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I have played Oblivion and Skyrim till every quest was completed. I can provide knowledge about these things. Plus, if you ask me a question, I will give my answer about it in my biography.

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I started playing the Elder Scrolls games since 2006 when Oblivion was released. I made more than 20 characters in that game and completed about every gameplay. The same is for skyrim too. I joined the UESP for a number of reasons:

 *To learn about elder scrolls lore.
 *To help others with what I know.
 *To learn about anything I missed and complete that too.
 *To make new friends and enemies.
 *To get access to older games.
 *To get some hints in other games.

I'll soon get Morrowind and start to make new characters. Maybe I can get some hints from here about what to do.

My Bio-Data[edit]

  • Real Name-Soham Banerjee (Seraph or Seraphim for those who can't pronounce my name).
  • Gender-Male.
  • Age-19
  • Nationality-Indian.
  • Skin-White or Yellowish Pink.
  • Eyes-Pitch Black or Bluish-Black over ivory. (Sometimes glows with a golden hue)
  • hair-Bluish Black.
  • Zodiac-Leo and Dragon.
  • Main Strength-Wisdom.
  • IQ-188
  • Religion-Combined(Taoist, Hindu and Christian)
  • Midichlorian count-Around 18,800 per cell.
  • Supernatural Powers-Can influence weather, control rain, control thoughts, walk without noise and never getting tired.

Why 'Prophet Dragon'[edit]

Prophet Dragon is a historic character also known as Xiānzhī Lóng (先知龍). He was born in France in AD 12 but his family migrated to China when he was three years old. There he grew up known as Niánqīng de yuēsèfū (年輕的約瑟夫) or Young Joseph. His family died of plague and he has raised by the monks, at age 12 he went to Shanghai where the people recognized him as a Lóng zhànshì(龍戰士) or Dragon Warrior (These warriors were born under certain stars and their Aura could be felt by some people very easily). He was trained for about three years in dragon style martial arts and Chinese techniques. He returned to France in AD 27 and continued the rest of his life there. For his divine intervention, he was termed prophet and his name emerged as Prophet Dragon.

I played Oblivion and Skyrim with this character first and then continued the other characters.


I believe in a separate dimension and aliens. One of my most nerdic belief is that Nirn and Arda are the same planet. Be sure, I'm not still known by all but what to do? I'm doing what I can. I also believe in the force but from a different aspect. I have discussed about it below.

It surrounds us, penetrates us and binds the galaxy together[edit]

We know that the Earth has a magnetic field and any magnet will interact with it and exhibit directive property. An Electromagnet is a piece of metal which has been temporarily magnetized to behave like a magnet. Well...our bodies have Iron too! Also that our body uses electricity to work (15 watts minimum is required by the brain alone). That means we are electromagnets ourselves. This is where the force comes in... we should be able to use our energy to influence other electrons ourselves. So, my theory is that real life Jedi exist and they CAN EXIST.

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We can be living in a Matrix[edit]

The Matrix felt less like a book or movie to me but more like a theory. In ancient China, people used to think that are might be not real and all that exists around us are dreams. As long as we all know, this CAN be true because there are glitches already. We experience Deja Vu, can see ghosts, angels, vampires, werewolves, aliens, etc. What happened if we do not see a green tint around or see our friends turning into agents or do not meet many redpills around, we could be a part of a program. Time to wake up.



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Software Engineeering[edit]

I was always attracted towards computers since the age of 3. I also showed an attraction to machines and such. I repaired machines, software and even computers and iphones since the age of 6. I like making animations too.


師傅龙(Sifu Lóng). 'Sifu' in chinese means 'master' and 'lóng' stands for 'dragon'. Don't be confused because I am not chinese and this signature is only because it looks good.

The name is given by my comrades. Some of my friends were impressed by my Kung Fu and they turned to Wing Chun instead of Karate. They asked me to teach them and (though we are Indians) bestowed the name Sifu Lóng or Dragon-Master upon me.

My innovation[edit]

Although my stories revolve around my own world, I hath changed and edited some to meet the eye with Tamriel. You are always welcome to read my stories here.

Other Characters[edit]


Seraph is a Male Breton Character who was featured in Skyrim.

  • Quests Completed-All.
  • Civil War side-Imperial.
  • Dark Brotherhood-Listener.
  • Companions-Harbinger(But not Werewolf).
  • College of Winterhold-Arch Mage.
  • Skills & Perks-All.
  • Thieves Guild-Guild Master.
  • Dawnguard-Member(But Vampire).
  • Class-Battlemage.
  • Motto-"Everything has a purpose".
  • Inspiration-The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions.