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Tirdas, 15th of Frostfall

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ESO Info[edit]

Name: @Schiffy

Champion Points: 350+

Characters: Bazzard Black, Level 50 Vampire Breton Nightblade, Daggerfall Covenant

Cyrellon Larethal, Level 50 Altmer Sorcerer, Aldmeri Dominion

Current Guilds: UESP (NA), Black Market Wares, Dungeons'n'Flagons, The Ska'vyn Exchange, Nights Revival

Crafting Skills[edit]

Crafting skills all apply to first character, Bazzard Black
All crafting skills at rank 50 - crafter for hire, send PM in-game for requests

  • Equipment: Woodworking Rank 10/10 (Ruby Ash), Tailoring Rank 10/10 (Ancestor Silk & Rubedo Leather), Metalworking Rank 10/10 (Rubedite)
Traits: 9 Traits on Shield; 8 traits on everything else
  • Consumable: Solvent Proficiency 8/8 (Lorkhan's Tears), Aspect Improvement 4/4 (Kuta), Potency Improvement 10/10 (Rejera, Jehade, Repora, Itade), Recipe Quality 3/4 (Purple), Recipe Improvement 6/6 (Champion Points150)

Pledges Done[edit]

Need a group member for a pledge? Feel free to friend me in-game or find me through the UESP Guild roster. I'm up for pledges of any level.
"+#" denotes second character, Cyrellon Larethal

Dungeon Times done Bronze Keys Silver Keys
Arx Corinium 1 0 1
The Banished Cells 1 0 1
Blackheart Haven 2 0 2
Blessed Crucible 1 0 1
City of Ash 1+1 0 1+1
Crypt of Hearts 2+1 0+0 2+1
Darkshade Caverns 2 0 2
Direfrost Keep 2 0 2
Elden Hollow 1 0 1
Fungal Grotto 2 0 2
Selene's Web 2 0 2
Spindleclutch 1 0 1
Tempest Island 2 0 2
Vaults of Madness 1 0 1
Volenfell 2 0 2
Wayrest Sewers 1 0 1
Dungeon Times done Silver Keys Gold Keys
Arx Corinium 0 0 0
The Banished Cells 1 0 1
City of Ash 0 0 0
Crypt of Hearts 0 0 0
Darkshade Caverns 0 0 0
Elden Hollow 1 0 1
Fungal Grotto 1 0 1
Imperial City Prison 0 0 0
Spindleclutch 1 0 1
Wayrest Sewers 2 0 2
White-Gold Tower 0 0 0