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Long ago, there was a young Imperial girl named, Ferra.

She was the daughter of a wealthy noble in the Imperial City.

Ferra's father, Ulrich. Was a strict, and intolerable man, who wanted Ferra to meet a young and dashing Noble man.

Ferra had many suitors, for she was very beautiful. But she wanted no such thing, and all of them were rejected.

Ferra also spent her time in a Tavern, listening to the Bards. And even learning from them.

The Bards taught Ferra how to stay light on her feet in a fight, and how to sing, and entertain a crowd.

But, Ferra grew, and matured into an even more beautiful woman. And her father, Ulrich, was running out of patience.

He told Ferra, if she didn't find a suitable man, he would dissown her, and cast her out on the streets.

Ferra was stunned, and scared. So, Ferra did something that would change her life forever, she walked out onto the balcony, and sang a song of sorrow, life, and misfortune.

She sang so pure, and beautifully. It hushed the noises of the Imperial City at night.

A soldier in his Barracks heard it from his window. He was so moved by her song of sorrow, he rushed out of his bed, ran in the still of night. Following the beautiful song.

The soldier went to the manor in which Ferra was singing. He climbed over the stone wall leading to the manor's rear entrance, and there she was.... He was...amazed, by her beauty, her black hair glistening in the wind, the moonlight shining off of her hair. And, she was still singing.

Ferra noticed the armored man and stopped singing. She was more curious then she was frightened. They gazed at each other for a long time, until the soldier went closer to the balcony. And then...something incredible happened. They fell in love.

She and her soldier love, (who revealed his name was Jasper and was also Imperial.) had met in secret for a few months. Spending time in her room, and making love on occasions. Until Ulrich called Ferra for her choice in marriage.

Ferra told him the affair between her and Jasper. And, she chose him to marry.

Ulrich was FURIOUS. His own daughter, marrying below her. Ulrich had forbid her from seeing Jasper ever again.

And for Jasper, he would be sent to war.

Ferra was distraught with anger, and sorrow. Ferra promised she would never marry again, to Ulrich.

So, he locked her in a tower. He told her if she will not marry, then she is no longer his child. For 1 month, Ferra had wept in her prison cell in her tower. And she was also starting to become ill for some odd reason.

But, Ferra was absolutely certain of one thing, she had to escape.