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About Me[edit]

Well i first stumbled across the site when searching for the thieves guild and instantly became in love with it but i only recently decided to pay my debt to this site by helping out i am lazy so i turn on and off editing the wiki but i get the job done i know nothing about wiki and can't do much but i try.

The Name Platypodge is a mixture of the two words Platypus and Hodgepodge and i began using it all the time when some game (i think is Civ 4) Had both the names Hodge Podge and Platypus Taken so i did the sane thing and combined them to make Platypodge.

Minor Accomplishments[edit]

I have not done much but what i have done i'm proud of

  • Added the Gray Fox to the Roleplaying Section
  • Gave the Knowledge of where Fathis Ules goes after the end of the Thieves Guild
  • Got the Dark Minion page created (thanks RPEH) and did everything i could to help it
  • Made this page

Average Accomplishments[edit]

  • Added the Campsite Breadcrumb to all Campsite Pages.

Above Average Accomplishments[edit]

  • Added a Picture to pretty much all of the Roleplaying Pages.

Major Accomplishments[edit]

  • None Yet :(

Future Accomplishments[edit]

  • Get Oblivion on the PC (I expect to get it within a month hopefully).


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