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Remember that only things that have been published in Elder Scrolls games should be considered official lore.Oblivion Fan Interview III
"What's the order of priority?" If you saw it on the screen that's number one, that's the most truth. If you read it in the game, that's second truth. If you read it in an official thing outside the game, in the manual, that's the third. If you read it from a fan on the Internet that's way down there, that's like not on the list, right! But that's the main three. - Todd Howard, 2019

About Myself[edit]

Well met! I'm Rezalon, Rez for short.

I've been an Elder Scrolls fan snice mid-2011. I discovered the franchise through one of my then-favourite YouTubers who did a short-lived let's play of Oblivion. Not only did it become the first TES game I played, but my favourite TES game of all time.

Like most others on this wiki, before I signed up I lurked around here and there. Eventually, I thought that I could help contribute to the site in my spare time and decided to make an account.

Me outside the UESP[edit]


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