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Welcome to my user page, as you will see its quite plain. You will probably end up laughing at me and i don't blame you!

A bit about Me[edit]

Well my real name is Grant Lewis. I am from Great Britain and live in Bristol. Half of my family is Welsh causing me to be "Half-Welsh" (luckily we have a great Rugby team!). There really isn't much else to say apart from the fact people think i'm a bit crazy. I play the Oblivion Game Of The Year Edition on the PS3 which introduced me to Bethesda's games. Since then i have become a huge fan of Bethesda's RPG games. Although i have only played Oblivion,Arena and Fallout 3, I believe the others are very good from the positive things i've heard about them. I hope to start playing the rest of the Elder Scrolls Series soon.

I now have Oblivion GOTY and Fallout 3 for PC which I got in may 2009. I don't look back.

My Characters in Oblivion[edit]

Well i constantly make new characters to try out different things and think "hey that had a pretty cool consequence." I'll only list the main ones I use, please note i won't use names as they all have the same name because I'm terrible at thinking of them and give them normal names. If anyone has any Tips on how to create good names for characters leave a message on my talk Page.

Altmer: This Altmer soon came to realise his talent for Mage and joined the Mages Guild. Before having acess the the Arcane University he'd heard great things about, he spent alot of time practising his spells so he didn't feel left out when everyone at the University were casting magnificent things. After killing someone on a Mage's Guild mission, Lucien Lachance visited him. He killed Rufio as asked but never returned the Cheydinhal sanctuary. He is widely recognized as the Arch-Mage of Cyrodill, Fighter's Guild Guildmaster and the Grand Champion of the Arena in which he had great fun blasting the three argonian Prisoners with the Enemies Explode spell. He also is the Madgod of the Shivering Isles and the Hero Of Kvatch. Level: 30 Class:Mage Birthsign: The Mage Day:197 play time: 71:26:58

Argonian: A bad mistake chosen when I encountered the PS3 Vampire Cure quest where you cannot give the Bloodgrass to Melisande only to then find out that you can! This Character is widely recognized across Cyrodill as: Hero Of Kvatch, Grand Champion of the Arena, Listener for the Dark Brotherhood, Gray Fox, Champion of Cyrodill, Madgod of the Shivering Isles and the Divine Crusader. Level:20 Class: A Custom Thief type Class Birthsign: The Thief Day: 326 Play Time: 83:24:16

I also have many more characters who aren't worth mentioning as there isn't very much to say.

Why I'm Contributing[edit]

Well I first discovered this Website a few months ago searching for information about The Elder Scrolls Series. Only to then struggle with the navigating which i'm managing to get used to now. Recently I came back to this Website and have become increasingly knowledgable about how it works and about Oblivion and its expansions. In my way of saying thanks i created My Account in a hope to help contribute back. (I don't think a box of chocolates would work as a way of saying thanks to all the great editors on this site!) Although creating an account I remained inactive for a small while for private reasons. Now I am active on the Site hoping to help those who helped me! :)

What I'm Currently Up to[edit]

not much... making edits where necessary if i find any...

I congratulate You[edit]

Well done for managing to read the whole page without leaving although you probably got bored! Don't forget to leave messages on my talk page if you want to know anything.

Thanks for reading.