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Things to do[edit]

A list to which I can add when I'm at work or elsewhere of things that have come up on the recent changes page and that I want to do / check when I get the game in front of me. Please don't edit this page - leave a note on my talk page instead.

  • Does the spell get added permanently? I thought it only lasted as long as it was in effect. (here)
  • Play around with fast travel. (here)
  • Check that all mod items are documented. This MW page mentions a receipt that doesn't seem to be on the site.
  • Black Rock Caverns chests. (here)

Particularly Good Images[edit]

(that I wish I had taken)

Current Background Tasks[edit]

  • Replacing MW NPC lists with {{NPC Data}} template.
    • Remove current location code from template.
    • Get RoBoT to remove all skipLocation params.
    • Come up with a better way of doing location stuff so that the #listsaved function can be used.