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The Eastern War

War has broken out in Cyrodiil. Morrowind and Black Marsh have become allies, and are attacking Cyrodiil from the east. It is time for 2 heroes to arise, one that is already know as a hero, and one who is known as exactly the opposite...

Ulrich stepped out of the barracks. The same thought was in his mind since he woke up, how did he end up like this? This was intended to be a temporary position just collect money. Since his father send him in Cheydinhal to collect money, the same thought was torturing him, how did his father became such a person? He sent him here to collect money from the innocent citizens of Cheydinhal to expand his farms. Ulrich knew that denying his father's request would had earned him a death warrant in High Rock. And now he's stuck here, stealing money from innnocent citizens. He bumped onto Aldos Othran yesterday. Just from his eyes, he understood that there was only one thought in his mind, to kill him. Aldos barely managed to keep his anger inside him and sat on his stool. Ulrich thought about leaving Cheydinhal, but he knew that his father would do anything to kill him if he found out about it.

"Sir. Sir. SIR."

Ulrich got out of his thoughts.

"What? Sorry, my thoughts absorbed me. What do you want?"

"Sir, I am a messenger from High Chancellor Ocato. He sent you this message." the messenger said, and gave Ulrich a big piece of paper.

Ulrich started reading the message:

"Ulrich Leland,

One of our scouts confirmed that Morrowind and Black Marsh are now allies, and that they are planning to attack Cyrodiil. You've been sent this message because you've been chosen to be the person that will lead the defense against Morrowind. I've already sent the Champion of Cyrodiil to defend against Black Marsh.

Now, about your troops:

I've sent some legions to you. They should arrive in Cheydinhal three days after you receive this message. The legions will be led by Itius Hayn. The Nords of Skymir will also sent troops. Expect them in about a week.

I'll contact you again when I believe it's needed.

High Chancellor Ocato

? ?? ??? What is this? Ulrich was clearlt surprised and shocked. Why Ocato chosen me? Why? Ulrich could harly stand at his feet. He deciced to stop for today. Ulrich entered the barracks and retired to his room. He fell in a deep sleep.

The next day he woke up with the same thought in his mind, why? Why me? Because I am the Captain of the Guard of a city that is very close to the borders with Morrowind? Probably. Ulrich tried to clean his mind and continue his usual patrol. And he succeded. He continued his day calmly without any more thoughts on the matter.

The next day however, the thoughts returned. Why not try to get out of this? It is a very big responsibility. "Always look the trouble in the eyes and face it" his father used to tell him. But this is no ordinary trouble. It involves thousands of lives.

Ulrich couldn't eat at the midday lunch. He deciced to go to ignore his patrol and sit down and think. After 2 hours of thinking, he deciced to do it. He continued his usual patrol.

Next day, the legions from Ocato arrived. They all set camp in differents spots around the city.

I have a message from Chancellor Ocato, Itius said.

Give it to me, Ulrich said and opened the letter.

Ulrich Leland,

Our scouts confirmed that Morrowind is advancing near the borders with a rather large army. They camped west of Fort Scinia. You must go there and stop them from advancing further.

I expect results.

High Chancellor Ocato

Great, just great.