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Death comes early to the fools
Who feel superior to the rules,
Death comes easy to those who ignore,
For those who don't want to go to war
Death is for those who only want to live
Living is for those who are willing to give
Givers, have their own tale
This is for the ones that chose to fail.

-The Wet One

The dead are ones not to be trifled with. The defender of Vitharn will be remembered for their battle and this obituary will cover the identified by name. For the others who aren't known by name you are not of exception. This is a poem of shame, ignorance and pity. Vitharn will always suffer due to the sins of the citizens. They have forsaken themselves to an eternity of suffering.

Souls reside in this dusty place
Too ashamed to show their face
Warriors cower behind an iron shield
Too scared to fight, too proud to yield
Scholars read, rant, and tire
Learning in a city on fire
Mages use magic for trivial things
Learning to be strong mystical kings
Commoners hold up their golden flasks
Eating while others are placed into casks
Althel dawdled and counted aloud
Tonight pity will be her only shroud
Anglor stayed and preached to the divine
Life with the daedra will punish his crime
Cirion was the grand ruler of all
Yet he sat, and watched them fall
Bat Gro-Orkul, so cautious about arms
He is to blame for most of the harm
Hloval Dreth, the stubborn magic caster
He would have survived if he had thought faster
Desideratus Annius, concerned for a doll
His excuse, may be the worst of them all
Their sins led to their early demise
Eventually, they died from their lies.