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Lucas' Tale

by Prince of Madness
Life and Death

Lucas was born into a wealthy Breton family in the third era, that had considerable reputation in the town. Lucas wasn't paid much attention to when he was a child, and had three brothers and three sisters. He was always given the scraps left after meals, and slept on the floor with a cloth for a sheet, and a sack for a pillow. When he was twelve he was awoke in the middle of the night by a strange noise. He walked the hall, stopping at his parents room and saw his father's shiny shortsword. He could swear it was whispering to him, chanting "Kill your family and you shall be rewarded.". He grabbed it, wielding it with rage. He killed them both without hesitation, shoving the sword through their shoulder blade into the heart like his father showed him, ironically, it was the only thing he ever did with his son, and it would end up to be his undoing. Next he sneaked into his brother's and sister's room, quickly murdering them without a sound, the whole time he rejoicing in their deaths. He felt nothing but resentment towards his family.

A Dark Destiny Awaits...

It has been two years since Lucas murdered his family in cold blood. He fled in the middle of the night with his family's riches, and paid a man to take him to Cyrodiil. He arrived in Chorrol late one evening, and bought a bed at the Oak and Crosier Inn. While asleep, Lucas shivered and felt extremely cold and opened his eyes. He saw a dark robed figure glaring at him, he went to scream but the man covered his mouth with his firm hand, then whispered "Hush child, I will not harm you, my name is Lucien Lachance. A representative of the Dark Brotherhood. The Night Mother is pleased in the way you kill without pity or remorse. That is good, you will need a clear conscience for what I'm about to propose."

Lucas just stared at him and remained silent. "Do you choose to stay silent? Good, heed my words for I will not repeat them. In the Inn of Ill Omen there is a man called Rufio, kill him and your initiation in to the Dark Brotherhood will become complete. Know that Rufio is old and weak, and you could kill him in his sleep if you so choose." He noticed Lucas had no weapons. "Here take the Blade of Woe, and know that it is a virgin blade that thirsts for blood."

Rufio will die by my hand!" yelled Lucas. "Good my child, farewell, and hurry to the Inn to kill Rufio" With that, Lucien disappeared. The next morning Lucas departed Chorrol for the Inn of Ill Omen. He paid a Merchant to take him towards Bravil, and arrived at the Inn late in the evening. He went inside, "Well, I'll be a spotted snow-bear, a customer! What can I do for you young master?" exclaimed the innkeeper. "Can you tell me where Rufio is?" Lucas asked. "Old Rufio? Yes he lives down in the Private rooms inside the hatch there behind you." He pointed. "If you ask me he's hiding from something, but I don't care, as long as he pays his tab!" He chuckled then realized Lucas was gone.

Lucas sneaked into Rufio's room and saw him asleep, he drew the Blade of Woe and sunk it deep into Rufio, instantly killing him. Lucas grinned with satisfaction, and knew now he would have a family that would love him, and more importantly, PAY him to kill people. This was the most happiest day in his life, and was also his Birthday! "This is a great present." thought Lucas, as he placed Rufio's body into a barrel. After a big heave, Rufio's body slumped into the barrel. Lucas chucked all of Rufio's food and possessions into the barrel over him. Lucas didn't want the body smelling. Then he hopped into Rufio's bed and went to sleep.

Cold Awakening

Lucas awoke in the middle of with a shiver, he opened his eyes and saw Lucien standing above him. He scrambled out of bed and welcomed him. "So, the deed is done. How do I know this you ask? You will find that the Dark Brotherhood knows a great many things. Your joining our family is like the signing of a covenant. The manner of execution, your signature, Rufio's blood, the ink." "My life for the Brotherhood!" exclaimed Lucas. Lucien just smiled and said "You are now one with the Dark Brotherhood. Go now to the Abandoned House in Cheydinhal. Enter and find the red door, it will ask for a password, answer thusly, Sanguine my brother. And Lucas, may the Night Mother wrap you in her cold, loving embrace."

Lucien then vanished and Lucas decided to get some much-needed rest. He awoke the next morning and packed his things, before departing to Cheydinhal, which would become his new home.


Lucas arrived in Cheydinhal the next day, asking a citizen where the Abandoned House was. "It is on the east side of Cheydinhal, near the chapel. But beware the Guard Captain, Ulrich Leland, you might but put in jail by his ridiculous fines! But I'm sorry to bother you about my petty troubles, I am Llevana Nedaren, how can I help you?" "What about those fines?" Lucas asked. "Oh, don't get me started about the fines! That madman won't be satisfied until all of Cheydinhal is broke or in jail!" She screamed. "Talk to Ulirch's second-in-command Garrus. He is the only one that is interested." "I'll consider it." said Lucas, walking off towards the Abandoned House. He reached it and realized it was locked. As he lent over and looked through window, he heard a soft clink-clink, then reached into his pocket and found three lockpicks. Lucien must of placed them on his person while he slept. He smiled, as no one ever had helped him in such a way. He broke two lockpicks opening the door and creeped inside.

Welcoming Family

After Lucas entered the house he lit a torch, which he found next to the door. It looked like no one had lived here in years. There were cobwebs everywhere, and scattered furniture was littered around the house. He procceded to go down to the basement, when he reached the door. It was carved with crude pictures and engravings, it glowed an unnatural crimson color, then it spoke to him, "What is the color of night?"

"Sanguine my brother," replied Lucas. The door swung back and Lucas walked in. "Greetings! I am Ocheeva and Executioner for the Dark Brotherhood. I am the head of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary family, welcome! First of all here you go." She had handed him Dark Brotherhood armor. "Speak with Vicente Valtieri for your contracts." Lucas nodded and countinued on his way to Vicente Valtieri's room. He saw all of his new "family members" along the way. He saw a fellow breton female, another Argonian like Ocheeva, a Khajiit, a Wood Elf and a Orc. He chuckled quitely to himself, a orc assassin! He had as much chance as silently killing someone as a fully grown Daedroth! Finally found Vicente's room and walked in. He was sitting on his chair and reading a book. Lucas could not tell what race Vicente was. The vampirism had warped his features so much he couldn't tell. Vicente looked up, placing his book on the table and greeted Lucas.

"Do not be worried child. The Dark Brotherhood's needs come before my own as a vampire. If you impress my enough I may also change you into a creature of night. Now I believe you are here for a contract?" Lucas nodded. "Here is the latest one, you must kill the captain of the pirate vessel "Marie Elena". I don't know what he has done but he as offended our client. Kill him and get the reward. The Marie Elena is currently docked in the Imperial City. Be cautious, and do not get caught by the Imperial Guard. The Imperial Guard Leader has a perticular hatred for the Dark Brotherhood, also you should accuire some weapons. You'll be needing them."

First Contract