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Part 1[edit]

Chapter 1: The Beginning[edit]


Finally, she had an excuse to get some fresh air. Not a good one, but good enough to convince Gregor, her stubborn husband, to let her go outside. She needed to get some chicken for the soup she would make for supper and that was that. She put on her leather moccasins, and pushed the wooden door outwards. As she walked outside, she expected to hear the blacksmith’s hammer bang bang banging away at some fresh steel, or the usual chattering of the townspeople as they scurried on their way. Instead, there was dead silence.

She thought sarcastically to herself, “Yes, this is completely normal.” and stood on her front steps for a while, until she noticed that everyone was staring at her. This was always one of Layma’s weaknesses, being the center of attention. It made her so irritated, that she burst out with one loud and somewhat blunt word. “What?” Nobody moved or said anything, until the orphaned Argonian boy, Ka’ Lihlhl, pointed at her feet. She had no idea what this meant, until she directed her short attention to the ground where the boy had pointed. Nothing but a basket, just a little basket, filled with bright red cloth.

She took the basket inside, showing Gregor what she had found. "Look, Gregor! We got a package!" She enthusiastically put the basket down on the table, gesturing for her husband to "Get his lazy self off of the bed and see for himself." Gregor sat up. "What is it now, Layma?" She agitatedly exclaimed to her half-asleep husband that she found the package on their doorstep.

"Well, why don't you open it? It was most likely for you."
"Okay, just a second." She carefully reached over for the cloth, when something both unexpected and surreal occurred in the Shakara household that Loredas morning. Whatever was inside started moving under the cloth, and her hand jerked back from the basket a bit, and she stated the obvious.
"It's moving." She convinced herself to grab the cloth and pull lightly, slowly rolling the wriggling cargo. She could never have prepared for the pure shock of the upcoming event. Someone had left a Khajiit cub in her care. Layma stared at the baby, while Gregor put his hands in his face, shaking his head. Gregor removed his face from his hands to look at Layma and sighed, “Well, I guess he’s ours now. But how will the other children interact with him? He’s not exactly…” he saw Layma looking at him, expecting some sort of insult, “Normal. He’s just not normal.” She rolled her eyes, and evaluated her husband’s word choice.
“Are you suggesting that we get rid of him?” She was not gullible enough. No amount of cleverness could convince her otherwise, she wanted to keep him.
“Yes, no, maybe, I don’t know. He just won’t fit in.” She was slightly annoyed, if not furious with him.
“We’re keeping him. Besides, he’s kind of cute.” He gave up. It was his only option. He reluctantly stated, “What’s his name?” She rocked the cub from side to side, and looked at her frustrated husband.

"His name is Sci' Taar. Sci' Taar Shakara."