he handed it, helplessly, to me. All of his gold. Jensine tried to defend them, but I ignored her. I turned once again to Ruslan, who had regained his composure and was already delving into his pocket. I celebrated with that Tamika's I spoke of earlier.

Part 2

I was patrolling the Temple District today. I saw the Orc in the street near the temple. I almost charged him for loitering, but then realized he was begging. Ha! An Orc begging in the streets! I watched him for a few minutes before I saw him walk up to a large Nord man. The Nord was wearing the most awe-striking striking armor I had ever seen! I recognized that it was forged from the volcanic glass Ebony, and must have come from Morrowind, as the volcano Red Mountain rests on the island of Vvardenfell, in that province. His blonde hair fell over the armor and down his back. His beard was long as well, descending all the way to his breast-bone. I could tell he was an adventurer, and most likely knew all too well how to use the enormous Battle Axe he was wearing on his back, which looked to be of Dwarven origin.
The Orc walked up to him, and told him the story of how I had shook him down for all his gold. The Adventurer listened contently, the way real goody two-shoes does. The Adventurer then did something I'm still not sure actually happened. He reimbursed gro-Glurzog his entire 50 gold! He had just met him in the street! the Orc looked to be in shock, but still accepted it. The hero of the day then said something that made my face feel a little warm. He said "How can a help." The Orc told him that only another Watch Captain could arrest me, which was true. The Adventurer simply nodded ans walked away. I realized this man posed a huge threat to me, I would have to follow him and make sure he didn't get me thrown in the dungeon.

Part 3

This Adventurer has an assertiveness typical of Nords. He walked up to the first legion soldier he saw, claimed I was corrupt, and asked how to get me arrested. The soldier, whom as saluted that night, answered thusly: "Go find Hieronymus Lex, he's a pompous fool, just like you. Maybe he'll listen to what you have to say." I was immediately relieved. Lex would never take time away from his goose chase with the Gray Fox to arrest me. Nonetheless, the Adventurer made his way to the Waterfront District.
Still shadowing him, I saw him mosey-on-over to The Bloated Float, where Lex was having lunch. Watching through the window from the dockside, I couldn't hear they're conversation, but I saw Lex mouth the words "Itius Hayn", which caused my stomach to immediately tie itself into a fitting knot. This goody two-shoes was about to meet another goody two-shoes, and there was nothing I could do about it, but continue to follow.
As I followed him to Elven Gardens, I had to stop my mind from spinning out of control with solutions. Should I take him somewhere quiet and kill him? He could put me down easily. Should I bribe him to keep quiet? He'd refuse. Could I skip town? It would keep me out of jail, but there would be the issue of me being jobless, homeless, and wanted by the Imperial Legion. I would just have to hope his plan hits a snag. Fortunately for me, it did. When the Adventurer brought the story to Hayn, he was told we would need two people to testify against me. Ha! Ruslan and gro-Glurzog would never testify against me!
It seems I was wrong. Back in the Temple District, the Imperial City's personal hero walked up to Ruslan and gro-Glurzog and said they would need to testify. Their initial reaction was as expected, they called him crazy and refused. I figured I was in the clear, but that Nord used words so well, he probably could have convinced me to testify against myself! In under five minutes both were on their way to see Hayn. I realized I was sunk. All I could do now is wait for the inevitable. I headed back to my Watch Tower and tried to drown myself in mead.

Part 4

I used to be somebody. I was a captain of the guard in the Imperial City until that fleabitten hero decided to poke his nose in my business. I have a plan to get out of the Imperial prison. Apparently there is a secret escape tunnel used by the royal family. When I get out I'm going to settle the score with that hero. Then I'll take care of those two snitches Ruslan and Luronk. The sweetest of all will be Itius Hayn. I'll make him squeal first.
My fifth day in jail. I've been sharpening a bone from a past prisoner to use as a lockpick and, if necessity calls, a weapon. I'm breaking out tonight. I'll escape from this hole, and track down that rock-worshiping barbarian. He'll beg for death once I'm done with him! Of course, I'll still make sure Hayn gets the worst of my wrath.

Part 5

Success! The lockpick idea worked perfectly. After escaping my cell, I let out a fellow prisoner, Claudius Arcadia, who agreed to help me enact my revenge. We started howling for help as loud as we could, while hiding in a cell that was supposed to be empty, and was dark. The Jailer came into the corridor, sword drawn, and slowly paced down the hallway, his boots making loud clangs against the stone floors. He looked in our cell, but could not see us due to the lack of a torch burning inside, and continued on. I followed in close behind, stepping it time with his loud, metal boots, until I could smell the sweat on the back of his neck. Utilizing the combat training I had received in the Imperial Legion Academy, I quickly flung off his helm with my left hand while bringing the sharpened bone down on the back of his neck with my right. He was dead before he could make a sound.
I let Arcadia take the Jailer's gear and gave him the names of the people I wanted dead that were in the Imperial City, and told him to meet me in the village of Weye the next day. While in jail I overheard two guards talk about the Adventurer, who's name I now knew was Skorjaalf, had departed. After Arcadia departed in his disguise, I hid the Jailer's corpse in the dark cell, locked the gate, and through the keys inside. I then entered the back room of the prison, where I found several evidence chests. Inside the chests were my Guard Captain Armor and my Personalized Silver Claymore.
On my way to the escape tunnel, I met an old friend. Valen Dreth, an old Dunmer I hadn't seen in eleven years, since I had him thrown in jail for mouthing off to me. I had to do battle with his sharp tongue to get a word in, but when I said the word "deal", he shut up instantaneously. He agreed to aid me in getting my revenge if I let him out. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't hold back his own vengeful spirit, and he attacked me as soon as I unlocked his cell's door, too bad, I had to put him down.
I figured the escape tunnel would be somewhat straight-forward. I was sorely mistaken, for it was a labyrinth. Not only was it a labyrinth, it was a labyrinth filled with rats, crabs, goblins, and zombies. Trekking through it was not party. Eventually, I made it to a manhole that emptied into the sewers. After a short walk through the sewer system, I exited through a grate that left me standing on the edge of the City Isle. It was going to be hard to get across Lake Rumare in this armor...

Part 6

The nex day, at Wawnet Inn, Claudius and I learned from the barkeep, Nerussa, that a well equipped Nord man stopped in yesterday, and said he was heading to Anvil to plunder some aylied ruins in the area. We bought enough food for the three day trek and set off immediately. We managed to avoid stopping in Skingrad and made it to Anvil in three and a half days.
We arrived in Anvil at Midday. After asking around town a bit, we met an Imperial named Pinarus Inventius, who was the hunter for the town. He was apparently good friends with Skorjaalf, and said he was staying at Atrene Camp while raiding the Aylied ruins of Beldaburo, Niryastare, and Trumbe. We decided to set up an ambush for him at the camp, rather than go searching for him in three different ruins that had been sealed for two thousand years.
Later that night the Nord arrived with both of his arms full of Aylied Casks and Coffers, no doubt full of gold and other items of value. When we jumped out and charged at him, he didn't seem even slightly concerned. With barely a glance, he lifted the battle axe from its sling on his back, and, light as a feather, flung it into Claudius's side with one hand, chopping him in half, totally ignoring the armor forged by the Imperial Legion's master smiths. I sent my claymore soaring in for an overhand strike, and Skorjaalf stopped it with his fist! The blade shattered on the nearly-indestructible Ebony that was his gauntlet, and I quickly realized this fight would almost certainly result in my swift demise. I looked around, and saw my opportunity, just as I had ten days ago. I swiped the helm from the corpse of my ally, and sent is flying through the air. It made contact directly with the Nord's temple, which caused him to drop to his knees. I quickly searched through his plunder in search of a magical trinket to help me kill him. Eventually I found something, a poorly forged Iron Dagger. It seemed mundane, and i almost discarded it, but as I grabbed it, it pulsed with a red aura. I realized instantly that it was enchanted, but I was unsure of its function. I swiped down on the still dazed Nord's back, and the Ebony began to crack and turn to powder. It dawned on me then that this dagger disintegrated armor! After a few seconds the dagger slipped through and pierced the Nord's heart.
After burying Claudius and cremating Skorjaalf on his campfire, I took all the loot and sold it. I had gotten my revenge. After the local blacksmith repaired Skorjaalf's armor, I dawned it and joined the marauder gang at Fort Strand. I quickly played angles and rose to lead the gang. Eventually Hieronymus Lex got reassigned to Anvil, and I took revenge on him too, for referencing Skorjaalf to Itius Hayn. After that little encounter, we started killing Imperial Horsemen and foresters that we saw on the road. I feel I'm more at home with this new family of opportunists like myself than I was in the Legion, so things aren't all against me, I suppose.