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*Foreword* I would appreciate comments on this story if you have any! This story is a continuation of the events after the fall of Mehrune Dagon and the death of the short lived Emperor Martin Septim. The new champion of Cyrodil the dark elf (vampire) Malavon has built for himself a Dark Tower where he has brought forth all the surviving necromancers into a host to equal even the mages guild of Cyrodil and has began his own campaign to rule all the lands. *

Chapter 1: The Dream

They came as a horde of thousands, pouring forth from an Oblivion Gate unlike any he had ever seen. Great Spires had burst from the ground, looming into the sky like great swords rending the very earth. The sky turned red as lightning began to crash all along the ground, and the demons poured forth. So vast were their numbers it looked as if the very earth was bleeding from its wounds this portal had opened. The portal itself was the biggest he had ever witnessed, the dark energy's supporting it ripped and blasted throughout the air unhindered. He watched from his tower as they came forth and began to align their forces. The gates were supposed to remain sealed forever now that Martin had sacrificed himself, but this portal was much different from the ones of the past... Malavon awoke with his mind buzzing, it had been that same dream again. For every day of the past few months it had been the same damn dream. However, he new this was not just a dream... it was a vision. A vision of things to come and he new he must be prepared. By helping Martin to bring down Mehrunes, he had drawn many eyes upon himself that he had not wished for. The great demon lords had not let the events transpire without their knowledge of everything that had happened. Their followers had if anything become much more fanatical due to the strained connections to their gods. Malavon new from experience the gates were not permanently sealed, he had already made journeys back into the realm of Oblivion by ripping open a small portal of his own. It had to be that the demon lords were still in connection with their followers, they had been preforming many more rituals and sacrifices than ever before to feed power to their starving demonic gods so they could stay in contact. One especially was a thorn in his side, that damned Clavicus Vile. Maybe it would not be so if he had not kept Umbra, but how could anyone give such a powerful sword over to a Daedra. The sword belonged to him, it was a part of him now. However, since then he had been hounded by the bastard constantly... at least until he formed the Black Tower of the Night. This beautiful tower had been a long deadly process almost costing him his life many times just for the amount of magic it had required. Had he not gathered the necromancers first he probably would have never completed it, they had been quite loyal and had defended him against all the of the followers of Clavicus that had came when he was at his weakest. But not only did this tower empower him as long as he was in it, simply creating it had strengthened him beyond his past bounds, such power had been drained from him that once he completed it, it took him over a year of rest to gain all of his inital powers back, but after that his threshold for magic had greatly increased by leaps and bounds. Besides the power though, the tower had been worth it on more than one front. The Mages of the mages guild could not threaten him and his followers here for the tower was protected through many powerful magics that were beyond even the greatest of those mages. Many of those wards and runes were made of the dark magics only he and his brethren embraced anyway, the fools of the mages guild thought that necromancy was only for reanimating the dead and a few darker spells, they did not realize the true power of the dark arts. Of course there were many undead in the tower that the others had created but they were kept in the great caverns underground, a massive army that they had been building for a long time. It was with this army that he would combat the coming of the demon forces, after all if he let them kill all of those who inhabited Cyrodil who would he have left to rule over... besides they would threaten him directly as he assumed it was indeed Clavicus massing this army to come after him and the sword.

Chapter 2: A Perplexing Message

All this ran through Malavon's mind as he had risen from his rest, as he looked at the window he saw it was daylight as the light shone in his room. As a vampire he would normally have to fear that light but with the creation of the tower and his weaving of protective magics he had made it so the light that came through was filtered through his magics before coming within any room in the tower, making it weak and only a minor irritant to his skin at worst. His spells had come far in the way of protecting himself from the light and he was very close to a spell that would take away that particular weakness forever it would just take some more time and a lot more research. As Malavon rose and made his way to the basin he began washing himself he heard a knock upon his door. It could only be his 2nd in command Elyissa. An imposing woman she was a dark elf herself and his closest consort and only she would be brave enough to come knocking. He had truly begun to love this woman. She was in every way his equal except in the wielding of magics. She stood almost as tall as himself, though much more feminine and not in the least bulky, with long red glorious hair that fell to her hips. Her face was quite beautiful dainty and well defined and she was as curvaceous a woman as any man had ever seen. It was this beauty that had led many to underestimate her and for that they payed.... with their lives. She was no mage and many of the dark mages wondered why she was here, a mere sword swinger they called her, though never to her face. The one time a mage had been brave enough to challenge her position within the tower she told him he had better kill her and quickly with his "oh so great and powerful magic." That particular fight ended when the fool threw a fireball at her. She had charged the spell somersaulting beautifully over it and landing with her blade piercing the mage's heart. Yes... she was everything he could ever desire. He made his way to the door and pulled it open to be greeted with the sight of this beautiful woman before him.

"Good Morn Lord Malavon i had hoped you would be awake so I would not have to awaken you myself."

"It would have been quite alright Ely.. you know I would not be angered at you awakening me. I trust that when you do its for a good... reason."

"Yes and so would this have been, reports have been flooding in from our spies in the Mages Guild. They are planning something big, something that does not bode well. They are still uncertain as to what it is but it has been discerned that they are coming here. The new Arch-Mage himself is leading an expedition to Bruma and we can only assume it is so they can mass in the guild hall and set out for us here at Dragons Peak."

"Surely they would not be so bold as to come and assault us here... i know their hatred of necromancers runs deep but we have disturbed no one. But beyond that they know it would be death to assault this tower, the wards i have erected alone are enough to destroy them."

"As i said Lord Malavon the reason behind it has not been discerned. It is only speculation that they are coming here we could be wrong but i do not doubt that is their intentions. Though it is as you say they do not understand your dark arts and would be foolish to assault you in the seat of your power."

"Yes well... keep me informed of any changes or any new information please Ely. In the mean time what is the news on those corpses i asked for."

"Goreand arrived this morning with three more of them. Hmm... hahahaha if those fool mages do assault us, won't they be shocked to see those creatures coming at them in their... new forms hahahaha."

"If they do assault i would rather not waste our undead forces on them. They aren't as strong as myself, but they are more than equal to most of the necromancers here except for a select few. Not only that but they would devastate a large portion of our undead and that i will not have. In time to come we will need them all and probably more."

"What do you mean? I don't like the sound of that."

"I'm not even for sure myself. Please if you will for now return to your duties, i must attempt to divine the answers i seek and i will need my full concentration. And with such a... beautiful woman around i would find that concentration most lacking..."

"Well then My lord i will return later then? Maybe bring you something to... drink?"

"Yes, that would be most pleasing."

"Well good day then my lord."

Chapter 3: The Vision

As Malavon set down at his scrying desk he pulled Savilla's Stone closer. Such a beautiful crystal was Savilla's Stone. He had worked quite hard to obtain this little item all that time ago while working for the Grey Fox. Now there was a little favored secret of his very own, even if he wanted to tell he could not of course. No one new it was he who was know the Grey Fox. Nocturnals powerfully enchanted mask had been a great help in many of his undertakings though he rarely dawned the mask these days. He pushed these thoughts aside however, he needed his full concentration on the task ahead. Bringing Savilla's Stone to the middle of the table he brought up his hands and placed them on either side of the orb. Drawing on his great magical powers he pulled forth massive amounts of his power and pushed it into the orb. He focused directly on his dream of the portal, it was so vivid and powerful in his mind that he was there before he even realized it. As he re-focused he saw it once again... The sky was blood red and the ground surged forth as the Spires burst forth. He saw all that he had seen in his dreams over and over and then something new happened. Something that had not happened in his dreams. A huge figure began to emerge from the portal but suddenly his vision leaped foward. He tried to pull it back to the portal but he couldn't, the magic was leading him, it had him in its grasp and it would not let go. His vision changed to that of the Imperial city and it was burning. Not like when Mehrunes was there no.... this was worse. Now it burned with an unmatched fury as fire raged through the streets, demons ran amok slaughtering, torturing, raping... it was a vision of unmatched horror. A huge daedroth was pulling one man in half, he could only watch as each strand of flesh pulled apart from his torso. A scamp was chasing a child through the streets, and a Clannfear was ripping into a recent kill devouring the flesh. While Malavon himself was not one who would be called a good man.. he only wanted to rule to reign in the lands under his control to rule an empire even greater than the Ayleids. He wouldn't even have undead if it were not for the fact he would need an army in time to come, he detested undead. Those rotting, stinking, unthinking corpses were nothing short of disgusting and sickening... though how he could feel such and yet... be one of them he did not know. Though as a vampire he had gained so much, such as the true hatred of the Daedra, for vampires were never as... malleable as normal humans. But this sight was unbelievable... more than he ever wanted to see and it wasn't ending. The magic of the orb kept pulling him forward and the scene changed once more to a great tower... his tower. The Black Tower itself was under attack by demons, thousands and thousands of demons. Then he saw himself, on top of the tower bringing to bear all his greatest magics. He summoned forth a great thunderstorm one unrivaled by nature itself. The lightning from the storm rained down in an endless stream. He summoned forth great balls of fire and slung them into their ranks. But he could feel his wards failing giving to the onslaught. The demons were pushing with all their might into his tower. And when the wards failed he saw his mages bring to bear all their magic and force it into the horde killing all that got in the way of it, but against such overwhelming numbers they stood no chance. He saw then as the undead poured forth from the tunnels that rose to the top of the ground, charging into the demons ranks they began to push them back but even his own army large as it was, was nothing compared to the numbers of the demons. Then he saw as Ely charged into them her swords sliding through demonic flesh as easily as if their was nothing before her but air. She seemed to be everywhere at once cutting down all who stood before her but even her skill could not save them... no the black tower was lost. He watched as Ely was boxed in, cut off from her allies and then she took a daedric arrow through her shoulder and in the instant she hesitated they were all over her. A clannfear jumped into her knocking her down and tearing into her throat. As he watched in horror as it ripped the flesh from bone and devoured her neck, he cried out in anguish and jumped from the top of the tower towards their ranks channeling all the magic he could bring forth and........

GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! The pain shot through his entire body as he sat up in his chair. His head was splitting in the worst headache he had ever experienced. It felt as if his head was filling up with so much blood that the only way it could get out was to push out of head through every opening on it whether eyes blocked them or not. The pain was so great he did not even realize Ely was in the room or that he was lying on the floor screaming his lungs out. Because of this he did not even sense the unnatural darkness that had permeated the room nor the fact that the shadows..... were dancing.

Chapter 4: The Awakening of the Elite

He awoke to the taste of blood slowly being dripped into his mouth. As his eyes came open he saw Ely sitting on the bed side with a slit wrist giving him that oh so precious liquid... more precious than even water at least.... to him anyway.

"Ah finally you're awake my lord, that is good to see. I was beginning to worry that you were not going to wake up at all..."

"I.... I saw the future. The things i saw... we must prevent from happening. Where are Lana and Goreand? I need my..."

"You need nothing but rest my lord. Until you have rested you are not going to attend to anything and i mean it."

"Oh is that so."

"Yes it is so, if i even so much as catch you attempting to do anything related to work i will knock you unconscious myself so that you will have no choice but to rest."

"Hahahahaha then in that case at least help me to set up a little and give me a bottle of the Troll blood from the chest at the foot of the bed."

"Yes my lord. Now can you tell me of anything you saw? Maybe I will begin a few preparations myself." "What I saw... even the most evil necromancers in the entire world could not hope to parallel. The things i witnessed must simply be stopped... otherwise I won't have a world to rule."

"That bad hmmmm?"

"Yes Ely.. the coming flood is something we must be prepared for... at least get all my hunters out, I want all the corpses of the most powerful creatures Goreand and Lolika can bring me. The others it matters not what they bring so long as they start bringing us as many as they can every day. Our forces are no where near large nor powerful enough. Things must change and they must change quickly.... If they don’t we will be overrun and crushed.”

“Then My lord I will attend to the hunters and send some of our necro’s out to hunt for new blood.”

“Yes that would be good Ely, in the meantime yes I will rest but when I arise I must begin work, and I do not want to be disturbed by anyone or anything. If a problem arises you are my 2nd, I trust your judgment over all others, make the decisions.”

“And if the mages come my lord?”

“I will know if that is the case and I will take care of it, don’t worry of that. They may be powerful enough to destroy a lot of our undead army but they cannot hope to breach the Towers wards… no that’s something… only an army of demons could hope do to….”

Elyissa left the room as he laid back down, taking a pull from his bottle of trolls blood. Trolls blood was nasty even for a vampire to drink, however its healing properties were vastly superior to other forms of blood. Though honestly he preferred dremora blood, it was always hot and burned the whole way down. Nothing empowered one as much as demonic blood however, though it changed you. Over time he had changed from it, as the blood now coursed his veins. It was truly nothing apparent to the naked eye, just something he could feel. It had combined very strangely with his vampiric blood. The most apparent difference was that he was twice as strong as even normal vampires. He could easily wield a great sword in one hand as if it was a dagger and nothing more. He had begun to train quite often the last while in hand to hand combat. It was good for a mage to know how to fight in ways that didn’t involve magic. An unprepared mage is a dead mage. He rose from the bed and went to his large cabinet on the far side of the room. Opening it he took out a staff he had forged, he no longer wielded staves, they were pathetic weapons compared to umbra but they had their purposes. This one was very special in that he had created it to bring mass amounts of dead back to life. Not only that but it empowered the undead he created, making them even stronger than one just normally raised by a random necromancer. He then went to his secret entrance to his caverns where the corpses the hunters brought in were stashed. He had much work to do and so little time to do it in. The dream had been occurring so often it had to be getting close, and he was not yet prepared. He would not allow what happened in his scrying to come true though. His tower would not fall, Ely would not be slaughtered like an animal, and the demons would rue the day they came to his tower. This was his land, his world NOT THEIRS! He’d be damned if he let these cursed demons come from some other land and start another war. He would show them the mistake they were making. He would crush them one after another and whatever demon lord was truly behind it, he would drink his blood and take his power for his own. Nothing….. nothing would stand in his way. As he came into the cavern it was stocked with many corpses, thankfully this particular cavern had a powerful enchantment of the Night Mothers Embrace. A spell he had created based on the original Night Mothers Caress that was taught to him so long ago. The Embrace was not yet strong enough as it couldn’t last long enough on himself to keep him alive in daylight. Though he could make very fast trips through the light with the spell, he had to keep recasting it and while it did keep the sun from killing him he weakened quite badly. With more time and more research into the spell he had made the enchantment that now permeated this room keeping the corpses in a fairly good condition. They did not decompose fully for a at least three times as long as it would normally take, however he had been unable to pass such an enchantment on to himself. The magic in this room was of massive proportions and unfortunately he couldn’t bring that much power to bear every time he wanted to make a little trip in the light. More time and more study would open the way though, before long he would be able to walk in the day as much as he stalked the night. He went straight to the special corpse’s he had, had killed and brought to him. Ogres and Minotaur… lay strewn about the floor. Not just any minotaur though, no the minotaur lords served his purposes even better. These would not be mindless zombies, oh no… they were too good for that, to powerful to waste. He would raise all the others with the staff, but these needed special attention. There were fifty of them strewn about and all fifty would serve as his elites. Hopefully they would bring him more of these but these would do for now. He began his castings, first bringing out a small sigil stone from his robes and using it as a catalyst to cast a fortify health spell to enchant the bodies. Normally this spell would simply wear off but he had learned something special long ago. Using a sigil stone and transferring his enchantments through it caused the enchantment to become nigh permanent. He had not felt a single enchantment he had cast in this way weaken and he had done the first one after closing the Kvatch gate quite by accident. He had enchanted a dagger at the time, which he still used quite often, with a spell of life drain while having one hand on the sigil stone. He did not realize it pulled through the power before the enchantment was cast until he was done and saw how the stone was reacting. The enchantment on the blade never needed recasting, and he had used it very many times over his career, more than enough to require a recast. Now years had gone by and it was still as strong as ever. After casting the fortify health over the bodies he cast enchantments of fortify strength, speed, and agility onto them. This made the bodies far more powerful than they naturally were. Then bringing to bear his powers he cast a spell of Night Mothers Embrace over the corpses themselves. Not only would this keep them from decomposing, it would constantly heal their bodies no matter what wounds they would receive. As he finally stopped he nigh collapsed to the floor from the exertion. The power he had pushed into these spells could not have been cast by any run of the mill sorcerer and yet he was still not done. He wished that it worked that way for himself to so simply cast the Night Mothers Embrace through the stone onto his own body and it last forever, but it simply was not powerful enough to completely overcome the damage of the sun. For all his power… he was not the best when it came to the school of restoration, for that matter many of his lesser here in the tower were better versed in those spells than himself. Even they could not seem to make a spell powerful enough to combat the sun for him either though. But he turned his attention back to the task at hand and pulled forth the black soul gems he would need from his robes. He stood back and summoned his ancestors spirits, yes the spirits of those ancient dark elves would work nicely. However, as soon as the first one formed it launched itself at him, attempting to wrap its cold undead, ethereal fingers around his neck. This was an atrocity to the spirits of his ancestors to use them in such ways. For as fast as it was though he was faster and he brought forth Umbra and sliced into the spirit draining its very soul and dumping it into the first gem. He then walked over to the first Minotaur lord and rammed the gem into its forehead. The wound from the puncture healed up perfectly. Then its eyes snapped open and it rose from the floor. This was it, he had done it. This would make a creature far greater than those of nature, with their permanently enchanted bodies and the spirit of a dark elf to grant them intelligence. It looked at him and then it rammed its head into his stomach. He had not even had time to react this time as he was catapulted across the room. As he struck the wall he looked up only to see it charging at him. It was so fast from his enchantments that it covered the space far faster than a living being should be able and was on him within seconds. He quickly rolled to the left onto his stomach and gave a great push to shoot himself into the air. With his massive strength that was not a hard feat, however the hard part was the landing. As he came down he was met with its fist as it slammed into his face so hard his neck broke. While this would have killed a normal man, he was not normal. As he landed he managed to cast a quick spell of healing onto his neck making the bones knit and heal together like they should have been…. but even that took to much time as the Minotaur was on top of him again. Grabbing his robes it pulled him up and slung him once more through the air. He thought quickly and cast a spell on invisibility and as he flew toward the wall he angled himself and pushed off the wall he landed on with his feet. Flipping over he landed on his feet perfectly. This was perfect, more than he could have hoped for it was more than powerful, it was devastating. Thinking he was safe for the moment he did not notice it was smelling the air, as minotaur are known to do when they cannot see their prey. Then it looked directly at him… and his mind spun, this was truly amazing it could even use it senses. This was something no mere undead had ever been capable of. Then its voice boomed out along the cavern walls.

“You sacrilegious bastard, to use the spirits of your ancestors in such a way, this is not why you have the power to call us forth. What in the hell were you thinking.”

Now it was talking to him, the spirit within not only helped to grant back its sense’s but pushed it even beyond its normal bounds. It was well known Minotaur could talk yes…. but so fluently so perfectly seemed very out of place. His ancestors spirit had not only taken over the body but was using it as if it was perfectly alive.

“I did not mean to be sacrilegious, what better way to honor my ancestors than to try to give them back a semblance of life?”

“Semblance of life…. SEMBLANCE OF LIFE!!! What are you calling a semblance of life. This is the body of a filthy beast not of one of our people. To thrust us against our will into the bodies of filthy beasts is beyond an insult it is an atrocity that can only be answered with death.”

“Well maybe you haven’t noticed I’m already dead.”

“Yes I can smell the taint of undeath upon you, vampire. But I am going to put an end to you and then I will destroy this body and free myself of this accursed prison.”

“You won’t be able to do that, unfortunately you see I was prepared for the instance that you would be outside my control. I am no fool, I understand the power of the ancestors. But you must understand that black soul gem I used to shove your pathetic soul into was already laced with protective enchantments. I have been letting you do as you wish so that I might see the limits of your power. Why do you think I haven’t crushed you like the pathetic creature you are?”

Thankfully this spirit wasn’t bright enough to realize he had been buying time with all this talk, as he had been preparing to activate the spell on the gem. It took some time to put enough power forward to be able to actually do it though. He had put a lot into enchanting all those corpses with the fortifying spells. Then between that and the vision using another massive quantity of his power today he was completely drained, so it was a good thing he only attempted this with one of them for now. If he had awakened anymore he might not have had the power to put them all under his control. This was going to be much different, with the spirits inside them, he would have to keep them under his total control at all times. The normal undead took almost no effort for that particular little trick, but these would be a totally different story. With their hatred of him, and their sheer power, after he got this one under his control he was going to have to make a new room to hold them so he wouldn’t have to exert power controlling them all the time. He focused on the gem and sent his power flowing into it, right as the beasts head came within an inch of impaling him with its horns. As the gem activated though the beast fell directly to the floor held down by the power of the gem.

“Let me up from here you cursed worm, and I will crush your pathetic body so that it will never recover no matter how much magic you pour into it.”

“I could hardly allow for something like that now could I. You are superb and in time you will have company, with some of our fellow relations. However none of you will be able to resist my control, regardless of how hard you try. So for now go to sleep and when next I awaken you spirit you will be more willing to…. cooperate."

Chapter 5: The Hunters

“Goreand there you are, where are the other hunters.”

“Ahh my lady they’re down in the mess hall getting a bite of food while they can.”

“Well the master wishes all of you back out as soon as possible bringing whatever you can find to him. Except for you and Lana, he wants you two to start hunting harder for the greater creatures like the Ogres and the Minotaur. We need all that we can mass by his word.”

“Then it shall be done my lady, I will have the men ready and on the march within the hour.”

To Be Continued

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